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  1. I would also add a notable degree of laziness among the community. A big example of this actually being why the cross-server lobby is still being used despite it being completely unnecessary ever since the last server merge. People just seem to be too lazy to know where dungeons are located on the map or to even use CTRL+J and click Windstride even though F8 results in about twice as many load screens. F8: for every dungeon you get about 4 load screens: load into gateway, load into dungeon, load back into gateway (if same party for entire train), and back to lobby In server:
  2. it's not DPS that you should be looking at, it's cumulative damage that determines what box you get. Every time I got an elite box it's because I did at least 250M damage.
  3. Doesn't even matter whether they're character bound or account bound, you can just buy them in Dragon Express.
  4. I put a post on Reddit some time ago summarizing how to tackle each dungeon and raid, try this out: Pre-BT Weekly challenge 12-mans: Dawn of Khanda Vihar, Fallen Aransu School, and Snowjade Fortress can all be done pretty much immediately provided you've done the corresponding orange questlines up to almost the end (the actual end requires a clear of the corresponding raid). Do these every week if possible since it's easy gold and materials. There should be 2 more of these coming in the near future but not sure exactly when. Silverfrost dungeons are really old content and
  5. The raid necklace is as expensive as it is because it's best-in-slot for the foreseeable future in every region. There's no possibility of a replacement until some new raid after Nightfall Sanctuary comes out. Farming the moonstones to upgrade it isn't that much of an issue anymore since just about everything gives you account bound materials these days. The benefits of the elemental necklace are kinda dependent on your attack speed and ability to get critical hits. This is why classes like BD can use it as soon as stage 3 but most classes don't use it until stage 6. A maxed out Da
  6. I'd say don't worry about it, with this upcoming patch having "too many" Divine Grace Stones isn't gonna be a thing for a while.
  7. You don't even need the Navigator Belt to work on Skybreaker. Consider the alternate path where you crux an Eternity 10, that allows you to skip the breakthrough where the Navigator Belt would otherwise be needed. I ended up seeing a huge difference on the miniboss in Nightfall Sanctuary because with it. When I was using Eternity 10 the more unfortunate knockbacks would kill me (all my CC resistances and iframes on cooldown), but when I got my Skybreaker 9 I stayed alive under the same attack albeit with about 2k HP remaining. The stats themselves are all better except for one, the
  8. If you're fresh out of the yellow and orange quests the first step is to start with dungeons that drop Draken Cores (Desolate Tomb, Ebondrake Citadel, Naryu Foundry, and Naryu Sanctum) for a Legendary Bracelet, Necklace, and Belt (also see if you can get a Black Dawn Ring and Xanos Earring for your element for the time being). In addition you should be doing your weekly challenges as often as you can since the 3 12-man instances you should now have access to are fairly easy (Dawn of Khanda Vihar, Fallen Aransu School, and Snowjade Fortress). At the same time you should also run Silverfrost tie
  9. They did say there's no crafting recipe yet, so I'm expecting that to come in a much later update (maybe when we get the rest of Nightfall Sanctuary) Aside from that I don't expect a steady way of getting Blood Pearls until we get the 2 supplementary raids for Nightfall (Snowjade 2.0 basically)
  10. Shadow's just fine at endgame. The main issue is that you can't even dream of doing decent DPS until you get Dragon Bracelet and Pulse Mystic Badge so there's a bit of an early wall to overcome. You also go raid weapon no matter what but that's just fine with the cost reductions to Raven. The main reason I see people bashing on it these days is because Earth is considered the "sexier" build despite it being absolute hell on your mouse hand. Shadow's not just meant for high ping players it's all around more relaxing to use and has its roots in sustained damage (if you use an Axe you're a D
  11. We're only getting the first 2 bosses with the patch so I think you can get away with post-VT gear (Aransu 6 or better, Awakened Cosmic Soul or better, stage 10 or better VT necklace) for now. If push comes to shove we can farm for the new bracelet to complement learning the 2 bosses (the new bracelet replaces the old one so you can just crux it). I know we'll need Spirit, all raid members tending towards Aransu 9, and maybe even a few clears of the first 2 bosses for accessories by the time we get part 2 of the raid. The new items from these first 2 bosses are analogo
  12. The triple Acrimors, my hypothesis is that the hit that should put up the sheath kills you anyway such that it acts similar to a soft enrage, you're better off relying on HM Block or Stealth anyway since they technically activate before the hit goes off. This should also hold true for when Volberus tries to cleanse the fire buff, the hit that would activate the sheath only recognizes the fact that you're not already in an iframe and inflicts freeze anyway. It's not really an issue with the attacks, it's the fact that party sheath is the only type of party protection that requires
  13. Someone needs to brush up on the difference between Arena PvP (stats normalized, HM level doesn't really make much of a difference as HM skills do, used for every e-sports tournament) and Battleground PvP (gear dependent).
  14. Dragon's just fine if you're still consistently raiding because of how it scales with Soulburn (I still sustain among the top DPS in VT and dungeons with my clan using Dragon Bracelet and I'm not necessarily better geared than them), not really any point in making a switch to Tiger unless you're obsessed with consistency in your rotation or mainly stick to solo stuff since we're getting a new Bracelet with Sand Temple anyway. Even though you don't use Magnum anymore Fury's not your only source of Wrath uptime, I actually use Wrath/Galeforce with usually 1 Long Division at the end if someone el
  15. Some HM skill items grant new effects, more damage, etc. for most classes specific skill items take priority over others such as HM Block or SF's heal. Some items are harder to get than others mostly due to how some content has aged (although PvP is technically an option), a prime example is HM Block since that requires farming half a book from Awakened Necropolis (next to no one runs this anymore) and the other from Avalanche Den. There is one extra HM skill for each class that no one can currently get even in KR such as DES and BD grab as well as BM Lunar Slash, no idea if the devs are ever
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