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  1. to prevent bug mech... "chain/root" is also status buff if boss still effected by any buff during mech, he will be bugged.. unless dev recode this game, which is really lot of work.. this won't ever be solved dev must be thinking like this "rather than code tons of line for each buff status when monster do its mech, lets make the boss imune to all buff... it'll save time for me" lol
  2. and if you went, to area where player is more than 6, you should hide their character (crtl+f) this game using unreal engine 3 that can't render many rigid body all at once or heavy physics calculation normally a game engine when they using alot physic calcuation they will use VGA, but not with unreal engine... this engine have really good graphic, easy to make animation movie, etc but limit only use 1 or 2 core from CPU for physics calculation so i7 and gtx1080 is wasted on this game :3 unreal engine is never meant to be used in mmorpg, this engine is more suited for single player rpg (that why bns have ctrl+f feature, to hide other character) unless korean dev decided to remake entire game from scratch... this fps drop problem won't ever be solved
  3. allow me to explain this, so when new map/area load, they're not start by download the highest setting but instead, they go 1x texture > 2x > 4x > 8x > 16x depend on your graphic setting.. just like when you browse image on browser.. bns buddy can change the game setting by download texture based on your graphic setting.. so if you set max graphic, bns will render 16x from the start... this can reduce amount of suttering/load when you enter new map/area
  4. try to use 64 bit, if you still get sturring try bns buddy
  5. FM Tiger Bracelet

    so i finally get this unrefined tiger bracelet from mushin and upgrade my divine dragon, and i have trouble keeping buff all the time especialy in high level dungeon like ssm, el, hh.. there 3-4 sec gap between dual dragon & tiger buff.. and i lose huge dps, and keeping track to tiger buff, dragonblaze & burn buff is really annoying anyone else have this problem? iam thinking about revert it back to divine dragon bracelet
  6. as the title said, please separete keybinding for dragonblade and dragonfrost i like spam button when doing daily dungeon, usually i spend 3-4 hour doing daily dungeon.. its really make me tired if i must concentrate not click the skill for that long time and i'll keep posting this thread until they give this update for FM
  7. Reason why your game failed in the West

    this also my reason not doing any pvp right now... i have bad ping, its good enough for pve, but not enough for pvv if they can adjust skill so high ping player can fight properly, then it'll become popular game

    How about you make F (Flame Blaze) as party buff :3 that sound good.. 40% increase element damage last for 15sec
  9. Reason why your game failed in the West

    its you who not understand... each and everysingle class in this game is OP, even the worst class FM in pvp is have tons move to freeze and stun you each and everyclass in this game can kill you in 1 combo other than FM and Summ ofcourse, that why escape skill is really important... use normal escape like q e ss f, to avoid basic combo, and use tab escape to resist air combo proper use escape skill is more important than your ability to do damage to enemy, pvp player really need good reaction speed & good ping, to even properly using their class in pvp.. that why this pvp game is not that popular in NA (west) since most player have 100-200 ping... and its imposisble to properly pvp with that ping

    as FM main, FM have party heal? what? projectile resist? yes for ourself... and its NOT MOVING!!! grab? not work on boss shadow grasp? it'll only make you lose dps root? really? freeze almost have no effect on boss other.. he still can jumping around like monkey =.= hah~ can you give us like, damage skill buff + 500% elemental attack for 20sec ... =.= and call it red buff or something
  11. remember last time our cute disciple get kidnapped... mc get pissed and went full slaughter mode, i expect the same this time... and no, don't take the empress as disciple this time =.= put her in dungeon and ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ the hell out of her >_<
  12. we lack back story for ryuu, he just join the story suddenly out of blue but there an analisis why he betray us, he is linked or maybe even reincarnation of Flame Dragon (new dungeon raid quest 30-man) long time ago, the original 8 master sealed the dragon in ice, but now since the 8 master has died.. the dragon begin to awaken the hint is his eyes that like a snake, and his name ryuu meaning Dragon in japanese, i don't know whatever this is truth or not, we just need to wait for update :3
  13. Pet > Awakened Pet > Ultimate Pet Appearance

    you need 3 Pet and 6 pet pod, and some gold
  14. agree, Ultimate is joke, =.= or you can make separate skill for pvp and pve, if they're enter pvp area, the ultimate become disable
  15. Dragon or Tiger Bracelet for FM

    ah~ i forget that blazing beam decrease 1cd dual dragon when critical, lol