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  1. chat message bug?

    Whenever I try to type a second message, the previous one inserts itself in front, and only the tail end of the second message is present. Even deleting the initial message in the window, type new message, and press enter - the darn first message is still there. Bug, or is there something not set right in the options??
  2. Mushin Tower - 13th floor ticket

    Location for handing in 13th floor ticket is the north end room on the second floor. There is also prerequisite of handing in the quest 'enter the dragon portal'.
  3. This event sucks. Here's how to fix it.

    Yep, another nonevent for the casual player. Last year was way doable, only needed one each of the six crafted items. Now it's double plus the extra requirements from dungeon drops. This event has barely started, but meh, looking forward to the xmas event already...
  4. Total cockup, no loot box let alone getting a completion for boss downed for each of the three dailies required. More like a save the whale event ...
  5. window reload and how to start game

    Well tried something else, ie just begin to install the game over the original, and in no time a desktop shortcut was created. Works fine now.
  6. So as the title indicates, I had to reload my windows, but luckily (maybe), the game was previously installed on another drive. Is there a way I can still play without having to reinstall the whole game? I've tried the suggestion of just installing the launcher, but it just gives an error. Any help on this would be great.
  7. thanxgiving box

    Would of rather seen the cutoff date for the crafting part and not on the transformation process. Now I've got a lopsided amount of useless materials. B&S developers certainly have some strange incomplete way of thinking in their game design.
  8. Lost Continent Explorer’s Pack - missed out

    I usually multi-task while waiting for the game to load, (because it takes so long) so I missed the big announcement. Don't stare at the chat window much unless am waiting to join the odd raid. Ah well just a game, for me anyways.
  9. Was wondering why we have to register for this when we already have an account ? Do the developers believe there are actually members that don't want free stuff? Anyhow, never noticed this announcement till the day after cutoff.
  10. Dungeon AFKers

    Not on laptop, desk comp and specially built for gaming. It is the internet, and it comes and goes. Have got a new router since post, and that seemed to help.
  11. Dungeon AFKers

    I suspect it's not as many afk players as one would think. Lag is an issue with this game big time. I've been hit with it lately, and the shorter dungeons I can barely make it in time to get credit for completion, let alone hit the boss. Bigger dungeons that have portals I usually can't catch up because I lose over a minute traveling through them. It's stupid really, I mean come on, just opening my inventory causes the game to stutter.
  12. Maybe not a bug, but just bad game design ... anyhow a party member waited at the entrance and did not participate at all during the run and eventually bid on a final drop. If there was a portal to last boss, it would prevent this situation from happening. Perhaps they were a bot, I don't know, but certainly isn't fair game play.
  13. Dungeon in Progress

    Had something similar happen with Heaven's Mandate. Lag was so bad that by the time I entered the dragon pulse room, boss was finished and the party members were leaving. I got no credit for the daily, and what's worse, the dungeon was locked for the rest of the day until reset. Really don't know what is up with these rotating lag issues. Game runs great for a few days, even a week, and then wham it craps out for two or three days - rinse and repeat.
  14. ditto, and the game also has a fudged up UI in the training room. Pressing ESC to free up your mouse curser to access the three options while training (Retry, View List and Exit), and that gets covered up by the additional features/system menu.
  15. I don't have the Invitation from Poharan....

    Was going nutz on this one too. The invitation quest is given to you through the quest log ( button J ). Actually don't know when it arrived, never noticed any kind of notification in the chat window. Anyhow, when you open the quest log, there are a row of tabs, click the 2nd one - Quest Letters - and it can be found there.