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  1. Massive health difference Warden to Warden compare

    It also breaks the tutorial quest where Lusung is supposed to pin you then 1 shot you to put you in a downed state to teach you about recovering your chi. Last time I made a new alt I had to sit there and wait forever for him to kill me so I could complete the quest because he can't 1 shot you anymore with unity levels.
  2. Warden hongmoon points?

    You shouldn't be putting any points in defense at all as a PvE warden. Your resilience and resilience regen abilities are insane and will keep you topped up with little effort. You should be putting everything into attack and if you have spare throw it into HM focus. You can put some points in threat if you need to tank for ppl with end game gear.
  3. Archer class, but w/o Yun?!

    KR already announced its Jin and Yun like a week or 2 ago. Was same time they gave the big rundown of what their skills are going to be like. This is how we know they will have Alpha Call and have side step dodges instead of backward/forward moving dodges.
  4. I think putting the merchant outside the dungeon is the best idea. If you've already killed both bosses you cant even go back in solo in open world as the dungeon portal turns into the black one with a red X that doesn't let you enter.
  5. I'd like to see Lunar and Solar Eclipse as well.
  6. The Legends Reborn Event Arrives April 10

    There should be. There has always been a daily dash when there isnt a trove.
  7. The Legends Reborn Event Arrives April 10

    Trove ends today after maint. Blossom orb event goes til maint next week.
  8. I still see orb user passing on all boss 1 loot in CS 9/10 runs and I run both on all my alts daily.
  9. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    Just gonna leave this here
  10. Moon refuge - content outdated on launch

    Friend of mine posted a screen shot of a loot bag he got in moon refuge and it listed a gilded square as possible loot.
  11. Ice Warden (guardian) skill enhancement

    You no longer unlock enhancements for specific skills by using the hongmoon skill books/pellet and offals. Now you just get a pool of points you can spend to enhance the damage of specific skills. You get 5 points just for hitting 60 and 10 more if you collect all the hongmoon skills. When you go into your skill window you can click on some of your skills and you'll see an up or down arrow on it as well as a 0/5 displayed. Click the up arrow to spend points on it and the down arrow to remove points. Also note that you have to go into your achievements to claim the points once you earn them before they'll show up in your skill tab for use.
  12. Ice Warden (guardian) skill enhancement

    You can only get 15 points right now which is only enough to cap 3 skills. Those 3 are most of your dps. Get all the books. Those are how you get more points.
  13. Ice Warden (guardian) skill enhancement

    Divine Strike, Sword Salvo, Sonic Strike.
  14. what happend to 2018 winner outfit?

    Took us a long time to get the 2017 one too. Just be patient.
  15. what happend to 2018 winner outfit?

    I want this outfit + weapon skin but it's probably taking so long because of how elaborate/detailed it is. We have to wait for the Korean Devs to finish making it.