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  1. Please post your feedback / tips to efficiently complete this event dungeon. Some personal observations: - balls completely destroy fps. experience screen freezes when waves of balls come out. - when Automaton shield is up, gifted guns seem to do the most damage - drill should be destroyed first before attacking boss - drill pounding waves can be jumped Questions: - how to prevent ball wave screen lag - what do the blue present / green items do
  2. Disclosure, I am not a returning vet however a friend of mine got me into BnS right before a bunch of changes to the game. By just following the story line, you get geared up to level 55 including a the full MSP soulstone set, so that you can do some of the daily challenges. Once you get your light / dark weapon, if the RNG gives you a 6 slot version you are good. If not, you can buy them in Jadestone for 10 Naryu a piece until you get your 6 slotter. When you get to Solak, if you still have naryu left, you can upgrade the jewelry you get with the story to Hollo
  3. Anyone looked into the most game gold cost efficient way to level up Forgekeeper Craft Guild? I am looking to get up to the level where I can craft Empyrean Spirit Stone's.
  4. Based on the cost per ncoin, recharge is the same no matter how many you buy. So other than that, the only real bang for your buck seems to be in purchasing a year of premium. Are there any other legitimate recommendations for getting more for your money with BnS ncoin or membership?
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