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2nd session+ performance issue.

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hello. so, when playing the game on the first time launching everything is okay. i stick a solid 59/60 FPS with no issue. however, if i close the game and want to play again later the FPS dumps to an erratic 40~50FPS. the only i have found to resolve is to reboot the PC.



is there any other way to fix this without restarting the PC?

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well, i have uninstalled this game twice in the past due to this issue. figured i would try again, but ask about the issue before bothering with yet another download.


however, i can't even seem to figure out how to get the game anymore. i got the NCSOFT launcher 2 thingy. got everything seemingly working, but the launcher isn't giving me any kind of option to download/install/play the game. something is broken :(


oh wells... i will try again another time. maybe they have everything fixed another time.




none-the-less, thank you for your response! ^_^

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Greetings bns7426700027,


Sorry to hear this. Have you tried to reach out to our Support team for assistance yet? They may be able to identify another component causing this when they try and trouble shoot with you.


You can submit a ticket via the Support tab above.

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okay! i am not sure what the problem was, but after some lots of doing... it seems to be resolved.


all i did was clean install Windows. i am pretty certain my drivers were already previously up-to-date. well... i don't know why, but it doesn't seem to happen anymore.



thank you everyone! ^_^

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