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Destroyer vs SF


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Hey guys. I am looking for a melee class to play, and have been debating whether to go back to my SF or start a new destroyer char. I know that this class has been on the receiving end of jokes and lousy updates, but still would like to try it out. I already know the SF part of the debate so, I just wanted to know, how is a destroyer in compared to SF? oh, and due to ping problems, my only viable option is a shadow destroyer. 

Thanks in advance

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Shadow's just fine at endgame. 
The main issue is that you can't even dream of doing decent DPS until you get Dragon Bracelet and Pulse Mystic Badge so there's a bit of an early wall to overcome. You also go raid weapon no matter what but that's just fine with the cost reductions to Raven.
The main reason I see people bashing on it these days is because Earth is considered the "sexier" build despite it being absolute hell on your mouse hand. Shadow's not just meant for high ping players it's all around more relaxing to use and has its roots in sustained damage (if you use an Axe you're a Destroyer, enough said). It wasn't until a change to Dragon Bracelet that Shadow got some nice burst potential especially with Soulburn (in my case I'm up to almost 1.1M DPS burst on Amara and technically not even max gear.)
With post-VT gear, Shadow requires more skill to play than with pre-VT. This is mostly due your Galeforce resets being tied to a buff on Execute called Shadow Storm. You're forced to keep 3-set BT soulshields because of the cooldown reduction on Execute but you can further optimize Shadow Storm uptime with some clever use of Limitless Soul Badge and weapon resets resulting in some pretty good sustain.
Dragon Bracelet's the better choice particularly if you're raiding but at the cost of an imbalance in your solo parse vs your raid DPS, it's basically a "trust me, this is an underestimate of what I can do" moment although if you go far enough that problem is fixed with the Sandstorm Temple Bracelet which would trade in some of the burst from Soulburn for more sustain.

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