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Well, it really depends on which element of KFM you want to play. Fire is a bit easier to use (less reliant on animation cancelling) and have a bit more mob capability, while Wind is a bit trickier to master, but is more focused on single-target combat. The things both have in common are their Threat mechanic for tanking and, of course, Searing Palm.


Searing Palm is a skill KFM uses to boost their criticals (which also gives small crit bonuses to their party). The higher stage of Searing Palm, the more crit bonus and the higher the DPS. KFMs have a variety of skills that let you proc the stages of Searing Palm and, of course, doing things like dodging with Q or E at just the right time will also have the proc appear. Your main goal for dealing damage as a KFM is to keep that buff going as much and as often as possible. If you have a Warlock in the party, beautiful - Soulburn gives you a special version of the skill, so no need to keep activating while SB is going. Outside of Soulburn, however, you're on your own. Currently, the two better badges to get to maintain Searing Palm are the Magnum and (better still) Glory Soul Badges. Magnum allows you to use your RMB (guiding fist) to instantly proc 1 stage of Searing Palm and also resets the cooldown of Roaring Tiger (another skill that procs palm). You can easily use a combo of X > RMB > X > X > X and be at stage 3 Searing Palm, with every other skill available to go to Stage 4. Whenever it runs out, the combo is pretty much ready to build it up again. Glory is a little trickier to maintain (especially without Soul Shield set bonuses that lowers Tremor's cooldown), but it's an amazing badge. Just by using Tremor (V), Stage 4 Searing Palm procs. That's it. The only real downside is that, while Searing Palm only lasts about 10 seconds, Tremor's cooldown at best is 30 seconds... so you need to know your other skills in the meantime. Of course, if you fuse Glory with the Alluvion Soul Badge to make the Ancestral Soul Badge, things get a bit easier (Fighting Spirit resets V instantly, so you can V > X > Tab and be ready to use V again).


The other big thing KFM needs to know is their Threat-generating skills... essentially how to tank. For KFM, the common skills that can be set to generate Threat are Counter (1), Flying Slam (Tab at range), Tremor (V) and Comet Strike (4). Using these effectively will allow you to keep your Threat up, drawing your target's attention on you. From there, it's a game of using your skills to keep your Threat and damage going, while also defending against your enemy's attacks. You especially need to be certain to know which skills will stun/daze/knockdown/knockback your character and be absolutely sure you prevent those from happening. Fortunately, you have a lot of defensive tools, from Counter, to your Q, E and SS to even C if spec'd properly.


Remember that, above all else, KFM is designed to take the fight to the enemy and draw attention, so the party can fight. You are not the primary damage dealer and your DPS will rarely be anything amazing compared to other classes. You're the defender. It's a challenge, but if you're up to the task, then give it a shot.

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