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  1. What I would like to see added is a timer that notifies the player of how long they'll be in combat. You have something close to that with the animation for putting your weapon away and your stamina going from grayed out to green but it's not all that helpful. My stamina bar was green and weapons put away but I still couldn't use a dragon pulse or anything else out of combat. Meaning of course I was still in combat but I had everything else in the game telling me I wasn't. I'd love to see the timer added so at least there's no speculation that it's the warlocks fault and they have to summon thrall and have them jump to the warlock then we wait and hope HOPE that this is what takes you out of combat. If the timer can't be added for whatever reason I have another suggestion. The animation for putting the weapon away is already in the game so if you could attach that animation to a key binding like "R" or whatever and have the character sheath their weapon at will to reset the individual's in combat timer I think it would help stop the bug from eating up so much time. I'm kind of talking out my ass because I'm not a game designer, programmer, developer, or anything of the sort but it's just an idea. I'm kind of tired of having combat last 10 seconds and stuck in combat bug last at least 30-40 seconds. Super tired of that actually.
  2. F8 player impatience

    It's always bugged me how players in the cross server lobby will join you then either immediately leave or stay for about 5 seconds then leave. They have no patience. The worst of it all is the people who leave at the exact moment you finally get 6 people. I can understand in some cases when they leave because likely they would've ended up tanking when they're not a tank class but I've seen someone leave the party when the group consisted of 1 dps class and 4 tanks + the person who left. How fast do they expect parties to be formed? It's just frustrating to try to get a party together in the f8 lobby because so many people leave at all times you really don't want to bother registering the post or trying to get people to join through zone chat. Have a little patience people. That's all I ask.
  3. if you won't/can't fix the in combat bug

    @Statler its at least a relief to hear that there's some hope for this.
  4. if you won't/can't fix the in combat bug

    Why is the escape cooldown even longer now? Why is it 14 minutes? I was in Naryu Sanctum and one of our party members randomly decided to leave so we recruited. We got someone so at Agoni I decided to create a red dragon pulse so they can get to the boss easier. Once Agoni was defeated (6th never bothered to even enter the dungeon before leaving) I got stuck in combat with the rest of my team. the difference is... they could use escape. I had used mine to make the portal so I was out of luck. Who's going to wait 14 minutes when you're on the final boss of a dungeon? Who would wait 14 minutes in general? I could understand not wanting escape's cooldown to be too low or people might abuse that in dungeons or I would imagine more likely in PvP but 14 minutes is asking the players to never use it. I got screwed out of a dungeon completion for it. I'm really hoping any of the devs can change the way being in combat works or escape works because the game wont realize on its own when the players aren't in combat.
  5. Different ways to play

    I think it's interesting to find people who make different builds work for different classes. Rather than "what's best for [x] class?" instead I'd like to know how people developed their playstyle. What items or skill builds they chose that might be different than your typical build. I'd like to encourage some variety because it can lead to fun, interesting, or even better styles of play. Do any of you have any odd or unorthodox builds that you've made work?
  6. From Balefull 9 To Raven 3

    I've tried doing the thing where you pick a starting item like baleful 10 and a target like raven 3 and what it tends to do is go the path of like dawnforged 1 to stage 3 then over to raven 3. To me that implies the material cost is lower for that route but I don't know for sure. If you have raven king souls it might be cheaper in material cost to just go the raven route. idk if what i said was confusing so this is basically what i meant baleful10 -> dawnforged 1 -> dawnforged 2 -> dawnforged 3 -> raven 3
  7. Different ways to play

    Just experimenting to find different ways to play is fun in my opinion. Like i love the 2nd stage for body kick for destroyers. It's called like drag i think. You throw out your axe and it spins and grabs an enemy and applies 1 daze on them. It's like being Scorpion saying GET OVER HERE :D However because the destroyer only has a couple knockdowns in their kit I don't tend to use it as it's more reliable to have more knockdowns when needed. I used it for the story mode for sure though. Satisfying every time.
  8. Gold making strategies

    this is the kind of post i was hoping to see. very informative. thank you :D
  9. Gold making strategies

    So I'm a real dummy when it comes to making gold in this game. Best I've done with it is make 35 transformation stones per day and sell them then buy materials to do it all again. Buying the materials cost me about 200ish gold and selling it would go from 350-400 gold but it also costs 60 gold to order it. So I made around 140 gold in profit. That's not too bad but I can't keep it up anymore cause I've run out of rare elements. Any of all you lovely people know any better strategies for making gold? I'd appreciate whatever strategy you're willing to share no matter how much or little it makes in profit <3
  10. Gold making strategies

    yeah im not willing to put i the time to do all those dungeons on multiple characters every day and PvP is garbage to play. My luck with rng isnt so great so i guess its just the slow grind for me
  11. Gold making strategies

    :[ imma be poor forever
  12. Gold making strategies

    Im just wondering how people make their gold in this game.
  13. Gold making strategies

    @SixGod I mean I probably made a mistake I wouldn't doubt it. But I'm not asking to prove if what I did was good or profitable I'm asking for other strategies. Thank you for that bs tool though <3
  14. It seems incredibly unbalanced from massive damage to waaaaaayyyy too much CC. Player characters in BNS are crazy. What's more it's never a level playing field. There's always someone with better gear, more AP, etc. I don't understand the appeal when nothing is even close to balanced. I killed an enemy summoner and their familiar kept attacking me after the summoner died. I don't think AI can be a sore loser so I'm not sure what's goin on there. There's always seemingly a whale on 1 team and kind of a whale on the other team and then the other 10 people are not all that relevant. Have you all ever fought a KFM who seemingly doesn't ever take damage or get hit by CC? You probably have and that's cause these characters are meant for PvE. They're outrageously overpowered to the point if you hit a CC first or resist all of their CC you win the fight cause every character can basically instantly kill the other. No character has enough health or defense to stand up to the even more overpowered character(s) in spite of how powerful they are and a team of them makes it just awful to deal with. It's not a challenge, it's just who groups better in the beginning of the game to snowball the victory. That's what pisses me off the most: This pvp mode is only about grouping. If you have 4 people and they have 2 you'll win even if 2 of your people are just meat shields. Soon as 2 of the enemy or 2 of your team is dead the team with superior numbers rotates and continues the numbers advantage THE ENTIRE GAME. 4 games in a row on the winning and losing side of the game people were camping near the spawn point. You kill off a couple, take whatever the objective is, and just camp. Make yourself cozy and pick them off if they were ever so brave as to leave their spawn. You punish them for playing, you punish them for even trying. If I were to balance the game mode you would enter the mode with no soulshields, no accessories, limit HM points to 20 per character, and a weapon that upgraded in damage based off kills + assists or every 100 points (the team who's falling behind would get a damage increase of 1.5 times what the winning team would get per kill+assist or every 100 points so there's some chance for comeback). The Idea is that everyone starts on equal ground and as the game goes on people are rewarded for showing more skill or strategy but at the same time there's still a tool for people on the losing team to allow them to make a comeback. It wouldn't surprise me if there were flaws or several flaws in my balancing ideas but I think it'd be better than what's out right now. Whoever read this whole thing about me complaining my butt off thank you for your time. You'll never see me in PvP ever again unless I hear about some changes. I can understand the appeal of PvP in the duel sense of a 1v1 fight. However, every other pvp mode... you'd have to explain the appeal to me.
  15. How do you check daily income?

    Turns out the gold you make from the F5 Marketplace isn't included when you're about to exit or switch characters. I'll double check to make sure but it doesn't seem like it. Doesn't seem to be a window to check for it either if you're in a dungeon. *edit* double checked and yeah it 100% doesn't show if you got gold unless you accept it from the mailbox
  16. How do you check daily income?

    I feel like an idiot but I can't find any sort of window for it except for when you receive the money after selling on F5. Is there a way to check daily income without having to sell something first?
  17. FINALLY the elements and jewels you can craft with element powder and jewel powder serve a purpose outside leveling pre-level 50 weapons/accessories. For some reason you always get jewel powder from dungeons like Desolate Tomb and Ebondrake Citadel but you couldn't really do much with with it once you hit level 55 HM whatever. Now I can finally transmute jewels and elements to help me get legendary jewels and legendary elements for a bit cheaper. I love this change a lot. This was really smart. It's balanced in the sense you can you won't just get all the materials you need to transmute off 1 dungeon run (probably) but the material costs are pretty low overall. Awesome job devs c:
  18. Whoever thought of this is brilliant

    @sephy Kun @Gennadiy @Egoist00 @razero98 @Doan @MassiveEgo I've gone through the process of actually getting all the materials you need and it's more painful than I thought it would be lol. So I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize to you all for acting like a jackass when clearly I wasn't right. Although I wasn't exactly wrong. Like 70-80% wrong. It's still not too bad to get the materials because there are vendors and specific dungeons that help a lot with getting what you need but if we're assuming you don't have that knowledge on hand it becomes a gigantic chore. So I was wrong and I apologize for it. I still enjoy the change for what it is but I can't pretend like it's better.
  19. Whoever thought of this is brilliant

    Exactly ^
  20. Whoever thought of this is brilliant

    LOL You all just love jumping on your bandwagon don't you? Your views seem to skewed a bit. You're not supposed to be able to get all these materials all at once. I don't even have to farm for 3 hours... You all seem to believe that gold is easier to come by than anything else in this game. It's not. If you farmed all the dungeons below naryu foundry to lair of the frozen fang, the monetary reward is pitiful for what would be hours of getting into dungeons, completing the dungeon, and waiting to get into the next one assuming that there are even people queueing for that dungeon or that you have a white orb to do mandate. You could probably afford 2 leg. jewels/elements if you did all those dungeons but meanwhile if you salvage what you get from desolate tomb and ebondrake citadel, you can easily get more than 10 jewel powders and more than 10 fusion powders. It's easier to come across the items you need now and you're all just.... being so lazy and negative about it. But hey, good luck farming 24/7 for that 20 gold ;) As a side note: I'm sure some of you will tell me it's easy to get gold in this game and then never explain how you get gold. I'd like to ask you to explain how you do get all this gold all the time. If you'd be so kind.
  21. Whoever thought of this is brilliant

    You're assuming you have to BUY everything and you don't. There's low level faction missions by themselves that give you more than enough soul stones as the reward. If you choose to buy everything that's on you. The game gives you ample opportunity not to pay for every little thing. Not only that the prices on the market fluctuate all the time so you're math is correct but only for a certain point in time. It can cost more or it can cost less. Regardless I love how you all won't just let me enjoy this change. Rather you have to prove something that was never asked for.
  22. Whoever thought of this is brilliant

    No I haven't played this game since beta but why is something wrong with me? Please explain.
  23. Whoever thought of this is brilliant

    I see... so you'd not be hassled with a few extra clicks then. I mean that's perfectly fair. If you had the money to outright buy 20g gems there's no reason they should've taken it away. However, I still really like the change. I don't know why they took out the regular option to buy it for full price though.
  24. Whoever thought of this is brilliant

    so what were you doing with the extra accessories, weapons and soul shields before? were you selling them? throwing them away? @MassiveEgo
  25. Whoever thought of this is brilliant

    Not a troll post. They reduced the price by half and added VERY easily obtainable items that most players could get without breaking a sweat. You're asking for too much in my opinion. I'd love it if they decided to reduce it to 5G and maybe 3 or so elements/jewels but that make it too easy. You can get 5 gold doing just a couple very low level dungeons or 1 higher level dungeon. It would make it just too easy and that's not something they want. They want you to keep playing and working towards gaining more power/better gear without it happening too fast or it being too annoying to gain the materials to upgrade. The materials needed to get the legendary jewels/legendary elements are now easily obtained without it being too easy. At least that's my opinion on the matter.