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  1. Fix your shit NC, lost my 2 turns on ToI cause of your terrible lag
  2. Aside giving cheap ways to enhace equipment to the ones that pay, as a premium user i feel cheated that every time a trove event comes in my extra wheel spin goes to waste for a whole month, we dont get an extra slot or extra reward, this kind of event rips part of what we paid for premium for. I started to pay for stuff in thsi agme exactly cause i knew it'd be all cosmetic and i wouldnt have an advantage over non paying players or other players wouldnt have an advantage over me just by spending more money, this is exactly what makes ppl quit the games and remain with toxic commun
  3. buying mats atm without failing costs 150+ g so 70% failure wont cut the deal
  4. we know this, but my guess and experience is that those kind of games that rely so much on rng dont have this much of playerbase and if the rng gets worse it tends to migrate to another game, while a fair rng makes the game exiting and atracts more players, Nobody stays in an easy game but nobody stays in a super hard mode rng game either and thats what 70% failure for premium stones is. after all, i doubt anyone would like to stay on true scorpio forever cus their rng sucks yes you can buy them, yes they are cheaper now, but the income isnt that big and the rng (again) to
  5. I'D LOVE THAT im used to work hard for what i want not to spend countless hours trying to get lucky and due to shit rnglosing everything while another dude hardly did something to earn it. as i said countless times, rng should be removed from everything, events, upgrades, drops, everything.
  6. why do they have that huge chance to fail ? imo it just makes the ones that are already rich and with huge stats be able to be more elitists and get those rewards that are necesary or give some profit and keep the rest of us stuck with everyday less gold, and then wasting it trying to keep up. ive never liked rng in any game, and was hoping for this to make a difference, but every patch that comes brings more adn more rng and not even balanced rng, the kind of rng that makes you quit. idk if devs ever play the game or if they actually recieve truthfull feedback but after so m
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