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New badges x Destroyer builds. What's better?


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Hello, guys.


This area of the forum is quite calm, i dont see much discussion about our class these days.

So i'm here to bring a question to you about how the new badges affect our builds.


To start the topic, let me talk a little about the badges:

At first, we have the two Red Medals consisting in - a) Additional 2 sec on grab (without extension for restrain);

                                                                                         b) 20% bonus mov. speed while using Typhoon.


Then, we have the green ones consisting in - a) Willpower when using Fury;

                                                                              b) When using Smash stage 1, gains 3s Primal Force, that enables Wraths.


Finishing, we have the newest badge, the blue ones - a) Anytime that emberstomp is used, resets the cooldown of stone shield;

                                                                                            b) Each sucessful hit with Eradicate, reduces cooldown of Fury in 0.5 sec.


Now, to start the discussion, in my thoughts (correct me if i'm wrong please), the red medals and the first ones aren't really useful for US (not thinking about the whole party). the 2 sec extended grab isn't much helpful since there is no restrain and we still can't hit, which means loss of dps for the party in an exchange of 2 sec without boss moving. The 20% speed for typhoon seems much more useful for a pvp stuff then for pve and even at pvp, i think we have better options. And finishing, we have the Will Power for Fury. Well, i like Will Power because it enables Wrath, but Fury too, so for this, the badge is useless. The additional speed and focus is nice, but it doesnt seems to help that much.


Now, about the other 3, we have the Green one that gives 3sec Wrath when using Smash. Smash, by itself, when using correctly, deals a good damage. So you can basicly, for example, extend the Wrath from Fury with a critical smash on the last second of Fury, gaining more 3 sec of Wrath. Or you can use it after a cc in the middle of your rotation to gives a little buff of damage.


About the first blue badge, it seems much useful, since you basicly gain another cc and heal (and of course, another blocking tool). It seems much better for OW pvp/arena/ToI. But its basicly useful everywhere, since 8 legendary MSP soulshields makes emberstomp a big damage/protection (stage2) machine.


And last but not least, my favorite badge: 0.5 cd reduction on Fury for each sucessfull eradicate. I can think about a few things that may works together for a shadow build here. We have Seraph weapon to drasticly reduces the Furys cd, we have the 8 pieces legendary MSP soulshield, that gives 10% Wrath damage and to make emberstomp stage 1 a damage machine, while gives us a good focus recovery, and we now have this badge. All of this, together, seems a huge buff for Fury, which is our main source of damage. I know, with Eradicate, we cant combo Wrath+Cleave. But we have Stage 2 Wrath, which is stronger.


So the question here is:


Option 1: We have the Earth Build with Smash Primal Force badge, enabling Wrath+Cleave for more 3 seconds, in a build that is our major dps since ever.

Option 2: We have a Shadow Fury build with a Seraph cd reduction (which in stage 1 reduces 4.5 sec / stage 2 7,2 sec / stage 3 10,3 sec / stage 10 13,5 sec), Eradicate reduction, which means that every 10 sec hitting, we can reduce the cd in almost another 10 seconds. This is something like: Stage 4 Seraph = 37,8 cd time for Fury + 20 Eradicates = 27,8 cd time for fury + 6 sec of fury = 21,8 seconds without Fury. We still have Typhoon stage 1 to enable Willpower and have more 3 seconds of Wrath. This means that we have only 19 seconds without Wrath the whole build (rounding up). The rest is basicly enabling emberstomp and Eradicate + Galeforce. To complete, with this much use of Fury, we can still focus on using more Crit Damage/Piercing items/fusing then critical.


What do you think is better or more viable?


*Obs: I'm excluding Raven Soulshields and Raven weapon, since its still whale's stuff and normal people is out of that reach.


Thank you!

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I was going trough badges too and I think it depends on what party needs, what you need in solo and what build you play. For dungeons where you need to prolong boss not doing anything (DT for example) 8 sec grab is good, the smash triggering wrath one is to me the best one for earth build if you cant grab boss (raids, solo and similar). I dont pvp so I cant say for pvp badges and I dont really use shadow build (altho I think with blue badge its finnally good enough to use if you cant ani cancle due to ping or want more mobility). Overall I think its entirely up to player and their playstyle :D

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35 minutes ago, Calcinha said:

Dont do destroyer if u want dps.


Destroyer 900 AP can't pass 50k DPs others can do it only with buff

This guy has 860 ap and pulls about 83k on Acrimor.


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2 hours ago, Flaris said:

that's due to soulburn + bluebuff. without those it becomes 35k

I don't know what you're thinking, but sb+bb doesn't give more than 100% damage increase.  I'm pretty far off from his gear and I can hit 35k without that.

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I'm an Earth destro and I use the badge that gives the 3 seconds of wrath on using smash, I forget the name. IMO all of the other badges are useless for earth. I guess you could argue that the new blue badge for earth may be useful, but I'd rather something that boosts my damage since Destro has so little as it is.


Now the magnum badge actually sounds extremely useful for shadow. that's like, 8-10 seconds off fury's cooldown. I'll definitely have to get that when I switch to shadow after getting my bt earring.


Also, with what everyone is saying about destro dps, in one of my bt raids, we had a destro pre patch that was doing 60K DPS, and he only had AP in the mid 800s. It's not easy but with bt gear destro actually isn't far below the other classes in DPS.

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On 4/21/2017 at 6:56 AM, Burz said:

That's due to BT gear. Raven weapon and 8pcs  BT soul shield. 

I'm only 877 as shadow, didn't know about seraph(fury reduction) stage 10 baleful, 5p msp/3p bt, s7 soul and do avg 40-45k. Not quite sure what you're talking about. But, I have a question to the op about the willpower giving wrath. Do I have to spec into that or is it base?

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