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What the hell is wrong with those screen freezes?


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I swear since the patch went up everybody is having screen freezes during boss fights, making us completely powerless between 20 and 60 seconds. This is unacceptable and unbearable, it needs to be fixed ASAP, it never happened prior to the patch.

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I froze in MSP during Longgui 3, went to go grab a glass of water, came back 3-5 minutes later and it finally unfroze and they'd just taken down Longgui 4. So yay!

Anyway, as the last poster said, try turning off the reflex context guide for now. Other posters have said it's when the CC bars open up that people seem to freeze. Seemed to work in the meantime as a stopgap measure.

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I just had the exact same experience and crashed in the same spot.  On Longgui 3.  Started locking up on 1 slightly.  On 2 the game actually froze solid for a good 45 seconds or more right in the middle of the fight. I was tank so it didn't go well for me.  I somehow came back with a sliver of life left as he had rolled off of me and saw him drop.  When it froze on 3 I died and I have no idea what happened after.  The game was hard locked and I had to actually shut down and reboot.

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