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Nightfall Sanctuary


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If you're fresh out of the yellow and orange quests the first step is to start with dungeons that drop Draken Cores (Desolate Tomb, Ebondrake Citadel, Naryu Foundry, and Naryu Sanctum) for a Legendary Bracelet, Necklace, and Belt (also see if you can get a Black Dawn Ring and Xanos Earring for your element for the time being). In addition you should be doing your weekly challenges as often as you can since the 3 12-man instances you should now have access to are fairly easy (Dawn of Khanda Vihar, Fallen Aransu School, and Snowjade Fortress). At the same time you should also run Silverfrost tier dungeons (anything older than Desolate Tomb that shows up on the daily challenge list) for now so you can finish daily challenges and start accumulating materials to upgrade your Baleful/Seraph weapon


The main raid you'll be preparing for at this point is Skybreak Spires (commonly referred to as Black Tower) for the Legendary Ring and Earring for your element as well as an item that allows you to turn your weapon into a Raven weapon. This raid is also old enough content such that when you're ready you should have no major problem finding people to run it with.

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