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  1. Mmorpg are meant to be time-consumig games. It's the common reason to play it. Many people have more joy spending their in a game and get rewarded for it than just facerolling transactions...
  2. It just made to a point where me and many others which I know, feels like the game became depressing and we could all be doing greater and more funny things instead tbh. The greatest content maker have announced already within this month to stop making any contents for this game and this shouldn't be ignored. it is quite a big hit and impacts the playerbase since people needs to see good content of this game to make it more enjoyable. I have considered quittig this game too in the near future and the reason for that is without a doubt not a question. Also, I have invested a big amount of cash
  3. Greetings, This topic is to once again clearly point up that the RNG based upgrade systems is one of the worst thing to implement in BnS for the westerners without a doubt. It's the reason why even big spenders would stop playing the game because it is indeed the most infuriating system of every mmorpg games. It can make even the biggest spenders feel completely unrewarded and scammed no matter of what kinda aspect the attempts will be. I personally don't mind having it in the game as long as it's for weapon only but according to the korean server it seems like we will get the enchantment u
  4. Harrow hold? You're sure you're playing the game actively? Just asking.
  5. Once again for you, lying dosen't get you anywhere. You're the only one here giving information that trails every new players to pure disappointment. I am playing this game since the release and Trove wasn't as bad as before. If we compare this Trove with the ones in 2018 it's quite clear that the crit rates are worse and full of useless items that won't help improve gearing in the slightest pace. There's yet barely any way to have fun for most f2p players in bg that's a shameless blatant lie except you're playing an easy and strong class or you love being sucked into whales. WHEN EVEN
  6. I must say you have chosen your name wise. Your points and arguments are as grim as the amount of people in this community disagreeing with you.
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