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    even for 6 gear lvl player, somehow it still take at least 15-20 min to clear HH and DD, and even more for average gear bns feature for clan activity is really limited in game, so most player is use discord apps to make chat and annoucement more easier. raid in bns is have complicated mech, so we need voice chat for that and fortunely discord have that too join a discord channel bns is the most easiest way to make friend and party for new player in this game

    if you want to join Ebondrake Lair above dungeon with baleful dungeon and hollow acc fresh out from story, iam pretty sure you'll get kicked IF & NS below dungeon is can be clear if there are at least 2 ppl can deal 100k++ dps the rest can get carried NF below is for any AP, even ppl fresh out story can clear it baleful gear can barely do 30k-50k dps depend on your ping, this is main reason why most ppl kick ppl in high dungeon, each dungeon need at least 20-30 min to clear not to mention if you place yourself wrongly during mech, you can get mark and mess the mech and get wipe if you don't know what you're doing there are at least 6-7 dungeon must be done in daily, so it's roughly need 2-3 hours to clear all of it, and for most people like me who can only play after work, that's is all play time before i have go to bed, so i somehow understand why most ppl somehow even ask 1.2k AP for dungoen like HH above make it impossible for new player with gear from story to even join if you have terrible time find party in dungeon, you can shout in faction chat for help someone to clear dungeon, usually most ppl will help chat function in bns is no longer really used anymore because clan will use discord apps for voice chat or text chat the fastest way to gear up is to join a clan and ask for help in daily with them, they can bring you to the most high dungeon while teaching you the mechanic you can find it in discord channel the link you can find it at reddit, i suggest you find clan with majority player from your timezone sorry for wall of text, if you somewhere in SEA region you can join my discord clan and we can do daily together at night my discord account : Lit Fiana#2144
  3. agree to this, this game is pack full with alt with no gear fresh out of story and want to join high dungeon, annyoying af
  4. why would you even play Lightning assasin >_< play shadow it'll be far more easier for you, and for pvp you won't use element acc, you use pvp acc
  5. well i don't know everytime i join the party... someone just get knocked back and the boss jump, repeat over and over again until the tank lose aggro and party wipe =.= and i can't get 6 man ppl have voice chat on this every single day you can get your full dungeon mech on hard more, but stop making people who just want his daily done misereble because the dungeon can't tolerate 1 or 2 party member mistake not to mention the bleed stack that even my lifesteal can't hold >_< right now ppl asking A3 for RT normal mode, why? because they don't want do mech, they just want to roll over with pure dps
  6. then why you still running normal mode? go and do your daily in hard more if you want taste the "dungeon mech" =.= stop being jackass
  7. dude, if i want some "hard mech" i'll go and do hard more but do you think iam gonna do daily hard mode with some random ppl in f8? nonono iam make sure to put "normal mode" in my post please nerf normal mode ransacked treasury, it's too hard for casual player who rely on f8 to do daily... and i can't get my amara weapon if nobody run the normal mode
  8. Dumb question..

    with costume stamp from f10, if i remeber correctly
  9. nerf mech for normal mode Ransacked Treasury please it's too hard don't make the boss jump when there are party member outside 10m, only jump if *tank* get outside 10m
  10. YOU killed the game

    iam agree with OP, this game farming gold is chore my FM who can dps 250k++ still need 2-3 hours just to finish big dungeon, (basin, 2 dungeon daily, SSM HH, DD, ST) only dungeon that give decent amount of gold and i still have to save for months to get necessery to upgrade weapon, acc, SS, soul, heart, etc and if iam also use my alt (KFM) who can only do barely 100k dps, it'll take 3++ hours to clear the big dungeon... and~~ there goes my entire free time lol >_< only for daily this game weapon system has stupidly a lot item, weapon, 6 gem, ring, earing, necklace, pet, belt, bracelet, soul, heart, and 8 soulshield that's 23 item need to be upgrade and yet they're so ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing stinky with their daily gold and mats =.= do they want us to farming for years to reach end game gear?
  11. Lyn Warden... '-'

    that's enough man, you went too far :3 no need to get that serius for just a game character :3
  12. i think you need to get stage 10 TT ring to get it's full power
  13. this happen a lot to me or party member, what is happen?
  14. Unload is now a projectile -___-

    kfm with tremor, FM with multiblaze, gunner with bulletstrom, you're right it's all about who hit first if you're noob :3 but if you have proper SS for pvp you can take full burn from FM blaze with only 50% hp 6v6 pvp is too chaostic to use proper combo, so most ppl just hit and run playstyle
  15. New kfm

    how high your ping?