F8 player impatience

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It's always bugged me how players in the cross server lobby will join you then either immediately leave or stay for about 5 seconds then leave. They have no patience. The worst of it all is the people who leave at the exact moment you finally get 6 people. I can understand in some cases when they leave because likely they would've ended up tanking when they're not a tank class but I've seen someone leave the party when the group consisted of 1 dps class and 4 tanks + the person who left. How fast do they expect parties to be formed? It's just frustrating to try to get a party together in the f8 lobby because so many people leave at all times you really don't want to bother registering the post or trying to get people to join through zone chat. 

Have a little patience people. That's all I ask. 

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you're not alone. and that frustrates me too. I made similar thread as yours quite a while ago. Some replies there might be surprising.



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