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  1. 1. go to unload if you want go fire element, but i strongly recommend shadow build for gunner (sustain dps is better than burst dps) 2. focus on farming mystic badge in basin 3. get bracelet, xanos earing, and DT ring, with your element 4. try to find a good clan, do voice chat with them :3 5. try to gather bravery coin, either from hongmoonshop or simply wait for event, and use it to open hongmoon skill, (it's huge dps boost) 6. try to save mats to upgrade raven 3, after that focus all your resource to upgrade acc, 7. try get hexagonal gem from basin, when you get enough solar energy replace it with hexagonal hongmoon (not priority) if you want go to unload build (fire), then use holy fire badge, but for mystic badge you should use skyrift mystic badge make sure you open hongmoon quickshot skill
  2. Fundamental Faction Design Flaw

    trade yunsang bead with toi ticket
  3. Fundamental Faction Design Flaw

    what are you even talking about? i have around 400 ToI ticket, spend 1 hours to get 20 stage 2 box and i get around 5 ely, 60 sacred orb, and 130 SS no lag, no aranshu player who can distrub my farming, no fps drop, enjoyable pvp with bot instead go to that cancer called ssp :3
  4. Fundamental Faction Design Flaw

    why you even go to SSP, if you want soulstone, you go to ToI
  5. BM is really ping dependent class, for each ping spike, fps drop, screen sutter, boss cc attack rotation, mech is dps loss for you unless you're really commited to this class, i suggest you find another class to play :3 1st thing to check is how much dragon tongue you can do for each tab, if it's below 7-8 dragon tongue, then it's not worth to play BM
  6. @narcoleptic well, i've seen moderator post in this thread so i think they already starting to compile report and send it back to korea dev and we just have to wait how they respond, this is mmorpg there will always be bad patch and good patch :3 also nerf RT dungeon please, it's too hard to clear
  7. hmm, i think this is good idea, but i don't know how big dev team bns have and with a lot new update and upgrade to UE4 maybe they won't have much resource to spare for this but good suggestion nonetheless, and if possibe add voice chat ingame especially for dungeon that required good corporation
  8. Looking for an honest review/opinion

    ok, i've play this game for 2 year since open beta, and because english is not my 1st language forgive me for weird grammer for me, the story game is great everything is all about revenge, here in asian we have something like "dendam kesumat" this is indonesian language which mean a revenge that won't be forgiven for 7 generation.. so i really understand motivation main character in this game have great animation, great combat, fluid movement, dungeon mech, raid, and still in development event after 12 year release which is really great meaning the player base is still going strong all over the world now, for new player and end game the problem this game have is too many content, for something that already exits for 10 years++ there are countless open world quest, dungeon, etc the more you progess in game the more difficult and complicated dungeon become to the point you can spend 25-40 min in a single dungeon, so it's impossible for casual player to do everything in this game, they have to choose what dungeon to do in single day and this is only for 1 char and as you know, bns keep releasing more and more new content and raid, the the player base is getting more stretching, some in low, mid, and end gear now if bns not do something to force player base especially in low gear to upgrade their gear, a lot of new dungeon and raid won't have a player to run them because casual player will keep progressing slowly in game, the proff is there are so many baleful and raven gear player even though twilight temple already released normally new content is something we should welcome, but not in NA server, because korean is have 10 years to progress until they get twilight temple, while us here in NA only have 2 years to catch up.. now bns nerf reward for NS bellow dungeon and do event in NS dungeon above..this make a lot player feel the pressure from the game to progress, just like carrot and stick, but they found out that NS above dungeon is exponentially harder and will wipe if they not do mech properly, especially for melle player who need to learn boss rotation. and how it's effect me from old player perspective? it's fine i barely feel any change because i already run NS above dungeon long before this patch and now it's easier to find proper party NS above, maybe player base starting to understand and learn the mech for high dungeon, (RT still too hard though) and for p2w, not really, there are so many thing to upgrade to the point even if you throw $10000 you only get like mid gear (around bt gear), not worth in my opinion in recent patch, they've buff almost all class damage, really good - takes forever to upgrade, not really.. once you have 1 properly geared char you can easly upgrade your other alt, i just finish rush upgrade from raven 1 to raven 9 today :3 my advice for new player : so focus on 1 char, learn mech, find friend in game, join good clan, and not rushing
  9. Buff Fire KFM

    please buff fire kfm, this class dps is nowhere near any other class and please seperate iframe global cooldown with dps rotation
  10. i heard social team must compile report on player feedback and send it back to dev in korea after that dev in korea will decide how to address the problem so, i think we have to wait quite a while for any change to make again my opinion in this patch is quite good actually, a lot of good feature is add to game along with balance skill and because i already reach mid tier gear it's easier to find good party for NS IF EL SSM HH DD ST nowdays compared to before patch maybe its because ppl already start to learn the mech for high lv dungeon which is good for player base they need to nerf RT though, that dungeon is too hard to clear and add all boss in F12, so we all can practice them especially for tanker
  11. well, i live in SEA so my ping is more low if i play in asian server i've tried all other asian server bns and in the end i choose NA mainly because language problem :3 and i don't know how much value 127k gold in korean server is, isn't it already close to hyperinflation? that's sound quite bad actually
  12. nah, you just noob at farming gold :3 if there are no way to farm gold how do you think i always have 4k++ in my char? and i only have 2 proper char, FM and KFM
  13. because in Asian server, everything is more rng based than NA... in here we have 100% chance success when upgrade anything but in asian you more often failed upgrade instead success imagine you use 4 pts, 400ms to upgrade VT neck... and find out that sucess rate only 25%? do you wanna do that? or you bid 5k gold for aranshu barb with chance fail upgrade? so maybe to compensate the rng based upgrade system, they've boost abit gold earning because they have same huge gold sink to avoice inflation gold
  14. iam agree with you, there are huge gold wall between max raven gear and aranshu gear >_< the amount mats need to upgrade is insane, for neck alone you need 10k gold to reach stage 10 T_T
  15. they're already did, in Asia there are a chance failure when you upgrade weapon or acc here in NA, you only get list item and have 100% chance to success when upgrade in term of grinding we actually already boosted to heaven if you compare with Asian version :3