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  1. dude.. which part of word "unplayable" you fail to understand, it's easy to learn the class but its hard to execute it there are only so many button a human can press =.= simple mode in game is good, but not good enough, it's only work in sequence order, and not utilize the global cooldown to ani cancel it can i play the class without macro? yes i can, but i will never reach the req dps for any raid so half blame go to dev who invent this "enrage" timer without any enrage timer, no one will ever need extra dps
  2. yes as you said, i use macro for FM fire rotation, because if iam not,.. i can't play this class at all, i want to switch to another class but the cost to build from start is really expensive, so i just have to "deal" with it well, if ncsoft suddenly said any kind of macro is forbiden, then i have no choice but leave the game because the FM class is unplayable for me not only that i also use ping reducer, because if iam not my ping will be around 500ms, with ping reduce i can get around 300ms, barely playable for some class, and absolute nightmare for other class i can't do rotation -> i can't dps -> i can't do any dungeon -> i can't do any raid -> i can't progress i like the game, i really do, i've also have play since open beta but only for 2-3 hours each day after work, but if ncsoft want to enforce their rules.. i have not choice but to follow what @Grimoir said, to look to another game that less punishing maybe i have to leave the mmorpg genre and go back to normal pc game, only time could tell
  3. yes that's a macro too, it's just like "waitms50" with few extra step but like i said above, we should wait for moderator to comment on this topic so we can have clear answer, if we just debate by ourself it'll never come to end
  4. it is the same topic, we're talking about 3rd party program who that can macro your rotation dps, or macro your "F" button
  5. no its not forbidden they're allowed player to use macro with exception in pvp, you can't use macro in pvp what do you thing we all been doing in dungeon and raid? "automated rotation dps" well then one of moderator should say something here and verfy what even this method of fishing is valid or not
  6. @Grimoir for the first time in a while, we actually agree on same thing
  7. well then it's your chooice to not use it then you get what you want manual fishing... stop blaming the other people for that some ppl choose macro for fishing because they have limited time, some other choose manual because they want enjoy the fishing feature you're the only one who mad at thing like this, while given freedom to choose
  8. bdw if you complain about auto fishing because of macro you should complain too about unfairness because people use macro when they parse, run dungeon, raid, weekly etc all the complain because you have to do manual rotation while the other guys only need to press few button and while at it you should ask the GM to ban or give warning to entire player base to not use any macro or ping reduce =.= geeez
  9. because i disagree with what you said, you're the only one who feel that your time is lose because of fishing, while me? i feel normal and maybe the other player is like yourself, they feel like they lose their precius time for some fishing that why they use the macro you can use the macro if you don't want lose your time too, its readly available everywhere in reddit and discord
  10. what do you mean with "TIME" you spend the same the other guys need to clear it, oh maybe you think this whole "fishing" is a chore that why you hate doing it? but have no choice because its an event thing? it's not like bot mining back then that can "rob" your chance to get the mining orb the amount fish in pond won't decrease no matter how many player fish in it, and bdw i haven't tried this whole fishing thing since it release but i stand my point, as long as its not take anything from other player, it's not cheating or advantage ok allow me to shed you some light why ncsoft allow this thing 1. the combat system is only good for PVP and stupid for PVE.. the combo, the timing, the rotation is needlessly complex to the point some class can't even do proper rotation without macro and simple mode 2. ikr, how can bns buddy can optimize the game while their very own developer failed to do so? and the fact that they haven't fix that part in arena is beyond belief... 3. due to it's combat system, ping is become one of main factor in dps... the lower your ping, the higher your dps is.. and in this game where dps is everything to flex, well ncsoft can lose their player from outside NA due to unplayable game or they can change their policy south america get around 350ms you know :3 i think this is the only mmorpg in this world where 350ms ping = unplayable is only BNS
  11. so i've heard all of you said "advantage", "unfair", "cheating" over other player you can only these word if you lose something when you in competitive match, for example in pvp but in pve, or in fishing in this context, using macro is not problem at all.. please tell me what you lose if someone in your party using macro? the only thing that can happen if the boss dead faster and in fish, you lose nothing when a player next to you using macro to fishing... i just don't understand with this mentality that refuse anything that make your life easier there ppl in this forum that hate this : using simple mode - its not fair using macro - its not fair using bns buddy - it's not fair using vpn ping reducer - it's not fair i don't understand, what you hate from something that make other people live easier when you lose absolutly nothing from it well, GM or Support, please make auto mode ingame for fishing to solve this problem thank you
  12. do you know when FF14 release, it's not good... in fact it's terrible, and square enix ditch the entire team and remake the entire game? and now FF14 is subscription base game you see, we as player don't mind paying monthly as long the service and game we get is premium, good performance, amazing story, etc if bns team don't get payed enough, you can make the game subscription for around $10-$15 a month IF the game is good. there the first thing that i hope bns team one day able to achive, to remove hide character feature, and still have good performance. right now iam using 1080p monitor, but i have to change my grapic setting to 720p because if i don't my fps will be crawling on the floor so, any "good grapic" you give is look a bit blury in here. - hide character - disable animation from bns buddy other than my clas - reduce grapic setting to all 3 - reduce resolution to 720p that is how bad the thing right now. thanks you
  13. @Grimoir you can't call your rig a normal, not every player have that spec.. so you can't put "i never have problem" with your setup @Saekko when you play the game, have you see the task manager? and see how much resource its use? maybe you forget to use 64bit and that why you have limited performance when i pull graphic setting to all 5, i only able to get 20-40 in dungeon and below 7 fps in raid, in game like PSO2, FF14, Wow i never have this kind performace issue when i use max graphic setting well, i guess this game just need more work or maybe the programmer slacking off try to lower the game setting i guess, maybe it's can help
  14. so i just found out this last week, when you get mark and then you enter the soul separation.. RK will continue to mark you over and over again, even the tank get mark please fix this bug, thanks
  15. Dead game :(

    well, most player just want to finish daily asap without any problem, so simple mech is good enough iam doing hard mode every now and then with my friend ssm-st none survive in hard mode tsm dst bc lol >_< we can clear it, its just the reward not worth the trouble