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  1. Alternate Path difference?

    So I might go alternate on my BM for the cheapness and eventually switch over at later stages. Question is on the way there, been wondering if Rift is better or Dawn? Been considering Rift for the CD buff since I'm lightning over the Honed Slash buff.
  2. Is it a "Use once" item as in if I use it once you can never buy another one or can you buy/use as many as you want?
  3. Question about Insta 50 Voucher

    Wait, you said it's use once but you also say buy more than one. I'm lost Which is it? O_o
  4. Force Master Solo Yeti Kill (NA) I'll share mine too. When I was 600 something :)
  5. Curious about Destiny Ring...

    I have both Purple Elemental Ear/Ring. Think it's a good idea to roll- Destiny Ring/Elem Ear until BT or True boss Ring/Elem Ear or Elem Ring/True boss Ear?
  6. So, Lightning > Fire now?

    There is a future patch that just buffs Lightning only but if it DOES go live then most likely it's going to come with 55 patch.
  7. Well I don't pvp but...

    I've been wanting to get Searing Slash but I'm not a pvp kind of player so I guess it's locked to pvp as the only way to get it? Also the tribute tokens, I guess pvp is the only way for those too :<
  8. KR Force Master Changes

    I guess Ice build is going to be official now.
  9. This game... I can't even...

    Pretty much this but you missed one. The 3 worst weapon boxes are Hujikar, Jianshi and Brightstone Ruins. I could add Siren/Pirate but those aren't as bad iirc (When they were a thing)
  10. This game... I can't even...

    Yes this game is grind heavy and caters alot to p2A types and the rng is atrocious and is severely unfriendly to having alts and also yes the power gap is massive and the elitist mentality is like sprinkled all throughout the community. Yeah I pretty much repeated what you said......... Not much else to say
  11. SS Weapon

    Is doing SSP the only way to get SoulStone weapon or is there any mob that drops it? PS: Are we ever getting FM Jin race?
  12. SS Weapon

    I guess I could try that but that's going to take a while :<
  13. Forcemaster

    I thought they said BM's HM Z goes through everything?
  14. Share your DPS build (FM)

    It's pretty much all in the rotation/gear and lag. If another FM is doing the same or similar rotation as you and they have higher crit dmg/better latency=They will out dps you or it'll be close assuming you don't get cc'd or something. You can out dps anyone with 100 more Ap than you, it all comes down to if they have more Crit DMg than you or not. For me I personally run Firestorm-Parry just in case I steal aggro "just because" and like when I run Sogun so I can be mark or the rare occasions where there's no BM or KFM. My starter is RM LM 2(standard rotation) until I have 5 embers, Force Blast, then I go into Inferno combo(X>F>RM>LM>X>LM>V>F) then Dual Dragons if it's up and go back into standard rotation and setup for next Dual when it comes around. Char is situational and used for warlocks(if I feel like it) but the rotation is the same.
  15. So Blazing Beam/Duel Dragons is useless now?

    Pretty much what they said. FM "meta" is Dragonchar (If you have a Lock in the group) Personally I run beam alot and sometimes I'll ignore the lock in lower dungeons but certain dungs (with a lock) you want to run char. The focus management isn't so bad as you can fill that in with Frost palm/DragonFrost in between your rotation.
  16. Are frost builds crap or just not popular?

    My thing is; I use Beam as my main stay(Even with warlock sometimes) Char is focus intensive so you have to manage that and for me only feels worth it with SB buff but like I sad sometimes I'd rather not retool just because i have a lock since I can sustain with Beam consistently and not worry about focus too much. Frost however, I just run sometimes. Haven't actually tested it in a 4man to see how it "stacks up" but the rotation is pretty similar. You get burst from rain phases and keep dpsing with FB. I just feel like they should've had more "dps trees" for Frost stuff where's there's more stuff to choose from as all you have is (FB,Snowball and Rain Phase and of course you can sprinkle in Meteor) On Fire side of things, you're running FB, Beam/Char, double inferno, Meteor, DB and Dual which makes me feel like I'm doing alot more compared to frost. In the end, I just wish Frost had more stuff and base damage buffs if anything.
  17. SS Weapon

    Yeah but I can't get a chest if it's all blue there :X
  18. @NightFer I wouldn't call your stats bad. You hit hard regardless. Keeping up with someone that has huge stats over me is the issue most often than not.
  19. SS Weapon

    OMC. 300 sigs is ALOT tho :(
  20. SS Weapon

    So basically, if I'm red I'm screwed(My server is merged with a blue server) :<
  21. Hongmoon Skills Question

    So I'm a Lv42 FM at the moment and I noticed there's two skills that I can't unlock yet. I think they require some Secret Tech thing. (Chi Bomb and Multi-Blaze). I hear the only way to get these is from PvP, with Zen Beans or something. So basically, is PvP the only way to unlock them because I'm really not a pvp player. Anyone?
  22. Hongmoon Skills Question

    Well when they do add them, they're probably still going to be acquired from pvp like the earlier poster said so yeah I'll never get to use it.
  23. Hongmoon Skills Question

    I don't like pvp though. I'm only playing for pve
  24. Hongmoon Skills Question

    It says "Available when you have unlocked Hongmoon Secret Technique - Phantom Grip" for both skills I guess since it says Achievement above it then its beans I guess which means.... yeah... won't be getting them ;_;
  25. Hongmoon Skills Question

    It's for Chi Bomb and Multiple Blaze. Two Force Master skills. I think it says something about Achievement