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Schlachtzüge 12er?

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Midnight Skypetal Plains:

HP Nerf (idk the specifics)

Infinite Windwalk added

Horned and Shambling Woodfiends now trigger the lightning storm alongside Thrasher


Dawn of Khanda Vihar:

HP Nerf (idk the specifics)

Soul Shackling Apostles no longer enter Soul Link state and remain at 1 HP until all four die simultaneously; they will now die immediately at 0 HP individually.

Corrupted Shaman CC: 4x -> 2x


Black Tower/Skybreak Spire:


Venomsky Drake:

HP: 252,700,000 -> 126,400,000

CC: 8x -> 6x

Corrupted Shaman add count:

60%: 5 -> 4

30%: 6 -> 4

Corrupted Shaman CC: 4x -> 2x


Nightfall Imperators:

Imperator HP: 37,100,000 -> 12,400,000

Imperator CC: 4x -> 2x

Annihilation damage: 5,600 -> 4,465

Phantom still has 32,000,000 HP and 4x CC, and 6 people are still being sent inside Soul Separation

Bak Taisun HP: 25,200,000 -> 12,600,000 (still has 4x CC)



HP Nerf


Generals Moyun and Shuna:

General Moyun HP: 189,600,000 -> 94,800,000

General Shuna HP: 231,100,000 -> 115,600,000

Flame/Frost debuffs removed entirely, completely negating the need to cross outside of the 50 lever pressing achievement. DoT from standing on the boss pads without the debuffs is removed as well.


Raven King:

Raven King HP: 430,500,000 -> 215,300,000

Raven King CC: 8x -> 6x

Dark Ghost HP: 11,900,000 -> 6,000,000

Lusung's Phantom HP: 3,410,000 -> 1,710,000

Mechanic HP Threshold:

86% -> 80%

56% removed; there are a total of two pizza phases instead of three

26% -> 30%

80% Soul Separation sends 3 farthest in instead of 6 farthest

Demonic Energy stacking from Phantoms is significantly slower

EDIT: Pizza is NOT slower - If there's any speed difference it's barely 0.5 of a second

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