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    sounds like something very easily exploited or abused
  2. Are we going to get Raiden's sword too? And Bladewolf pet?
  3. Where to find Skyrok Gauntlet

    I don't remember having to get a drop from a CB boss through that upgrade path. You sure it's not another weapon you can buy at the peach vendor? You should also take advantage of the current event before it ends and upgrade as far as you can with the wreaths instead; you won't need a weapon as a mat.
  4. Lightning VT badge not an upgrade?

    - Dynasty Badge is a bigger upgrade in PVP where you crit less but the chain lightning pierces defense - In your CS pic, your crit rate was better in the first run with pulse. Coupled with the loss of the bonus crit damage, the second run is expectedly slower - In your Sogun's pic, you X'd 4 times in the first run with pulse, which means you have VT8. But in your second run, you only X'd 3 times when you are almost supposed to be on your 5th. - Why do you use Storm Cleave in such a short fight?
  5. Naryu coins for newbie

    I'm assuming you're trying to purchase a brilliant key through the dragon express for weapon boxes (different from loot boxes, which you buy with money)? Many daily quests will give naryu coins, but most will suggest you skip the daily quests early on and just continue on with the story. The main story quests will continue to feed you with an appropriate gear up until baleful anyways, so I suggest you save the naryu coins/silvers to re-purchase your baleful weapon if it doesn't have 8 gem slots as well as your hollow accessories when you get to Valandria.
  6. Level 50 Voucher: Catching up on the story

    I don't remember if it's ok to link to external site on these forums, so I'll just say you can always just read through the Campaign Quests on the Blade and Soul Gamepedia (search for those)
  7. Braindead chars

    Was gonna say the same thing. I got shadow sin, fire kfm, frost fm, light bd, frost wl, and shadow gunner. the frost wl is by far the most complicated one
  8. Need help to get GOOD IN ARENA 1vs1

    If you are not doing it already, always blow all your big skills to take down the cat ASAP, since they depend quite a bit on the cat for CCs. SINs have a good amount of CCs at their disposals, but some rely a bit too heavily on Swiftstep (F daze kick) and Landmine (Z) to a point where it's predictable. Rather you should use Swiftstep to interrupt when your opponent is trying to do something (don't forget you can use it both after decoy or SS) and Landmine to extend CC chains along with Webbing (Tab). There are plenty of other stuns you can use, most with a decent amount of range, so just try to mix those up--except for Bolt Strike (stealth 3), as that one is a little easier to see coming and should only be used as interrupt like Swiftstep. You should try to use Time Bomb (stealth 2) as much as possible to keep them from being to offensive. Turning Leaf (Tab) is useful, but don't overdo it to a point where it's predicable. A good time for it is if they're expecting a frontal attack and readying to block or iframe.
  9. Warlock Guide

    It's fairly straight forward as you should follow just the standard route of progression with SS and elemental accessories that most other classes or builds go by. The only thing I will disagree with Ludicium on is that I would not recommend investing any resources on the MSP SS. WL DPS significantly depend on having Soul Burn, and you should be aiming for that full BT / 5BT+3VT SS as soon as possible. AS a WL, it should be easy enough for you to get into BT parties even with the amount of WD around, so you should have enough resources for that SS in just a few weeks at most. Also note that your DPS will be below average compared to other classes with the same gear until full VT. It gives such a significant boost that I would say it's worth it to pay 100 or so gold for a carry (if you don't have a group that can do it for free) once you save up enough Hive Queen Wings from weeklies.
  10. Fire KFM simplified combat controls

    I don't actually know what the simplified controls are for Fire build, but why do you even need it? I literally just hold 2
  11. I know I'm months late, but I'm surprised only 1 response mentions using fire Tab, which makes me to think most of you are not FM mains. Even as a frost FM, I use fire Tab to block rather than speccing 1 as a block (and I do have HM version for block in case I need to tank something). If you block the first orb as it is coming out, you have plenty of time to tab again for the second orb.
  12. no reason players kick my FM

    I remember when I first picked the game back up at the beginning of this year, I ran into quite a few people I thought were pretty toxic and not friendly to new players, which I pretty much was one. But as I played more, I started to understand how some people end up that way with the amount of new players I find that just expect to be carried or helped because they are new like the OP; some of them are even rude about it when you try to teach them or give them tips and call you toxic for not just carrying them. Then of course you also have people like ^YunoGasaiYandere on the forums, who obviously have not even played the game enough to have a basic understanding of it, claiming the game is a trainwreck and adding to the negativity of the community.
  13. Nobody willingly chooses to play on 32bit if 64bit is an option... even the game default is 64bit. People either switch away from 64bit because they have the 30fps cap for some reason with loading problems or the game straight up just doesn't run. And no, although there have been plenty of topics talking about possible solutions through the years, there still isn't a consistent way of fixing it.
  14. Clients crashs

    I have a pretty good computer; I'm generally the first one loaded in and holds 70-80FPS in battles on max settings. But I crash on average 5 times a day, 10 on raid days. I've tried lowering my graphics all the way to low-end PC spec, but it doesn't help at all, so I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with graphics.
  15. HM Points on Threat...

    I think things are fine the way they are