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looking for a good updated guide


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Hello!  I decided to level a FM.  I have been looking for a good guide for them as well as some different skill builds ( pvp, dungeon, pve... ).  Yet all I can find are those that are outdated. Everytime I read them or try them, I find that the skills have been changed, nerfed , or removed with the more recent patches. Plus many of them are from different regions with different names.  Which I find kind of confusing.


Can anyone point me to a decent updated guide or some good builds?  I really would appreciate it.


Thank you!   :D

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Certainly. As a veteran FM I'd be glad to give you the ropes.


Firstly for bossing. There are two primary skill specs. Ice and Fire. Both draw their damage predominantly from '2'. Blazing beam for fire build, and Ice Rain for Ice build.

Both of the skills have ways to further increase their damage. Ice rain gets bonuses off hitting targets in cold snap (ice)'z', while blazing beam does bonus damage to targets with burning debuff. Burning can be triggered by inferno (fire)'x', short fuse (fire)'c', and force blast '1'.


I personally use the fire build because it involves less micro management so here's the full gist of it.

here is kind of the bare bones of the build. Use 1,x,c to keep burn up, use 2 and alternate left and right click to get some extra damage in, and keeping meteor shower on cooldown.


At level 45 you get access to dragon blaze, and dual dragons. Using dragon blaze with the burning soul training will give you at 15sec buff increasing fire skill damage by 40% so you'll want to keep that up and keep using dual dragons on cooldown along with your meteor shower.


Other useful skills to take are Frost sheath on (ice)'v' to save yourself and others in dungeons from certain boss mechanics.

Divine veil (ice)'c' to block projectiles

Heatwave (fire)'tab' to knockdown or daze bosses or groups of mobs

Glacial Beam '3' to stun bosses or key targets


As for PvP though I don't partake in that personally so I can't help you with that.


If you're just leveling and wanna hunt mobs in groups then I'd recommend taking regular dragonchar on '2' and regular dragonwhirl on '3', the right most branch of your blazing palm 'Lmb' to get bounces between mobs and some healing, and stage 3 shadowgrasp on '4' to keep enemies tightly grouped.

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As a guy that has been a fm since the begining of the game i think i can give you the best guide anyone can think of.






Dont play it.




just that, its been nerfed like hell and will keep being nerfed due to everyone complaning about fm since then cant play, which not only affect us in pvp but also in pve.

do yourself a favor and go play a bd, those little rats always get a boost and never a nerf, even tho they are already op

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