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Panda village no-pvp setting is broken


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In panda village, there is a setting to allow Pvp, which, it says, will also allow you to be damaged by others.  Ok, that makes sense.  I wanted to look around and see what was there, never been there before, and see lots of 'xxx' died messages, and then see a player with orange text, Bonsai, with all top-ranked celestial equipment come over and kill me in about 2-3 shots -- all without me ever turning on PvP.


Um.  If I don't turn on PvP -- I shouldn't be getting shot.  Seems like some have discovered a way to cheat or at the very least, a game bug.  And don't tell me it's meant to be that way, cuz the toggle clearly states that I will be susceptible to damage if I turn on PvP with the clear intent that it is a switch to opt-in to PvP.

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This is not a bug....the area is meant as a "flag up to pk" area. This means if you dont turn the toggle on you cant attack others, but if you turn it on you can kill anyone except party and clan members.


"Special PvP and Loot rules apply in this instance:

A new PvP button toggle is available and if enabled it allows you to attack other players (except clan and party members) regardless of faction alignment."


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