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  1. It's the raid IDs. It won't let ppl locked to different IDs join together so his only option is to find ppl willing to skip bosses 1 and 2 to help him finish 3 and 4 or he can buy resets. It is kind of dumb
  2. This doesn't work. Me and the people I go with every week tested it with a friend who had done a pug raid that only cleared 1-3. We saved him a spot then invited him once we were done with 1-3 but it wouldn't let him join our instance.
  3. Crafting?

    The quest is a letter you receive around level 50 called Craft King's Court and takes place in Zaiwei. It is a bit confusing for new players since you can start crafting as soon as you hit Jadestone around level 15ish give or take a few levels but don't get the crafting introduction quest til 50.
  4. VT badge mat account bound

    KR just recently got account bound VT badge mats so it'll get to us eventually
  5. Soul flare failed

    Another thing to note is warlocks with VT badge running time distortion. VT badge enhanced time distortion cuts off part of the cool down timer on skills that can't be reset so if you had a VT badge warlock stick their thrall on you then use time distortion your soul flare will come off cool down with about 30 seconds still left on the debuff that prevents you from using it again.
  6. [SUGGESTION] Psyches should be more accesible

    They already are getting more accessible. You can now get psyches from NS, IF, and EL normal modes since they removed the hard modes. As they remove more hard modes in the future you'll get access to more psyches from normal modes. Until then you'll just have to deal with doing hard modes and challenge modes to get the current best psyches. Asking for them to let you get the current best in slot psyches outside of the current end game hard mode dungeons is like asking them to let you get your TT gear without going into TT when it's still the current end game raid. It's just not going to happen.
  7. Founder's pack.

    Unless they changed it recently you don't need stamps to mail founders pack outfits. You've been able to mail them for free even before stamps were introduced.
  8. Pretty sure rng is still just rng and you've just had bad luck. I've spun the wheel 8 times so far and gotten 0 outfit pouches. So far I've gotten 4 pet packs, 2 sacred vials, and 2 divine grace stones. IMO what should be addressed is the seeming lack of wheel tokens dropping from elder tables. I personally have been making adult tables but I keep seeing people reporting 0 wheel tokens from the elder tables.
  9. I'd like to see Dark Specter and Summer Sea come back. They're 2 of my favorite outfits. Was disappointed that Summer Sea didn't make it back this year during summer. They didn't really give us much in the way of swimsuits this year. Probably hoping we'd be too hyped about the dyeable swimsuit to notice the lack of selection. >.>
  10. [NEWS] October 17 Patch Note Preview

    KR just barely got account bound VT badge mats so we will be getting them eventually.
  11. In your opinion, which classes has the coolest combos?

    Frost Warden is pretty cool but I like Shadow Gunslinger's lasers that they shoot during light speed.
  12. I have no words

    If you read the entire event post you'd know you actually have to do daily challenge + zaiwei dailies + farm the bosses to maximize being able to get the major event rewards. They clearly state that there are 2 different event tokens for this event and they list that you need both types for all the major rewards. Killer Tokens are received from daily challenge and the daily quests in Zaiwei Ruins while Thriller Tokens come from the Zaiwei Ruins dailies and drop from the bosses and normal monsters in the area. Killing Visasa will get you a box that has a chance to drop 1 killer token but Visasa doesn't spawn every event cycle and the box only has a chance to give you that 1 token so that's not much of a farm for anyone unless they can afford to sit inside Zaiwei Ruins all day every day.
  13. No profane weapon for warden??

    You get a profane weapon from story quest on every class including warden. No idea why you'd look for it in the chest. Wardens don't get weapons from any of the wheels or leveling dungeons. Their weapons only start showing up in end game dungeon chests.
  14. what class is hardest to complete quick combo in f12?

    Lol you brought back the terrible memories... I've completed all the training room on every class and FM quick combo was the hardest and took me a LONG time to finish...
  15. Baleful or Seraph?

    As the above said for lightning. As for Frost V also triggers your bracelet.