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Warden hongmoon points?


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Hi, I made myself a warden with the voucher we got. I'm just wondering if anyone could tell me the best way to spend my HongMoon Points in P. Should I just put everything into defense and Threat? If it's important I think I want to be lightning atm, I heard I do more dps then while tanking.


Edit: I've never played a tank class in B&S, so total noob here.

Edit2: And I'm into PvE.

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You shouldn't be putting any points in defense at all as a PvE warden.  Your resilience and resilience regen abilities are insane and will keep you topped up with little effort.  You should be putting everything into attack and if you have spare throw it into HM focus.  You can put some points in threat if you need to tank for ppl with end game gear.

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warden's job is to tank.
shift your points to tank and the rest to attack.
If you're dying too fast put max to tank, 20 to hp and the rest attack until you figure out the rotation which is REALLY easy if you try on the practice dummies.

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