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  1. So I might go alternate on my BM for the cheapness and eventually switch over at later stages. Question is on the way there, been wondering if Rift is better or Dawn? Been considering Rift for the CD buff since I'm lightning over the Honed Slash buff.
  2. Wait, you said it's use once but you also say buy more than one. I'm lost Which is it? O_o
  3. Is it a "Use once" item as in if I use it once you can never buy another one or can you buy/use as many as you want?
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76mvFKJGOPc I'll share mine too. When I was 600 something :)
  5. I have both Purple Elemental Ear/Ring. Think it's a good idea to roll- Destiny Ring/Elem Ear until BT or True boss Ring/Elem Ear or Elem Ring/True boss Ear?
  6. There is a future patch that just buffs Lightning only but if it DOES go live then most likely it's going to come with 55 patch.
  7. I've already charged NCoin and still can't send mail at all. What's going on with this?
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