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  1. YOU killed the game

    iam agree with OP, this game farming gold is chore my FM who can dps 250k++ still need 2-3 hours just to finish big dungeon, (basin, 2 dungeon daily, SSM HH, DD, ST) only dungeon that give decent amount of gold and i still have to save for months to get necessery to upgrade weapon, acc, SS, soul, heart, etc and if iam also use my alt (KFM) who can only do barely 100k dps, it'll take 3++ hours to clear the big dungeon... and~~ there goes my entire free time lol >_< only for daily this game weapon system has stupidly a lot item, weapon, 6 gem, ring, earing, necklace, pet, belt, bracelet, soul, heart, and 8 soulshield that's 23 item need to be upgrade and yet they're so ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing stinky with their daily gold and mats =.= do they want us to farming for years to reach end game gear?
  2. Lyn Warden... '-'

    that's enough man, you went too far :3 no need to get that serius for just a game character :3
  3. i think you need to get stage 10 TT ring to get it's full power
  4. this happen a lot to me or party member, what is happen?
  5. Unload is now a projectile -___-

    kfm with tremor, FM with multiblaze, gunner with bulletstrom, you're right it's all about who hit first if you're noob :3 but if you have proper SS for pvp you can take full burn from FM blaze with only 50% hp 6v6 pvp is too chaostic to use proper combo, so most ppl just hit and run playstyle
  6. New kfm

    how high your ping?
  7. Do you want to remove all the F2P?

    Yeah, iam also have burnout recently and iam a veteran player who play almost everyday since open beta I only do 4 char daily, basin, frozen lair, CS or EC or DT for quick run and it's still take me 4-5 hour to clear daily And with scrap gold we get... Like 5g each daily... It's just feel so pointless to do this
  8. Do you want to remove all the F2P?

    @Thicc Stoccpot you're right, why would i even want to commit doing 4-5 hour a day + 6 hours for raid each week = 40 hours per week for bns merely for daily and raid this is as if BNS already become 2nd job lol, i'd rather sleep or find another job instead spend so much time ingame the more i age, the more i feel like mobile game like WOT Blitz or Mobile legend is game for me instead game like bns who need 40 hours a week to progress
  9. i think matchmaking is based on your ranking instead gear so if you continue to win, your rank will imporve and you will get party with good player and fight againts good player
  10. The serious problem with endgame raids

    yes the VT is easy for us.. but even for us it's take whole lot of time to clear all of it i have to spend almost 6++ hours in VT alone T_T the heck is this can you make it more faster to clear? like only 3-4 hours without need have 12 member 500k dps make all of mini boss dissappear is good idea, without those thing, we can cut maybe 2 hours
  11. there a lot of player who intentionally DC or afk or feeding enemy when doing BG, to keep their rank low so they can farming moonstone so yeah, for player who afk or DC, i think this is good punishment even if you not intentionally DC, but the fact you DC twice in row is meaning you have bad internet
  12. wind kfm simple mode

    in KFM wind simple mode here the basic rotation straight jab (on hit) swift strike (on hit) cyclone kick straight jab (on critical hit) cyclone kick it's already in the system, but somehow when stright jab is crit, it's not trigger cyclone kick, but use swiftstrike instead, why?
  13. The serious problem with endgame raids

    iam aggre with another nerf for VT raid.. it's simply too hard for casual player, making VT raid more easier will rise up average dps player base and we can try TT raid it's almost 2 years since VT raid release, but i barely see anyone have aranshu 9 and full badge.. now imagine for TT raid, lol there a reason why mobile game is on rise, how can a simple game like mobile legend can beat titan game like DOTA because it's not overly complicated and easy to play and not that long time, game that need long time even for simple raid to play like BnS sooner or later will lose their casual player base world move more fast than ever, time is more valuable than anything... if you think playing raid is more important that real world stuff in weekend, then you're horrible mistaken :3 there a limit how much a casual player can take before move to another game, i've seen countless game mmorpg close server because casual player leaving their game
  14. The serious problem with endgame raids

    i think ncsoft should add mini boss to dungeon progress... like 2nd boss WL, Hive queen succubus and arcimor.. those thing is hard to kill >_<
  15. wind kfm simple mode

    for player who don't have aranshu badge that is terrible solution