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  1. Problem with using Emberstomp

    I get this glitch a lot and it's annoying, like you said it normally happens in celestial basin with mighty cleave and emberstomp.
  2. New badges x Destroyer builds. What's better?

    I'm an Earth destro and I use the badge that gives the 3 seconds of wrath on using smash, I forget the name. IMO all of the other badges are useless for earth. I guess you could argue that the new blue badge for earth may be useful, but I'd rather something that boosts my damage since Destro has so little as it is. Now the magnum badge actually sounds extremely useful for shadow. that's like, 8-10 seconds off fury's cooldown. I'll definitely have to get that when I switch to shadow after getting my bt earring. Also, with what everyone is saying about destro dps, in one of my bt raids, we had a destro pre patch that was doing 60K DPS, and he only had AP in the mid 800s. It's not easy but with bt gear destro actually isn't far below the other classes in DPS.
  3. Earth vs Shadow after patch

    So, I am an HM 11 Destroyer main. I was wondering what everyone's opinions on shadow vs earth are now since the patch supposedly made Shadow viable. I'm trying to decide which element I should be working towards getting the accessories for. As far as play style is concerned I prefer how shadow feels, but I don't want to choose something if either now or in the future it is going to be objectively worse. Right now from what I understand, shadow is slightly better than earth if you have bt gear. What are all of your opinions on which would be a better choice to aim for?
  4. [Q] Future balance changes. PVE

    I've heard people make the argument about the "fact" that they can't buff Destroyers because they are strong in pvp, but there are plenty of things they could do to fix that. First of all, if they buffed destroyer DPS, they could just lower their AP in Arena. Or, instead of buffing them, they can give them more utility and strengthen their role as a utility class. Right now all they really have for utility is lots of CC and their grab, but in a lot of situations that grab isn't very helpful (I'm looking at you Naryu Foundry). There are things they could do, like give Destro a party iframe, that wouldn't be a big buff in PVP, but would be huge in PVE.
  5. Basically what the title says. I'm an HM 11 Destro main and I'm getting pretty frustrated feeling like the least useful in the party in most runs. Basically the only thing we have going for us is our grab, and when we can't use it we're useless. And if you just wanted a grab, BDs have more DPS and a party iframe. What I've seen in other posts around here makes it sound like it will be a while before any kind of buff, which has me pretty disappointed. What is the soonest we can expect an actual buff? CAN we expect an actual buff?