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  1. Maybe the current state of the consumer mentality is so far removed from what it used to be that this is just the norm now, but people really are an entitled lot now. Here are the facts, they said it was temporary, but your complaint is that the notice was sudden. It doesn't matter, you still knew it wasn't permanent, yet you mucked about until the option was removed. And now people are whinging to bring it back, that life is unfair, and also surprisingly feel so entitled as to tell a Community Manager how to do their job. Seriously, this is bad comedy. My advice? Nothing to do with this game or the original topic...but you guys really need to reassess your life.
  2. Name Swap Option

    Searched for posts on this topic and found this from a few years ago. Alot of people now have multiple high-level characters, and I think it would be nice to have a name swap option. I don't want to rename a toon with a temp name just so I can have that name on another toon. Or worse, have to delete a character to use a name. Please consider offering a name swap option.
  3. I froze in MSP during Longgui 3, went to go grab a glass of water, came back 3-5 minutes later and it finally unfroze and they'd just taken down Longgui 4. So yay! Anyway, as the last poster said, try turning off the reflex context guide for now. Other posters have said it's when the CC bars open up that people seem to freeze. Seemed to work in the meantime as a stopgap measure.
  4. You just gave me flashbacks of Fushigi Yuugi...
  5. Useless Daily Dash Space

    Doubling the bags Monopoly-style would be pretty sweet. Or turn it into a "special prize" slot.
  6. Tradeable Ninja Tortoise Outfit Chest

    Hey...I can answer this! You can't find it on the marketplace because when you try putting it up for auction, it's automatically listed as "Black Tortoise" something or other (the name from Korea/Taiwan?)...and with a broken icon to boot. I searched for Black Tortoise instead and nothing came up. I'm imagining that people are selling via chat because they're afraid no one will be able to find their listing. I was a bit reticent to post it to auction too, and just ended up opening it instead (the 3-set FX are pretty sweet). Hmm, this should probably have been reported in the Bugs forum.
  7. Auspicious Adornments

    Is it intentional that the Auspicious adornments acquired from the Dragon Express are incompatible with the version of Auspicious from the outfit chest? Because they currently can't be worn with Auspicious. If we're going by F3, they seem to be only compatible with the version of Auspicious purchased from the Dragon Express.
  8. Hmm weird that no one's logged this bug. Hongsil's Workshop mistakenly uses audio about Subin in place of whatever Hongsil's suppose to say when they drop the gun crates.
  9. Act 10 Chapter 1 Dwindling Light

    Nope, you beat the game.
  10. I would have a doubt

    Heavens Mandate...go kill Jinsoyun for the Hongmoon Duster, which looks identical.
  11. seriously?? (outfit challenge)

    Translation: "Why do people have a different opinion than me? My taste is better, and the one they chose is bland in my eyes. They should choose the one I like."
  12. I was you a few months ago...returned, went through a number of classes, etc, and now play BM exclusively. BM's are fun. Not amazing DPS, but resilient. Only downside (maybe) is if no one else is a tank class, you're tanking. Not a problem with experience, but a little nerve-wracking when starting off. TBH, I think I prefer BD's slightly more, but I don't like playing Lyns.
  13. Doesn't matter, that's the game mechanic. It's not a bug...the treasure room is only available during an attack. The attacks happen roughly every 45 minutes, so it's a non-issue.
  14. Scarlet Shadow Graphical Bug

    Is there something wonky with the Scarlet Shadow costume? There seems to be floating bits near the ears, something attached to the back of the skull, as well as pieces that don't quite look right along the jaw.