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Share your DPS build (FM)


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How do u really get a High DPS in PVE? 


I'm curious about dragonchar and blazing beam.


Dragonchar only good for a WL Soulburn coz of its boost.


Any build out there with a high dps?

and tell me what you're clicking in order to get this damage. RMB+LMB+++??





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I usually start off with fire C and V with an LMB between them, then use RMB+LMB+2, stack 5 ember and use 1 then an instant Inferno+f+inferno+f then i go back to the RMB+LMB+2 rotation


Use 1 whenever you stack 5 embers to Always keep burn debuff on or else you'll do about 50% less damage. and don't forget to use dragonblaze to get extra damage buff


Use [c] [v] and [x] (only after force blast) whenever they are on cooldown


And get HM inferno, LMB and force blast [1]


And if you run out focus use frost fury


I have 200 ping and i can still outdps Fms 60 AP higher than me that have a bad rotation

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My standard rotation is 2-lmb-rmb because I like to end in ice stance for defensive skills when I need them. When I start a boss I start by spamming my lmb into it for a few secs. This lets the tank build some aggro before I start dpsing so I don't pull it off them immediately and risk having a gap closer on me. After a few seconds I'll normally have secured a crit so I use fire fury-dragon blaze-force blast-inferno-lmb-dragon blaze--inferno-lmb-dragon blaze-meteor(if I think the boss is gonna to stay put) and then move back into my normal attack pattern ( basically F-F-1-X-lmb-F-X-lmb-F-V). you need good ping to weave the lmb between the infernos with the blaze cause you cut it pretty close. I use C and dragonfrost for chi regen when needed and use dual dragons when it's available. Fire fury should only be cast to get orbs for dual dragons and dragon blaze when you need to get your fire buff back up.


I thin it's important to have your fire buff from blaze up before you go into your double meteor combo. It'll increase the damage of your best dps combo so theres no reason not too. Just don't go into a boss and immediately use it before your tank grabs the aggro or you're gonna end up kiting that fight til he can get it back. Some boss fights you need to open with the stun from 3.


Only spec into dragon char if you have a WL and are good with your chi management and are good at fighting a boss from close range. It's not a target ability and it has a lower range than beam does so you need to be able to stick to the boss w/o needing gap closers. Your SS and Q and E will help you do this but be careful not to blow all the ones you need to dodge aoes. However, if you can manage this then SB will make you a god of dps. The other day I outdpsed a BM with 120 more ap than me (and I have 691ap) and better stats all around by 4k dps to the tune of 52k dps in a sb which isn't even my highest. It's ridiculous how much burst we get form it.


All this stuff is fun and games though. TBH the biggest factor in dps is ping.



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It's pretty much all in the rotation/gear and lag.
If another FM is doing the same or similar rotation as you and they have higher crit dmg/better latency=They will out dps you or it'll be close assuming you don't get cc'd or something. You can out dps anyone with 100 more Ap than you, it all comes down to if they have more Crit DMg than you or not.
For me I personally run Firestorm-Parry just in case I steal aggro "just because" and like when I run Sogun so I can be mark or the rare occasions where there's no BM or KFM.
My starter is RM LM 2(standard rotation) until I have 5 embers, Force Blast, then I go into Inferno combo(X>F>RM>LM>X>LM>V>F) then Dual Dragons if it's up and go back into standard rotation and setup for next Dual when it comes around.

Char is situational and used for warlocks(if I feel like it) but the rotation is the same.

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