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New Player - Gunslinger, most important?


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Im a new player to Blade and Soul, started 4 days ago with some questing and finished the entire Yellow Quest line.

Ended up being Level 55 and HM8, so far so good.


I made a Gunslinger but before i learn myself wrong things of this build, what is the most important to know?

- Shadow / Fire and when?

- Are there specific ways to use skills or orders?

- Is there a known, good intro video on the basic's and advanced stats and possibility's of Gunslinger?


Is there anything i should watch to get information from my character/ build/ gear/ upgrade paths?

I have no idea where to look or what i should have on my priority list as first.


Any information is welcome!



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Well the class forums are probably not the most visited part, player to player support is more frequented, as is reddit i think ;)


I hardly play gunner, but in general, fire is burst dmg (highest dmg by far at the moment, gets tuned down a bit in the future) and shadow is more consistent damage, but i think most play fire. Just test them and keep what you like more for now, the expensive elemental accessoiries are from bt, which you can't join as a fresh player anyway.


There surely are dmg rotations, but as I am no expert as gunner, just search in youtube or in the other threads here in this section, i believe there are 2 videos as well.


for in depth questions posting your gear is always helpful, you can do that with your ingame name at the site blade and soul tree. There are skill descriptions, soul shield and badge descriptions and which element uses which according to guide on their side (don't follow that blindly tho, look up what other high gunners have in F11, which contains ingame rankings)


For further information, look around the forums, there are plenty threads from new people asking your questions, I will just link one I answered as I don't have the time now unfortunatly.


Am 13.12.2017 um 09:39 schrieb Annysan:

Well I am no wl, but I think for pve most people go frost (at least thats a start)

As for rotations, look what is available in youtube, I was told some Nodah is a good wl (a while back, but it is a starting point, again, I don't play that class)

But be aware that people expect you to do soul burn at bosses (you might have to spec that under k, it should be tab after you called your thrall)


As for items, go for pinnacle (I think, not sure about the name, anyway the violett stuff that drops from asura for example). You already got your legendary soul shield, but the numbers might not be optimal. So go and do msp during weekends (it is in the daily rotaion and many people do it, just join in f7 or in faction chat if someone asks). You should aim for as much crit and accuracy on the pieces as possible, as you should aim for a crit rate of 50 to 55% and 125% accuracy. You also don't want to throw away the shields you get with not desired stats. You can fuse them on soul shields with the right stats to increase stats (right or left click on the soul shield will give you the option to bring up a menu)


Afterwards you want to opt for legendary accessoirs. Do NOT get the earring from msp. It is trash. The legendary ring from ebondrake citadel is skipped by many as you really want the ring from bt, so if you get it in the dragon express or for 1 copper, go for it, but don't pay lots for it and don't upgrade it. You definitly want the necklace (desolate tomb), the belt (naryu foundry) and the bracelet (naryu sanctum). They drop there, but for compleating you also get tokens, so if you are unlucky you can get them for tokens in dragon express. Foundry and Sanctum might be a bit hard for you now, so you might want to skip that for later.


I guess you already upgraded your scaleburn weapon? I think most wl go for seraph, but again, I don't play that class, could be wrong. Anyway, you want 6 gem slots in your weapon. If you don't get them first try, go to great harvest (under zaiwei) and get the boxes with your weapon till you get 6 slots (I had 6 slots on first try but also had to buy 15 boxes once, but trust me, it is way cheaper that way). Once you got 6 slots, upgrade your weapon, preferrably using void framgments (from the daily spin wheel or farmable in celestial basin).


uhm... do daily quests (in the right corner are two buttons under the map, daily challenge and weekly challenge). If you complete 3 of the 6 options, you get sun orbs, which you first should use to get a badge (look up wl section for wich one), gems afterwards. You can also get the other badge from celestial basin for peaches, also get that in the long run. You could also farm tower of infinity for the current badge, if your class needs that.


You also need hongmoon skills, which are rather difficult to get in pve, as the drop rate is super low. So pvp is faster there, but it is also hard if you are just learning your class. Hongmoonskills are the little red books under k, which change your skills a bit. Again, youtube for pvp guides.


Thats all I can think of right now.

for soul shields, i think gunner is better of with 5 pieces msp (you got that from story) and 3 pieces asura/ebondrake citadel/sanctum (in that order). Do not destroy you excess msp souls shields please if I am wrong. You get the combination of 5 and 3 pieces because auf the set bonus, and for some classes the 8 set bonus from msp set is not that great...

next soul shield will be from bt (first real 12 man raid, you got 3 pieces from doing weekly), but that takes a while probably.

now you can already wear the bt (raven) soul shields, depending on the stats.

as a goal, 125% accuracy and 55% crit, although 120 accuracy and 50% is ok, you get closer from there eventually

you can upgrade orange soul shields (ss) 2 ways, with another orange ss of the same number and name and with a special primer (not sure with the english name) in the dragon express. So do not destroy (especially the raven ones) orange soul shields just because you are wearing already one. Always look at the stats, these are important.

I don't have time for more, so also ask around on your sever, at least on my server people help you out there, no need to wait two days for forums ;)

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50 minutes ago, Elurra said:

Can you explain why?  Honest question.  I'd like to know when the best time to use alpha call is.


Not everyone will joyfully brake their rotation and lose a ton of dps just because the gunner is slacking and didn't press his one single button in time.
As a WL, after SB ends i am proceeding to the second fase of my rotation. And if there was no alpha call before i cast leach - i will not SB until my leach effect ends. And after it will end - at that point even without alpha call my SB would be more than a half way through the cooldown. So the effectivnes of alpha call will be lowered.
If i do otherwise and just cast SB again after i leached, then it will brake my whole rotation and i will have a long down time period after that wrong-timed SB ends.


It's not that hard to just press that one button once you acknowledged that buffs have been used. And don't cry to me that you will have to get yourself locked in animation for 0.5-1 sec because of that - i need to stop dps for about 2 seconds to cast each SB reliably (because that stupid pet will not respond to comands if it locked in attack animation). So you have a much easier job to do. Just do it properly.

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Ok, no need to be so aggressive about it.  I thought I had to wait for SB to end before resetting it for it to work properly, but if I can reset it at any time, then I'll just do that.  Or at least toward the end of the SB after my tab burst is done.  

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To answer your questions quickly...

1) Start as Fire - Fire Gunslinger can clear the main story very quickly due to it's overwhelming burst damage. Get to the end of the story (to lv 55) before considering switching to Shadow if you want the smoothest run.


2) For Fire at least, there's not much to know. You'll mostly be holding down RMB to attack, reloading with LMB and F to unload a power shot when you have a round in the chamber (noted with a yellow dot in the revolver symbol on the screen). Whenever you see crosshairs pop on the screen with a little "plok" sound, quickly hit 3, then F to get a full 5 chamber shots and, if you ever need chamber shots and aren't getting them, hit 4 three times to get 3 rounds. Of course, the Hongmoon Training Room and Hajoon can teach you more... however, the one big thing to remember with Fire Gunner (when you want something to JUST FREAKIN DIE) is the burst combo... which is easy enough. Hit Tab, then F>LMB>F>LMB>F>LMB>F>LMB>F. It does ridiculous damage and will more than likely kill whatever boss you're fighting in story. The other things you should know is that E does a grappling hook that can iframe attacks (you can hold 5 at a time and you can reload 2 every 12 seconds) and that X is a temporary shield.


3) Youtube, my friend. Youtube.

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