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  1. i've tried various combination and none is work for me i can't macro the rotation, and the simple mode can't ani cancel the skill and really slow, and manual rotation is insanely complicate we FM fire, lag really far behind in term of dps because the rotation really hard to do one of most frustation about this class is whole stance swithing... none other class have to deal with something like this this is really unfair of us i want to reroll to another class, but they not selling the ticket =.= please do something about this,
  2. well, then increase the proc rate chance, =.= only 5sec for every 30sec why can't they be honest with us, this buff only increase your dps 10k in total fight, instead write it 600 crit damage
  3. no it's not fine... we don't need proc rate or any rng style combat just change the proc rate to flat stat and we will be fine.
  4. well then make it flat increase instead some rng bullshit rather than write it 500+ critical damage for 5sec .. just write it increase 50+ critical damage for eternity =.= and bdw did i forget to mention about solo content? no wonder pve acc is far more powerful than raid acc why we even bother to do raid is beyond me =.=
  5. this TT ring and earing have really low chance to active and have really short up time (5 sec) please fix this, increase the chance it's trigger or up the time effect and fix VT neck Atrophy effect too this RNG based combat sytem is really bad for realtime action mmorpg like bns... i wonder what the dev think when make this =.= it's useless in Solo Content
  6. BT vs Myth Ring: opinions

    you forget about something here, Raid ACC give boost to entire party with their buff while pve ACC only give boost to yourself
  7. Gunslingers the weakest pvp class

    as FM iam agree so much with this, nerf the deflect stun please... and add CD to it reduce 2 sec stun to 0.5 sec and make he can deflect once in 6 sec or something both BD and Destro have 1 hit kill skill, its too much in BG
  8. Is it Time to Cut the Cord?

    ok hold on a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing second... it's good to critict but anoter thing to not acknowledge the progress and effort bns team lets break down ok? - server merge this is something that already happen several times, and always happen when new raid come when BT release, they merge server, when VT release they merge server, and soon ET release they merge server again? why? beacuse it's take a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing GC 9 and full GC gear to even able do ET raid so you need every GC player in game so ppl can even start a decent raid don't even think your Aranshu 9 can do anything in ET - no progress in game look, there are tons of update.. so much so it's difficult to catch up with update new story, new skill, new dungeon, new raid, new class, and soon new engine... as fellow programmer i feel insulted that you not give a slighets amount of respect to dev team iam sure some of them even now take overtime just to finish the deadline - the game is P2W no, i tell you not... you need really huge sum of money to even make a progress in this game, you need tens of thousand $$ if not hunderd of thousand to reach GC 9 atm it's far easier just to play normaly, and do trove casually - event is for whale? no, i've observe several past event, and it's really good for alt.. last event, the blossom orb thing, i get total 17 sacred orb from my alt and lot gold from doing CS and HM everyday and for today event it's unfortune that i won't able to get the wing, but it's not a big problem, since the wing just an accessoris, and the rest good thing can be obtained pretty easly - elitis community is it though? right now you can just do any DG you want and any VT and BT you want without trouble from what iam experience, the source of elitist attitude is the mech DG the more difficult mech a DG have, the more high rec gear... why? not because dps, but high gear told them they've experience there are no way A9 can't do 1st boss DST.. that silly, right? right? i hope so, if not sold your aranshu now to npc... you not deserve that gear there are also many good thing that team BNS have done, like keep the market price stable - this is very few game that not have inflation - they keep update the story and content - i've recently see in reddit and forum, a lot admin start to comment on thread - and many more and this is come from me, - who can only play several hour after work - have play since open beta - have high ping - f2p of course there are still many problem that exits, like - bug, - game performance, - low fps in raid, - game crash - not balanced pvp please buff pvp skill fire FM please change to ice FM everytime i want pvp is nightmare
  9. Rest in peace FM

    after waiting for so long time and dying over and over in BG, and my heart crushed when read the skill balance patch note We did our best every single day But I think this is the end... No Shining star for you and me~ oh no~ FM can do wallbang and i can't do anything~ TRY TO DO WALL BANG ON BATTLEGROUND I WANT TO SEE IT tbh when i see 3 BD, destro, or kfm in enemy team i just want to AFK in base, but alas now they make it i can't afk in bg =.= can you like... nerf the deflect stun from 2sec stun to 0.5sec it's can help us alot
  10. Raid Nerfs

    exactly, not everyone like game like sekiro or darksoul, especially most casual player who not even hardcore gamer and yes, not only the problem the mech, but also the condition game itself, in TT we have to show all char and we got only 30fps - in normal DG i can get 50-60 but in raid only 20-30fps, - game freeze even crash when someoen dead in front of us - my friend last week TT, failed because the tank game crash not responding - player have to use vpn to even able barely play, due to game design we have to do rotation to dps.. so lag is serius problem and the TT raid already get nerf 3 times before this, now is the 4th nerf... no one complain when they nerf it before, why? because at that time even the most whale player thought it was a difficult raid after several nerf and lv60 patch, most player now have access to aranshu gear and thus increase average dps player in raid that why the raid now become like its easy if they not nerf any raid including BT, not even a single bit of it... iam sure now we still have BT gear while the whale only have aranshu and no one running TT raid
  11. Raid Nerfs

    you said it yourself... that dev heard from a lot of player base that raid is too hard, that why they nerf the mech that mean its not just 1%-2% population who complain about this and not just from NA, but in all region
  12. Raid Nerfs

    @Eckogen hmmm, tbh i don't really care whatever they nerf it or not... lets take a look how VT raid in all main char - asura dead before healing phase - thrall cheese mech - SK hp get to 35% without drive driver just stand dps the boss without moving the laser, and before cc ball open reach 10%, and then dead (pure dps) :3 - HQ is really brain dead, just dps stun, pull spider, repeat now lets talk about TT raid, as much i like the mech but i see many my friend failed to kill boss 1 consistenly even after practicing for 2 month its not like they're stupid or anything, its just 1 simple mistake like bd not hm block, or someone stand on circle, or warden tank somehow get knockback even when use V, or when someone dead infront of you when do mech and your entire game freeze, and you dead too because failed math etc and that 1 simple mistake is causing wipe... well, this is happen because ET raid will released soon so ncsoft want people gear up to GC level to prepare the raid from what i see in KR, the dps needed for ET is beyond reasoning =.= even with 12man 2mil++ dps, they still hit 30 sec enrage timer i think its near impossible to do ET with 12man A9 gear
  13. Tips for current Tower of Infinity?

    @wefhqweig as FM fire, the awakning patch is horrible for PvP... the even remove chill buff from frost palm, near impossible to do TOI with fire FM now, the FM frost... is barely good, there are no change after patch fire FM nerf - can't stun with impact - have no freeze or chill - only have 2 CC that have cd 30 sec - all skill is projectile (anything i do can be deflected)... even my stun are projectile - they remove my break defense skill - they remove my block aproach skill - they remove my freeze skill - they remove my pierce defense skill absolutly unplayable in pvp and it's really bad for FM not only because they nerf it to the ground , but they buff other class pvp skill to the sky high it's near impossible for me to beat BM or KFM in TOI on F75++
  14. Legends Reborn: Item and Systems Preview

    no it's not easy, i've had enough stress running BC and TSM with F8... A9 gear my ass, those guys barely able to do any mech so yeah, thanks nscoft for nerf these dungeon, finally i can do daily on those new dungeon :3 and for those guys who complain how easy the game have become? ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ off! go do hard mode with clan member or something, because no one in f8 want to do hard mode
  15. @qqqq1 rather than nerf your damage, it's more like they buff everyone defense with talisman and unity system... now everyone feels like they have 2 alpha pet lol :3 they have so much def and hp right now, so you can't burst them in 1 hit anyome