Greetings. I think this should be on the right place, if not then i assume mod can move it elsewhere where it could be suitable.   There has been a thing that bothers me for quite a bit, it's when i made a party in dg's especially with my gunslinger alt.   Sometime it works nicely, ppl coming we finish good etc. BUT there were also weird time where i made a party (particularly for any dungeon beyond Naryu Sanctum like Ebondrake Lair, Irontech Forge. Though i also received such treatment for sanctum) Where people do come.. but only stays like few seconds before leaving without saying anything :S and sometimes i almost had full party... final person came..stayed only few seconds.. then it chain reacted as other party members also left :x   leaving me there confused on what was wrong /tmi. Even inside the dungeon BEFORE we even face boss.. people can left and there was instance where 2 people left :x ... seriously ;w;    Do i look undergeared for anything above, say Naryu foundry etc... or do i look too strict ?.  Well Up to Naryu sanctum be it on main or alt i never really put any "state of the art" requirement... I usually put something like "Sanctum with Little sis" or "Sanctum with Big sister" or for Irontech i put "Speak English" (as in IF the greatest problem of mine.. is when your party member speak spanish :x and can't do say "3") Sometime i do put requirement like "About 1K-ish AP" for SSM or try finding tank.  I can't really reach Raven 6 i still farmed the mats.  I thought in respect of gearing my alt shuld be adequate for at least up to starstone mine :x but yeah.   Granted that im in a clan :x but well, alot of time my schedule are just not lining up and i have to fend off myself.  I would love to have static but.. unfortunately all my IRL friends no longer play, even those who dragged me in this game in the first place.  The void is real for me  / ;w; \ .   This is my gunslinger alt :3 if anyone wants to nitpick anything :x. Anyway raising up souls and pet are beyond my power atm so is my accs as they now require premium stone which i haven't got my luck back in making them. Rushuna   Well i appreciate any insight :3 and recommendation.   cheers.