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  1. I don't know why but all these gon females I saw are ugly.
  2. yeah but once all claimed, all the other weapons is stuck in one character. pretty stupid.
  3. but u can't send it to your other character. stupid sales!
  4. so, there's a weapon skin bundle in HM Store, the question is, if u buy that skin pack, it means other weapons are useless, once u get your class weapon skin.
  5. says : Routine server maintenance and modifications for 5 hours? really? Modification my ĂƧƧ. You cant even fixed lags & disconnects issues. 100% Nothing will change. Guaranteed!
  6. Lags Disconnections Market Ping FPS I think there's more. You gave us 6 hours with this new crap.
  7. 6 hours maintenance still they can't fix a thing. stupid game.
  8. check out my FM Gon-Female Lookin' Hot gurrrrLL ! Damn, Look at those !! You can stare on it forever. LOL !
  9. why would they release a crappy update if they can't even fix it? shame.
  10. the game is getting crappy. how sad. just what are they tryna' do?
  11. well it looks like that outfit suits to be released in february. I think.
  12. are you jealous about p2w players? you cant do nothin' about them. Just play your role mate.
  13. I think they already released it long ago. its seasonal I guess.
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