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  1. I was beginning to wonder if anyone would respond. Alright well I sent you a request.
  2. I think it's more a covert way to tell players that the path of darkness is ultimately better. I mean think about it. Who's the strongest character fighting for the light side? Every last one even the player character has suffered countless humiliating defeats. So really the light side should reflect determination to keep going. Which you know it kinda does. Seraphs weapons heals you when you get hit. While the dark route is strictly about power.
  3. well aside from the AP and training points you get from HM levels, you don't get anything else to help you clear dungeons any better.
  4. 688 fm, and 625 sum looking for a chill clan that can excuse the fact I don't always play every day, but is active enough there's people to run instances with when I do.
  5. I would rate them in terms of their overall ease of entry from best to worst: Sum, WL, Des, BD, SF, FM, BM, KFM, Sin. and it's hard to put my main (FM) that low but they really need the AP to not get stigmatized as being bad. Going through the lot: BM: have load of damage and can tank, but require a bunch of AP ergo gold, and also requires some HM skills to truly be top quality KFM: can tank and has some nice party effects that no one really cares enough about or remembers... prolly a pass Des: Decent utility with restrain, party saves, and tons of cc. Pretty ba
  6. Looking specifically at 6 player parties: Avalanche Den: 5.7mil hp, 6:40 time limit, each member must average minimum of 2375dps Lair of the frozen fang: 3.9mil hp, 3:30 time limit, each member must average minimum of 3175dps Awakened necrolopolis: 3.4mil hp, 3:00 time limit, each member must average minimum of 3185dps Heven's mandate: 9.9mil hp, 7:00 time limit, each member must average minimum of 3940dps Cold storage: 4.9mil hp, 6:00 time limit, each member must average minimum of 2320dps Sundered nexus: 10.4mil hp, 8:00 time limit, each member must average minimum of 3620dps S
  7. technically you can get a CS reset thingy from 4m Avalanche Den. The drop rate on that too is insanely low, but hey, technically can be got by a F2P player.
  8. when you're comfortable with the enemies, and got a good read on how much damage you do and feel it is enough to clear with 2/3 the number of members.
  9. Yeah it's funny how I tend to outdamage even 700+ players. I do have a couple friends to play with but sadly we don't exactly have a full squad of 6. So I tend to have to do brunt of the tanking most of the time. I think it builds character.
  10. I know I'm probably in the minority here. But I'm a 678 AP FM, but back when DT came out I was only around 550. So I never did it back then, and now all the people in f8 recruit only people with 20+ runs under them. So despite having looked at and read many a guide on how the mechanics of the dungeon work I never actually done it. The people in LFP suck and the groups recruiting in f8 won't take me. So I just skiped strait into Citadel. And in fairness now that you can't just sack any ol ss for stats I think I'll be sticking with my Asura+Citadel SS set anyway.
  11. I understand the need in readability when it comes to patch notes. That detailing every single change would not only be laborious, but also hard to follow. But anyone who sees that change, and reads it will with basic maths skills and maybe a pocket calculator be able to figure out it's clearly misleading. Not saying it was intentional, but there's nothing laudable about a company when a shmo like me can find holes in their patch notes.
  12. The quote from their patch notes listed all three sources of how you can get hm skills via PvP. Followed by the condition that they were reduced by approximately 30% in their cost. Now that could only really be interpreted in one of two ways. Either A: Each source had their cost reduced by the listed ~30%. The same as saying each item from each source was reduced by ~30% in cost or B: The collective of all three groups had their price reduced by ~30%. The same as saying on average each category got a ~10% reduction in cost. Now I was actually kinda cu
  13. Makes you wonder if they even have a QA team to check the validity of what's actually listed in their patch notes.
  14. In dragon express hongmoon pellet went from: 28 bravery -> 1 Whirlwind valley token + 15 bravery costs went from: 11200 battle points -> 11000 battle points Reduction of: just under 1% Vol 1 went from: 70 bravery -> 5 Whirlwind velley tokens + 20 bravery costs went from: 28000 battle points -> 33000 battle points Increase of: just under 18% Vol 2 went from: 110 bravery -> 8 Whirlwind velley tokens + 40 bravery costs went from: 44000 battle points -> 56000 battle points Increase of: bit over 27% Vol
  15. of course the class that accounts for over 20% of the player base is over represented in leaderboards. Even if they keep getting nerfed
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