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  1. Fix your shit NC, lost my 2 turns on ToI cause of your terrible lag
  2. Aside giving cheap ways to enhace equipment to the ones that pay, as a premium user i feel cheated that every time a trove event comes in my extra wheel spin goes to waste for a whole month, we dont get an extra slot or extra reward, this kind of event rips part of what we paid for premium for. I started to pay for stuff in thsi agme exactly cause i knew it'd be all cosmetic and i wouldnt have an advantage over non paying players or other players wouldnt have an advantage over me just by spending more money, this is exactly what makes ppl quit the games and remain with toxic commun
  3. doing math in a random example... yeah right (pst pst ! keyword : example) all this game is based on rng worng multipliers arent everything, rotation and dps is what is about, and more importantly teamplay, knowing your role is crucial, understand this please. using short fuse after grab to have your dps boosted to oblivion is a waste ... noted using 2 bleeds in the example of nobody else aviong bleed is a no, and should be kept on 1 bleed to minimise anti regen effect ... noted you are not good at examples right? read what i wrote.. carefull
  4. all purples from moonwater to silverfrost + blue silverfrost ogong, chankua and shrieking + 1 to 15 mushin + ssp and you'll have around 35 whcich will give enough money and exp. if you look for exp buy CS resets if you look for gold do high lvl purple dungeons or SSP or if it ever revives, BG that alone will take half the day to complete, properly ofc and theres no need for more missions since you dont want to spend all day moving across the damn maps, what you want to do is either : Repeat dungeons that give you extra stats such as yeti, Dtomb, mast. Or y
  5. Will we get any fix regarding toi death status, class balance, skill keys, bad rng and much more mayor problems community are constantly complaining about on forum where support says we should write about em instead of tickets cus according to them devs see it yet rarely anyone replies... or wil we be getting new costumes and rng boxes again, with bad rng again?
  6. you dont have to belive me, prove it by yourself, or ... read the skill description. after all, its there! all the info but in case you cant read, mystic hits for lets say 20~25k , while dragon char (which hits the same as beam) will hit alone for 15~20k , but since we are comparing mystic which can be only use while grabbed with restrain spec, dragon char will hit an extra damage while grabbed that goes up to 20~23k and if you are smart enough to dont use autodetonate and keep it burning, it will hit for 26~30k, now dragon char is nearly useless without hm unlocked but once you get it i
  7. why not? that way i have the freedom to choose any ability i want, also i can deal more damg with dragonchar than mystic but if the target its burning it get reduced, also 1 has absolutly no other relevant fucntion other than impact while F is way too crowded and can make us waste DD/DF/DB when we dont want to. It's not about smashing buttons randomly we need to have control over our rotations. which skill do we want to go out and when do we want it.
  8. buying mats atm without failing costs 150+ g so 70% failure wont cut the deal
  9. F has already too many, it should be 1
  10. ice build used to be popular 50/50 vs fire but it got nerfed to the ground therefore nobody uses it now unless you have a ton of skill points and know how and when to use it. ice rain + frozen target being force blasted (impact s3) + meteor +short fuse+ fireball + lbm+rmb+ DD and youll never have to worry about losing dps vs full burn fm, due to forceblast dealing the same ammount as beam but as already stated above, only works on certain enemies that mostly dont shield and / or move constantly, also it needs a better ping than fire since boosted skills are ping dependant and a
  11. it wont be fixed ever, they havent fixed anything relevant since the beginning of the game, look at the hp toi and mushin still have, its 8 months and everybopdy has been asking for it yet they do nothing, instead they bring an update nobody asked for and made bms super op, nobody has nerfed bd, classes are unbalaced af, they keep bringing rng inside rng inside another rng to the infinite just stop caring ppl, and stop paying, ima wait till my membership runs out and move on to another game, after all, this game is this popular because : 1.- the storyline is good 2.- it w
  12. i have better things to do than waste hours of my life looking for a purple weapon only obtainable by dinamic mission and on top of it, untradable its dead content, stop pushing it to be played, just give the damn weapon via mission. no, not and rng box that will keep us farming it, just give the damn thing, this game is still not alt friendly
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