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  1. ^yea that part of the upgrade has always been RNG, just like the pet before they simplified the stages
  2. and this is directly more directly at Cyan. I understand these types of decisions are made as a company and it's not just you doing whatever you want, but if you are to be the voice towards the community who funds your paycheck, at least have the decency to not put out a lame post/solution like that where it obviously does not address even the specific issue here; you guys would've literally been better not posting that. please have some respect for our intelligence.
  3. as many people have pointed out already, the "easy mode" that was introduced last week is nowhere in line with the gold/reward decrease. if I'm receiving (about) half the gold I previously got for completing a dungeon, then I'm expecting to be able to kill everything in roughly half the time. as far as there being no more wipe mechanics, I'm pretty sure most of the player base didn't constantly try to get into dungeons where they would wipe anyways, so it's a non-factor. I don't see how NC has any sort of argument to why this would not be the case. either up the rewards back or nerf everyt
  4. this might be late, but are you using a 3rd party program to log in? If so, did you remember to update the game through the normal launcher before using the other program?
  5. I picked up the game about 1.5 years ago and definitely experienced the same feelings initially. After playing for a while, I also noticed about the same amount of newer players (at least at the time; I know there aren't many new players now) as toxic players that just refuse to learn and don't understand why more experienced don't just carry them because it's easy for them. I agree with Miggs that one of the most helpful ways to better enjoy this game, especially as a newer player, is to find a group that is friendly to that player base. Believe it or not, they still exist, it's just a lot
  6. the general rule of thumb is if you don't have at least stage 7 (BT), you should just pay the unrefined upgrade cost. otherwise you can crux.
  7. Same, I'm shadowforged on my SF and many times can't even get into parties asking only for aransu. But not much we can do about people not knowing how every class works.
  8. this sounds more like a WoW Vanilla post. with the current state of the game, there is no reason to do anything other than finish the game if you aren't max level. if you don't want to be killed by a higher level player, than simply don't wear an outfit that allows yourself to be killed.
  9. besides, literally just tried this, mechs are exactly the same
  10. not too many people are willing to take the time to put together something like this to help new players, and I hope your work can be appreciated by many people. I did wanna point out under the disabling skills portion, you can actually disable up to 5 skills not just 3. I would personally also add in a note for PVE that new players should disable their knock up skills.
  11. who doesn't let someone in their party/raid because of simple mode? that's the same as not letting somebody in because they macro, which is just stupid (if this is the case, WLs would never be able to get in any groups). I can see a group not allowing someone in because of a lack of DPS (apparently in the case of TC) or inability to do mechs, but nobody actually cares whether someone uses simple mode or macro. to get back to the topic at hand, if TC is pinging 180 normally but up to 300 during encounters, I would question whether or not optimized graphics settings are being used? bns ping
  12. not really sure if it warranted a guide at all. if you just go in a try it, you can see that 1 person is able to do it. and it's the only thing that the actual boss is locked behind rather than a mini-boss
  13. This is an honest question to everyone who is complaining about this event, do you guys basically want every event to be completely accessible to all players regardless of gear? What if they just took out stage 4 from this event with the cosmetics behind it, would that make this event better?
  14. there's no bug. it's not very intuitive in telling you this, but you just need to change your spec in Scourge off of mortal coil and it'll be soul shackle
  15. If you windstride to Dasari Gardens Trading Post, there's a guy named Suh Seyun (General Merchant) next to the vault guy
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