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  1. I'd be okay with that, and it would be even better if we can store them in the Weapon Showroom. Currently my Sabersteel weapon skin and a bunch of other weapon skins (like from the Wheels of Fate) can't be stored there.
  2. Definitely not fixed. These are screenshots as of this post. I thought they just forgot to fix the description, so I bought a Hongmoon Viridian key in Dragon Express and tried to open the Plague chest. The result was the system voice saying "Invalid item."
  3. I know I subscribed to the newsletter because I received the newsletter that told me to register for the Warden pack. And I know I registered my account for the Warden pack because I saw the "Thank you for registering" page (or something similar) when I registered my account. I don't understand why I don't see the newsletter pack, but now I'm not sure if I registered my account for the Warden pack. I don't see either pack in the "Apply a code" page. I wish there was a sure way of knowing if I successfully registered. An email would've been nice.
  4. Pardon my mistake. I was going by the date that is listed in F10. But seeing as they list the Alpaca pets being available as early as July 1 and the Treasure Trove keys being available as early as May 29, well, I don't know what to say. At least they got the year right?
  5. Is the Friday costume rotation not happening anymore? I don't see replacements for the Summer Saga set and Woodland Padded coat that was available from June 22 to July 6. Is it because of the Trove? Edit: Nevermind, I think I understand. The Summer Sea and Summer Groove set are the replacements. I was thrown off because 1) they appeared two days earlier (on Wednesday instead of Friday) and 2) these are not reported on their Twitter page, unlike the way they reported the previous Friday costume rotations.
  6. I saw Royal Rebel in one of the Daily Specials, so I checked my Received Items to see if I had it or not. I could've sworn I had at least one, so I tried searching. That's weird, so I do a search the long way, and it turns out I do have it. But when I searched for a different costume, it found it just fine. I know I didn't spell the name wrong. I even capitalized the first letter, and yet the search claimed that it couldn't find anything with the word "Royal" in it. However, when I searched for the Millenium outfit, it found it just fine when
  7. Even if we are able to get Moonwater keys, the other issue is the Weapon Showroom; it cannot store weapon skins that come from weapon boxes asking for Moonwater keys. Maybe you can blame Jonathan for not correcting you. You read the question out loud, word for word. I'm surprised he too didn't catch that. And no, he doesn't get an "out" just because he was doing the event dungeon when you were reading the question out loud.
  8. Source: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/249565286 During the live stream of the Automaton Assault Event Dungeon Playthrough on April 12, Bethany and Jonathan answered a question regarding Moonwater Keys. Here is a short transcript of what was said. This begins at around the 25:10 mark of the stream. Bethany: (reading a question from the live chat) Will brilliant moonwater keys be added to dragon express any time soon? Jonathan: Nope Bethany: I don’t think so. You can…make an alt that can make them? [Unintelligible] That’s not going to happen. (Underline
  9. There are probably some videos of this event dungeon available by now. Here are some of my tips that might help: Always use the guns. If you lose your gun, there are gun racks at the outer edge of the ring that have guns available. I think they appear when the first set of guns are dropped. They're never there at the start. The gun's shield can also heal you (Default Key 1). Spread out. I think after the boss' HP drops to 50% or lower, it drops two drills, so your team needs to be well dispersed to destroy both of them as soon as possible. The blue presents are ammo for t
  10. I don't see the impetus of running a short-term dungeon that can take 20-40 minutes to complete, for every character, every day. Did I mention I'm not comfortable with those Corsair's Combs being untradable?
  11. I wonder if Jonathan and Bethany have tried playing through this Realmrift dungeon normally instead of with their "GM mode" turned on. I don't think this dungeon is really worth the extra 20-40 minutes every day, for each character. I find it bothersome that those Corsair's Combs aren't account bound.
  12. I might have a slight problem with the Silver Saberfang Chest. I foresee it being like the Rosethorn Chest back in October, and I wasn't comfortable with the way that "event" was presented. If I remember correctly, the salvaged Rosethorn fabric was not "bound to account" so there was no way to transfer those fabrics to alts if you wanted to. Although, it seems that the salvaged fabric in this Silver Saberfang event can be used to get the actual Silver Saberfang costume, unlike the Rosethorn Chest event where the Rosethorn costume was pure RNG from the chests. Given that, I hope the salvaged fa
  13. How many times did you see the Wingsmite Weapon Chest? Edit: I interpreted the lack of answer to mean, "Watch the stream, idiot." So I did, and I got my answer.
  14. Did you get the bonus stuff too, like the Calorie Burner title and the 10 AP bonus attribute?
  15. I was able to claim the Login Rewards on Wednesday, even though I have 1,000+ items in Item Claim. When I claimed them, there was an animation where blue checkmarks appeared over the items as they were being "claimed." On Thursday, when I clicked the "Receive All" button, there was no animation. If the items were truly claimed, then shouldn't there be a blue checkmark over the experience charm icons, the same way there is a blue checkmark over the Login Time?
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