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  1. @Statler its at least a relief to hear that there's some hope for this.
  2. It's always bugged me how players in the cross server lobby will join you then either immediately leave or stay for about 5 seconds then leave. They have no patience. The worst of it all is the people who leave at the exact moment you finally get 6 people. I can understand in some cases when they leave because likely they would've ended up tanking when they're not a tank class but I've seen someone leave the party when the group consisted of 1 dps class and 4 tanks + the person who left. How fast do they expect parties to be formed? It's just frustrating to try to get a party together in the f
  3. Why is the escape cooldown even longer now? Why is it 14 minutes? I was in Naryu Sanctum and one of our party members randomly decided to leave so we recruited. We got someone so at Agoni I decided to create a red dragon pulse so they can get to the boss easier. Once Agoni was defeated (6th never bothered to even enter the dungeon before leaving) I got stuck in combat with the rest of my team. the difference is... they could use escape. I had used mine to make the portal so I was out of luck. Who's going to wait 14 minutes when you're on the final boss of a dungeon? Who would wait 14 minutes i
  4. I've tried doing the thing where you pick a starting item like baleful 10 and a target like raven 3 and what it tends to do is go the path of like dawnforged 1 to stage 3 then over to raven 3. To me that implies the material cost is lower for that route but I don't know for sure. If you have raven king souls it might be cheaper in material cost to just go the raven route. idk if what i said was confusing so this is basically what i meant baleful10 -> dawnforged 1 -> dawnforged 2 -> dawnforged 3 -> raven 3
  5. Just experimenting to find different ways to play is fun in my opinion. Like i love the 2nd stage for body kick for destroyers. It's called like drag i think. You throw out your axe and it spins and grabs an enemy and applies 1 daze on them. It's like being Scorpion saying GET OVER HERE :D However because the destroyer only has a couple knockdowns in their kit I don't tend to use it as it's more reliable to have more knockdowns when needed. I used it for the story mode for sure though. Satisfying every time.
  6. I think it's interesting to find people who make different builds work for different classes. Rather than "what's best for [x] class?" instead I'd like to know how people developed their playstyle. What items or skill builds they chose that might be different than your typical build. I'd like to encourage some variety because it can lead to fun, interesting, or even better styles of play. Do any of you have any odd or unorthodox builds that you've made work?
  7. this is the kind of post i was hoping to see. very informative. thank you :D
  8. yeah im not willing to put i the time to do all those dungeons on multiple characters every day and PvP is garbage to play. My luck with rng isnt so great so i guess its just the slow grind for me
  9. Im just wondering how people make their gold in this game.
  10. @SixGod I mean I probably made a mistake I wouldn't doubt it. But I'm not asking to prove if what I did was good or profitable I'm asking for other strategies. Thank you for that bs tool though <3
  11. So I'm a real dummy when it comes to making gold in this game. Best I've done with it is make 35 transformation stones per day and sell them then buy materials to do it all again. Buying the materials cost me about 200ish gold and selling it would go from 350-400 gold but it also costs 60 gold to order it. So I made around 140 gold in profit. That's not too bad but I can't keep it up anymore cause I've run out of rare elements. Any of all you lovely people know any better strategies for making gold? I'd appreciate whatever strategy you're willing to share no matter how much or little it makes
  12. Turns out the gold you make from the F5 Marketplace isn't included when you're about to exit or switch characters. I'll double check to make sure but it doesn't seem like it. Doesn't seem to be a window to check for it either if you're in a dungeon. *edit* double checked and yeah it 100% doesn't show if you got gold unless you accept it from the mailbox
  13. @sephy Kun @Gennadiy @Egoist00 @razero98 @Doan @MassiveEgo I've gone through the process of actually getting all the materials you need and it's more painful than I thought it would be lol. So I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize to you all for acting like a jackass when clearly I wasn't right. Although I wasn't exactly wrong. Like 70-80% wrong. It's still not too bad to get the materials because there are vendors and specific dungeons that help a lot with getting what you need but if we're assuming you don't have that knowledge on hand it becomes a gigantic chore. So I was wrong
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