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  1. For dungeons in F8, they have to be done in hard mode for costume to drop. Update after maintenance, at least now some options to purchase items with the Imperial Cores. Oynx Scales and an accessory chest for Compound items (190 power potential). Maybe next week a chest for accessory upgrades?
  2. The tool tip on the core also have the exchange merchant Junsorei listed, but nothing available to buy. Hopefully an accessory chest is added like they have for the higher level cores. Right now the accessories drop in Mushin's Tower and require 80 gold to open per item - very expensive for an alt aimed at game progression.
  3. Initially it was still playable, but more lag with the new engine. Last few days though I've not been able to receive completion as the game just freezes during boss fight. Follows up with disconnection and upon return don't even get a prompt to return to the dungeon, and no option to join a new one with the time remaining. Just now was worse yet, game froze while going through tunnel to Koldrak boss.
  4. Well after seven days of farming Mushin's Hall, finally receive an epic orange drop. So looks like just a huge shift in the drop rate??
  5. The tool tip guide indicates this necklace is available from the merchant Songhyun in Ajanara Monastery, but is not.
  6. Seems they removed the orange gear from Mushin's Hall and passed it to the last boss in DD. That was good intermediate gear when finishing story, so that kinda sucks for ppl have to run instance outside of f8, and without the help of better geared players.
  7. Right, someone in chat stated ppl are going afk and employing a mod to auto attack at the spider nodes to farm xp. Apparently BnS not addressing this, so they are content to let the game become full of bots and afk accounts.
  8. Is it possible to get a few more channels in play here? Wanted to do the daily, but all nodes were occupied by the opposing faction in both channels, and they were not accepting to party even though there were spots open.
  9. It's an underhanded business practice. Although the fine print saves their ass, it really is false advertising on their part. The subscription options are not stand alone products, but as posted above, are reoccurring after X number of days.
  10. Also be aware they keep your credit card info on file. This is particularly important to know since upon purchasing a subscription, they will automatically renew just before the current one ends. They are sneaky in the way they have the subscription page set up, as on initial purchase you have to click agree, which includes in fine print the automatic renewal aspect, in order to complete the transaction. So the following day or so, and before your current subscription ends, you will have to log back on and cancel subscription option so it won't automatically renew. As has
  11. They won't do it, because they want you to spend $$ to bring your other characters up to speed.
  12. I believe for dungeons, even though they have been nerfed for the event, they still maintain a minimum requirement of level 55. Could try joining in the lobby (f8) but you might get kicked from the party. So work on those yellow quests to get yourself to the max level. The three easiest daily challenges would be Koldrak, the Spider daily in Solak 'A Mid-Bummer Night's Dream', and the daily event in Mushin's Tower 'The Final Training'.
  13. Said item is from a blue quest when Act X was released in the Empyrean Citadel (Solak) map zone. At some point during the story progression (end of chapter 9), the area portals located on either side of the Empyrean stronghold become blocked, which likely is the same area you have to walk through in order to complete that particular quest.
  14. All that button serves to do is give a false sense of security. Useless really, not sure why the designers put it in there, it's like telling a blind man where the light switch is in the room.
  15. Whenever I try to type a second message, the previous one inserts itself in front, and only the tail end of the second message is present. Even deleting the initial message in the window, type new message, and press enter - the darn first message is still there. Bug, or is there something not set right in the options??
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