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  1. @qqqq1 rather than nerf your damage, it's more like they buff everyone defense with talisman and unity system... now everyone feels like they have 2 alpha pet lol :3 they have so much def and hp right now, so you can't burst them in 1 hit anyome
  2. ok, wtf with this garbage.. yes there are damage increase, but so is the number button i have to press how do you expect me to play this game for 6 hours in raid? =.= not to mention aranshu reset is make me have to do entire combo again, and its happen every 30 sec i dont think my hand will able to survive another month in this game if you want to increase damage certain class, can you just simply increase the damage certain skill like blazing beam instead put more skill to press? they said FM is braindead class, they said FM can dps with faceroll keyboard... now what, i have to write 20 page of thesis everysingle time i play with this rotation KFM is far more easier to play than FM at this point simple mode fire fm is... well acceptable i think.. but we can't anicancel with it,
  3. Nerf Dg mech for TSM DST BC

    yes, but hardcore player already have hard mode, why they want heavy mech in normal mode when they can just go to hard mode?
  4. Nerf Dg mech for TSM DST BC

    @Nihilu you can't put 12 man raid with f8 pug party in same level, to do VT or TT raid, we spend weeks to recruit and learning the mech, more than 4 hours each time raid, 12 player sat together in voice chat discussing how to perfect the mech and roles while in f8, you spend 1-3min recruiting random player, don't have voice chat, and there are high chance they will rage quit when the mech failed iam not asking to make the mech become full braindead dps, but at least nerf the wipe mech, right now there are so many thing can go wrong and wipe party in high dungeon, at least nerf the wipe to -> high damage attack like ST if you give more player more chance to run the dungeon, you soon will find many player can do proper mech.. iam sure this is win win situation
  5. Nerf Dg mech for TSM DST BC

    @Amarathiel sure, nerf the wipe mech is good enough for us, iam sure a lot player will start doing more high dungeon without wipe mech and not as punishing as today wipe mech is one thing, but after doing almost 1 hours to reach last boss TSM and the after 1-2 wipe ppl start rage quit, so we have no choice to leave too... this is the most punishing moment it'll put me in bad mood for the rest of game session, increase my toxicity, make me somehow raise min req for dungeon, like DD A3 kicking ppl without R9+ gear in ssm & hh, even when i can solo the entire dungeon by myself
  6. Nerf Dg mech for TSM DST BC

    why you're so evil =.= - daily gold reward increase by 60% for the hard mode - loot and rewards should be increse by 50% in hard mode. this is better, why you always want to bully casual player
  7. Nerf Dg mech for TSM DST BC

    @Amarathiel if you want to do the mech then go to HARD mode, you can enjoy the taste of "RPG" Mech in their full glory... why do you want to force someone to enjoy something that they not want? why do you think people get toxic? that because they're not enjoying what they're doing... wipe mech with random stranger is not fun why in raid you rarely find toxic people? even with such hard mech? that because they have fun doing it, the reward good, playing with friend, doing voice chat, etc it's not that player not want to help each other, we don't have the mean... how we can help someone who dont know the mech in TSM? by typing the entire mech on chat box? not good and as you said, not everyone have patience to do that so lets draw the middle line shall we? we normal people want to try new content, have easier time, get lower reward, and you all hardcore player can do daily in hard mode, have challange, and get higher rewerd
  8. Nerf Dg mech for TSM DST BC

    my dude, i already at the level when i give up doing TSM BC with random party i don't really mind running with people who know the mech buat lack run for training, we can learn together but noooo~, people will start to leave the party after 3rd wipe.. wth with that, and this not just happen in TSM or BC, even in RT.. when 2-3 people dont know the mech, some people rage quit the dungeon in the end, either we have enough ppl to do the mech, or i also leave because dont have enough people remain RT is still tolerable, i can teach some new player, "all you have to do is enter the circle and go to edge" or you just "stand x meter from the boss" really simple now imagine teaching random people in f8 TSM mech? can you? even if you can, how long they will remain in party?
  9. Nerf Dg mech for TSM DST BC

    @Grimoir player recruit high gear player not only looking for dps, but also experience because player with high gear usually have better experience, and already run the dungeon
  10. Nerf Dg mech for TSM DST BC

    exactly, i also have this problem the thing that many player fail to notice is the more hard the mech is the more toxic people become, not only in recruitment, but also if the mech failed have you see toxic player in ssm, hh, if, el nowdays? no? why because the dungeon become easy, people don't have any reason to be toxic anymore compare that to early day HH, when you can wipe when you failed during pizza HH, how many people become toxic with each other right now, toxic people remain in that dungeon is player who afk, who usually really need to do stuff irl or lagging
  11. Nerf Dg mech for TSM DST BC

    why you not understand it at all, like i said many times above... i don't really care about the reward which is only 12g, i want to run it just like normal daily dungeon BUT without the headache but i can't due to its high risk of wipe and people will leave the party instead learning it, that will sooner or later turn me into toxic player who will curse and swear at other people when they mess up, i want to do the dungeon, with "normal" difficultiy, trust me, hard heavy mech dungeon make people become toxic ncsoft want people to try new content, we normal people want to try new content... our interest is the same but we can't do that because the mech is too hard for normal people who have limited play time well, maybe some people do care about the gold reward, some maybe not
  12. Nerf Dg mech for TSM DST BC

    he must be talking about 12g and some random stuff you get from box =.= he think it's worth all the headache, slowly lose sanity and we become toxic player for a mere 12g i don't mind learning difficult mech for legendary gear that drop from raid, but for 12g? noooooo~ i'd rather do TOI 3 times to get 12g instead doing such heavy mech dungeon
  13. Nerf Dg mech for TSM DST BC

    yes, i don't mind doing some mech, but not some ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ up mech like tsm last boss that will wipe the entire party like nobody business i don't mind doing mech like RT right now where the wipe only happen when failed conduct ST and DD mech is good too but in TSM~~ nooo~ wrong step wipe, wrong people get mark wipe, wrong place tentacle wipe, iframe when cut tentacle make it not cut WTF... why i can't just SS to cut the tentacle =.= tentacle not cut wipe, we need 5 people to do mech here, 1 person failed and wipe my dude, the developer must be high when design this mech why not make dungeon that need only 2 ppl do the mech =.=
  14. Nerf Dg mech for TSM DST BC

    the thing is mate, not everyone can be like you. stop generalized that all player in the game is like heavy mech like you start doing your daily in hard mode if you love mech that much, don't involve us normal player in that heavy mech dungeon we don't like heavy mech dungeon hardcore player doing daily on hard mode with heavy mech and bigger reward, normal player doing daily on normal mode with braindead mech and lower reward seem pretty fair to me isn't it? if i want to use brainpower to play game, i play online chess instead BNS why do i need to use my brain when all i want i seeing cute girl in screen doing cute girl stuff while killing bunch of monster
  15. Nerf Dg mech for TSM DST BC

    then i'll keep posting this thread every single week, until they nerf the dungeon and go to TT raid, and now the game is not boring anymore, you will get your weekly dose of party wipe like never before during learning phase