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Automaton Assault Strategy


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Please post your feedback / tips to efficiently complete this event dungeon.

Some personal observations:

- balls completely destroy fps. experience screen freezes when waves of balls come out.

- when Automaton shield is up, gifted guns seem to do the most damage

- drill should be destroyed first before attacking boss

- drill pounding waves can be jumped



- how to prevent ball wave screen lag

- what do the blue present / green items do

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There are probably some videos of this event dungeon available by now. Here are some of my tips that might help:

  • Always use the guns. If you lose your gun, there are gun racks at the outer edge of the ring that have guns available. I think they appear when the first set of guns are dropped. They're never there at the start.
  • The gun's shield can also heal you (Default Key 1).
  • Spread out. I think after the boss' HP drops to 50% or lower, it drops two drills, so your team needs to be well dispersed to destroy both of them as soon as possible.

The blue presents are ammo for the particle beam attack (Default Key 2). Grab them while avoiding the balls. It fires in 5-burst shots.


It looks like you can participate as many times as you want in a day. There is no lockout.

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- drill should be destroyed first before attacking boss:

when u destroy drills before explode u got a buff stack with reduce damage from particles (balls) each reduce cost 1 stack, if drills explode first u got debuff to increase damage from "balls".


-Wait u hp fall over than 50% and use shield (key 1) witch will protect and heal.

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I dislike tutorial videos that constantly states something about the dungeon or boss being very easy, but this event boss IS actually really easy.  I don't actually even try to dodge most things other than the ground explosions, and I agro at least for part of the fight.  everyone says shoot the drill first, but IMO, forget about it; take the damn hit and the debuff.  when the waves of balls come, I take the first the first two hits and then 1 the next two (last one should not hit if you stood and absorbed wave four).  the cooldown on 1 should be over by the time the next waves come.  After the princess ripple, you should be able to pick up your gun and be able to use 2 again; just have to wait for the boss to make the initial jump for that phase before using it.  You should be able to hit high 40k dps if not 50k.  

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