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  1. Why is the event weapon the same DPS as my A9?

    I'm actually having the same experience with this. I do the same damage with the event weapon as my A3. And as far as the rest of the gear, yeah, it's not great, but I would assume a jump to GC9 should have SOME difference. Can't help but get the feeling something is bugged.
  2. Game Crash after new update!

    I have not been experiencing any crashes, but I have seen a lot of long freezes (generally 5-10 seconds) where I can hear the computer working extra hard. I believe these are probably the same spots that other players might be crashing on
  3. Remember the Fallout 76 power bag fiasco and Bethesda tried to calm everyone down with $5 worth of in-game currency? This is NCWest's "Hold my beer" moment
  4. DPS Requirement to Solo ITF/El/SSM?

    before the latest enrage timer reduction, I solo'd NS with my Raven 6 BD with about 20 seconds left on the timer. honestly I died most on the mini-boss right before the xanos room until I realized I should focus on killing the adds rather than the actual boss if I don't have a group with me
  5. how to tank now?

    it's a small bit more tedious to need to use an extra skill for threat generation, but at least the buff lasts a good 3 minutes
  6. Heavens Mandate

    If you have a group of players that you regularly play with, you guys can take turns using the 1 orb that you get from the registration package
  7. As somebody with equal number of characters on both factions, I find it far easier getting into groups on the Cerulean characters. In fact, sometimes I will sit on a Cerulean character and switch over to a Crimson character I actually need the group on.
  8. Heart Nebula Upgrade

    you can use them up until 4/10, but they won't drop after the current event ends, and the free daily one in F10 will most likely also go away at that time.
  9. don't know why OP is being so toxic when all Grimoir is trying to do is offer some type of explanation on why the scenario in the topic is happening. all he's trying to do is point out this is by design, and yes, perhaps the design has flaws, but it's what the creators intended for. and just as Grimoir pointed out, if you don't like it, ask a GM for a revert and wait for stage9-stage3 like most other players
  10. AFK players in F8 (specially in events)

    I don't really understand the reason behind not having a vote-kick option in F8 anyways, for any reason
  11. I think the main "problem" is just fire gunner is too high and not that shadow gunner is too low. Compared to most other classes and builds, shadow gunner can still out dps most at the same gear level. Since the next big move is to awakening, I highly doubt there are plans to balance the two, but once they introduce awakening to NA, that's your chance to switch if the big deeps is what you're after. As far is being agile, the difference is that shadow gunner gets ani locked only when applying buffs (3 and V), whereas fire gunner is locked during the entire phase of burst. If it means anything, I play a shadow gunner
  12. Blackram Merchant of Wonders Octa gems

    I'm not entirely sure, but I believe this merchant of wonders has a different list of items and prices from the usual one you run into on hard mode dungeons. Even if a VT badge is available, I believe it would be more expensive than 400
  13. Can we get our old DC back?

    with the exception of MSP 1-3, literally none of those take more time than Gloomdross
  14. Stop reusing bad event dungeons.

    the other day, I saw someone refer to Poh as "the girl standing next to Zulia on the cake." so sad people don't even know who she is anymore