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  1. Trash class oscar goes to Force master

    all of those future patch that only god know when it'll release in NA, it's didn't change the fact that FM has trash dps right now
  2. Don't Kick Baeful from NS & NF

    yes i have raven 9, awakened bt acc, awakened soul, stage 10 bracelet, my main and yes, i can solo dps all boss NS, NF, DT, EC.. i can even tank all of those dungeon boss, it's quite easy tbh and iam a FM and, no you won't able to clear NS in 10 minute, average run is 20min for NS and NF, even with raven only party
  3. Trash class oscar goes to Force master

    AS fellow FM, i totally understand what you're talking about.. T_T our dps is trash i think the main factor why our crit is so low, is because our attack is only 1 hit 1 damage, unlike other class where 1 skill can give 4-5 damage wind kfm with 200ping with same gear with me, beat my dps 30k-40k flat (raven 9 + full bt acc)
  4. Don't Kick Baeful from NS & NF

    iam totally understand that if its SSM, EL, IF, HH... all of them are high level dungeon, and baeful running these dungeon are ridiculous but what iam talking about are, NF & NS... this dungeon don't have any mech at all, this is dungeon for newbie this dungoen don't even effected by lv 55 update both NS & NF dungeon are so weak to the point you can solo dps both of them with raven weapon, so why iam care so much about this 2 dungeon? because from both of them drop non raid element acc
  5. Don't Kick Baeful from NS & NF

    OP here, i see, after reading all those comment.. well, look like that is how bns f8 right now, so from now on i'll reject baeful player from my party too if all player behave like that, add 1 more me won't make any different right? thanks all from the comment and input, i'll tell my friend, "well, that just how it is.. or maybe don't run NF and NS at all, and wait until you get raven"
  6. Don't Kick Baeful from NS & NF

    OP here, by no mean iam a new player, i've play this game since open beta, my main have enough gear and dps to solo dps NS NF EC DT but lately i've notice that few of my friend who is new player, keep asking me to do daily quest together.. which is quite weird, he already get baeful 10 (900+ap), just need few more mats to get raven 1, i thought he shouldn't have any trouble looking for dungeon run in f8 for NS NF DT EC remember long time ago? when ppl asking NS, NF, DT Hard, 800ap+ only and low gear player with 600-700 ap run NM? so i make new char kfm, since i want try to raise dedicated tank for clan... after finish story quest i immedietly upgrade to baeful 10, and start to do DC and guess what? i spend 30 min try to join party but keep getting kick and then i try to make my own party with my own req, but everyone who join leave party lobby again and again... in the end i go to LFP, and get the daily done that is the reason why i make this thread... are BNS right now not newbie friendly? or is this current trend to do daily ASAP? and why "baeful" is "under gear"? do you forget that long time ago we clear 1-4 BT raid with baeful?
  7. i've notice lately people asking for Raven for NS and NF, wtf is wrong with you, do you even know that newbie element gear is drop from NS? this kind cancer is what make new player turn away with nerf NM dungoen, its almost impossible to wipe in NS nowdays =.=
  8. How the hell does one find Vt raid

    if you're from yura server and interested in vt raid, you can join my clan.. 1st vt group already filled so you probably have to wait 3 or 4 week for 2nd group to ready, i have to find a tank, range tank, sf, wl, and other stuff neccesery for raid we're doing vt raid twice a week, on friday 11:45pm est and saturday 11:45pm est DM me : Lit Fiana#2144
  9. Clan infested by gold farmer

    what i mean "gold farmer" is the real gold farmer, its litterly a workplace an owner have 50-100 pc, and hire people to certain game and farm its currency, each week all of them will give the gold to the owner, and then marketing will sold the gold for real money the problem is, they will never "geared up" no matter how long you wait, so no matter how much high gear member clan carry run the lowbies.. they will never upgrade the gear
  10. lately there are quite few player join my clan that are actually gold farmer.. should i kick them or let them be?
  11. suggestions of up guild , comment all

    - log system - clan room/castle - clan only quest (the more high clan level the more quest available)
  12. Gold making strategies

    the best way to get gold from this game right now is "spam dungeon hard" EC hard is you have mid tier gear, and SSM if you have raven 9 above gear i heard you can make 2k-4k gold each week
  13. more special rules?

    all of these rule is not set by the game, but by community - moml in heaven mandate - don't do bid troll on something you don't need (taikan skin, forging orb, dungeon weapon upgrade) - if you're on clan, and doing raid, and you're team mate tank is haven't properly geared, then give the gear to him, - if you're on pug raid, don't do troll bid on item if you don't have gold for it, there are many ppl who bid, and say "sorry i don't want it" - if you already have BT gear, and have yet reach stage 9 or 10, don't bid for that element, give those for someone else who need it all of these rule is made based on honor and respect with each other i've seen few clan get disband simply because bid gear on raid but if you don't want to do any of those code of honor, you can simply break all of them, no one can stop you from doing that, there no in game mechanic that prevent you from doing anything
  14. hold on... you can send essense heart to other character? i want that True heart, iam half way there