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  1. did you see?

    Is that a hint to a new class at the end of the 2nd video?
  2. EU servers unstable again..

    Yeah... has been happening in random intervals for a while now. Just yesterday my normal 110-160 ping went up to 280. Raid party got wiped.
  3. New classes ideas thread

    Hey guys. A lot of us have ideas of how the next classes should look like, and they should be, so I thought maybe make a single thread instead of each of us posting a new one every few days. So here are the classes I'd like to see: An archer/crossbow class. If we get a crossbow then I hope it works like Bianca is DA. A gunner-bm hybrid class. A pistol in one hand and a sword in the other. A spear class. I also hope the open more classes for the yun and gon. The npc characters in Valindria are proof that the yun can have warlocks and assassins added to them, and I don't see why it can't be done for the gon as well. Your thoughts? ideas?
  4. The Classes after awakened skills

    So by the time I actually get all of the ice gear I need, it'll become obsolete?! great! Those bugs are funny though. Thank you very much for your detailed response.
  5. The Classes after awakened skills

    Is there a list somewhere with all the changes? Or can you give examples of changes that make classes unplayable?
  6. So a lot of videos about the awakened skills revamp have started to come up on my YouTube feed. I've been watching them and noticing that a lot of people are complaining that their element and class are finished (especially wind KFM, light BD, Ice Warlock, and fire and light BM). I wanted to ask, what do you guys think? is this an exaggeration? I mean, there's still a long time before it's actually implemented in our corner of the world. I'm an ice warlock, and I'm a bit concerned. But is it even warranted? There will be no elements after this revamp, so are these people worried that their element is getting a supposed nerf, worrying without any good reason?
  7. Story sequel

    We're like Ash Ketchum and his Pikachu. Just like they get nerfed every new season/region, so does our main character.
  8. Assassin or BM

    Then what would you suggest?
  9. NCOIN delivery time

    How much time does it take to deliver NCOINS after purchase? I've been waiting for 9 hours now. This is not my 1st purchase. Thanks for your help in advance
  10. Assassin or BM

    I thought about that, but KFM requires good reflexes and response time. I'm not sure that mine are good enough for it.
  11. Assassin or BM

    So after getting my Warlock main to level 55HM12, I feel I'm ready to start a new alt for fun. I'm trying to decide between SIN and BM. I played both before (up to level 47 and 45 respectively), and wanted to try them again. I am well aware of the changed both classes went through after the skill simplification process. I like both classes because of their different play-styles. I need a fun class with good visuals, that is good in both PVE and PVP (And yes, I know it takes time and learning). Mind you, I don't mind learning how to tank. I have a fair amount of experience with melee classes in this game (BD, SF, Warden, and my SIN & BM from 2 years ago, RIP). My ping allows me to play both classes fairly well. I would love to hear your opinions. Thanks in advance
  12. Baleful of Seraph for Earth SF?

    As the title says, which one should I choose for an earth SF?
  13. Pokemon is both singular and plural. Just FYI.
  14. Removed Assassin skills

    Did they remove all of these skills? really? why? It was what attracted me to this class in the first place, and what made me think of coming back to it. So most of the fun aerial combos and skills no longer exist?
  15. Warlock vs Warden

    Hi guys. So after returning to the game, I got my new warden to level 50 HM 1, and she's now at the same level as my old warlock. I'm now finding myself in a bit of a dilemma as to which class to choose and keep playing. I enjoy both very much, both have awesome visuals, nice DPS (at least until the inevitable nerfs that the warden will most probably soon get), great party support in their respective SB buffs, and great playstyles. What draws me back to my warlock are the facts that I've never tanked before (in any MMO), and the dungeons until now were quite easy (most probably because the warden is broken). The warlock, on the other hand, is more familiar, support DPS, ranged, faster, and a bit less ping dependent (as with most ranged classes). So which would you have picked if you were in my situation? Thanks in advance