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  1. Windows 7 user here. Using the old launcher. I logged in today, first time in a week, and right on the start menu with the pin code i got a slide show with about 5 fps. After some alt+tabing and looking on the temperature of my CPU/GPU (which was all cold as ice) the fps returned to it's normal 120. But when i got to the character screen it again dropped. After some alt+tabing it went back to 120 again, but after loading in to my character it droped back to 4-6 fps. After this i could return my normal fps with some alt+tabing, but the moment i open my inventory, quest menu, bank, ski
  2. Premium bundle without an actual premium in it. Pathetic. Also, i alrady have that costume anyway.
  3. Where is it? According to the newsletter: It's september 12 allright? Can we have our premium now?
  4. Although don't have oraora but only warlock can summon a stand and also do something close to TOKI WO TOMARE ;p
  5. VT parse was near perfect. It's the old badge parse that had a few stutters, and if i would try over for a few times i could get 1-2 k more or something. But this is not the point. Again - you are missing the point. I knew that vt badge is about useless for WL and only needed for party. That is why didn't bother to get it sooner and only did it now when it became the default requirement for any party beyond NS. But i never thought that it is SO BAD that i will go down in dps. This is not ok to see lesser numbers after you acquire the higher tier gear. This contr
  6. I don't like warden. And screw him. What i want is that the higher tier gear would actually benefit my dps.
  7. Isn't it nice to finally get an end game piece of gear and see your numbers going down? What a neat subversion of expectations... The hardest obtainable badge in the game, and it's useless and even damaging to poor WLs personal dps. And this is while all other classes are enjoying some big numbers, and many of them got their badges much much more easily from the first two VT bosses. Do you hate warlocks, huh NC soft? Old badge - 262k https://i.imgur.com/V9C9cCt.jpg VT badge - 259k https://i.imgur.com/Ehjx1BA.jpg
  8. In what way? Also - limitless is not the only option for shadow badge. Old good legacy is still a neat option. If you have ok pc and connection and can reliably cast wingstorm 3 times during leech - you can use legacy for extra burst time. And it also reduces the time gaps between leech bursts.
  9. gear wise prioritise eveything that gives crit rate (it makes leech bursts smoother), and raven/aransu weapon. Unlike ice - for shadow it is much better to have bt soulshield with max crit rolls than a vt soulshield with crap stat rolls.
  10. You should at least have bt soulshield and primal force badge. Rotation is based on your leech and sb bursts. Just rotate sb>leech>leech>sb>... Use 3 after the first leech to cut down cd of the second leech burst. And if you still have questions - just look up rotation demonstrations on youtube.
  11. Yep. And now, when they started to cut down on HM tokens from toi and solo dungeon - i don't even belive that there is any chance that they would make any positive changes for arena rewards. NC west become too much greedy to do anything good for the game...
  12. No rotation before you get all skills. Also no need for rotation during story - just kill the mobs whatever you like. I used a pvp build on my second wl until the end of act 3 - and it worked great. Mobs in story are paper-thin.
  13. Gold can be obtained in a lot of ways. But there is non "magical" kind of way that gonna let you to catch up high gear players in metter of weeks or even months (excluding buying it with money ofc). You can farm moonstones at battlegrounds. Tho it is very painful way, it is also very profitable as long as you have keys and some luck that will allow your team to win once in a while. Since you are low geared you can not farm relevant dungeons and raids (where good money are), so this option is not for you. Since you probably don't have a stash of HM or NC coins - you can no
  14. By this logic - you should've be super happy if they were about to close the game servers. You wouldn't need to do any of the game activites anymore, what a happy happy picture is that... No more laggs, no more leechers, no more whales and no more daily challenge routine...
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