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  1. Let's Get That Bread!! (Breadfast Club is recruiting!)

    Hi there! Do you still have room? I have been playing since day 1 beta. I play almost every day. But had to take a few weeks recently off due to a death and I had a stroke. When I came back to the game, my guild pretty much is all gone. I am looking for an active and social group to hang around with. Somewhere that everyone is welcome and there isn't a lot of cliques/ inner circles / or people left out. I love chatting on voice chat and running things. So it is getting lonely having no one to hang with anymore. I do have MS. So my damage isn't the greatest at times, due to my hands deciding to be stubborn. But I am a fast learner and am good with learning mechs. So if you don't mind a semi decent player, let me know. I really would love to run things with an active group again. Thanks for reading! <3
  2. f8 issue

    I am having odd freezing issues too. The frame rate just drops to 0 in the following areas... - 2nd boss in DD. When the boss does the spitting attack and tosses poison at the far mark ( near the exploding barrel ). - mini boss in HH: when he does that room wide aoe attack - final boss in hh when it does the room wide aoe attack after sucking in all the players to him ( just after the flowers with the far and near mark ). HM- room wide aoe attack on her second phase EL: first boss, when she does the room wide aoe attack. It happens to me every single time i run these dungeons. It doesn't matter which character class. I have tried multiple settings. I have even turned on low end pc and optimized for combat. That hasn't helped either. It has only been since the patch. During those above mentioned phases, the frame rate drops to 0 for about 5 seconds. It isn't just me either. Almost everyone in the party experiences it. Some guildies have said it also happens in MSP when he does the site wide aoe poison attack during stages 3-6.
  3. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    129 white orbs. I farmed for these from when the zawaii event and the past cs event was going on, as well as running a lot of dungeons. 299 demon spirit stones on 1 girl, 183 on another alt, 141 on a 3rd alt, and just over 100 on alt 4. close to 3k black feathers on all 5 characters. 27 cs resets 12 hm resets over 1500 frozen orbs on all 5 characters Thankfully i didn't pay any real life money for any of these. Most of them were farmed from events or daily dashes. But if i would have sold them on the market, i would have made a good amount of gold. Instead i hung onto them because of the promises of them being upgraded to newer versions.
  4. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    The really sad and annoying part of it is that it has happened so many times before. Like the whole radiant energy fiasco. The player base got really screwed over with that. Just like with this, the antiqued items were in the store days before the patch. People spent real life funds on it. Conversion promises made..... community got ripped off. But, it was promised, oh we will do better. There won't be more miscommunications, we will confer more with the devs and the KR team. We will be more transparent with the player base. This won't happen again. Instead of getting better, it seems like is it constantly getting worse. The same problems keep arising. False apologies given, promises of getting better..... rinse and repeat.
  5. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    The fact is, this "mistake" or miscommunication could have easily been avoided.... All it would have taken is a simple test or walk through of the patch and event. It is like they don't even bother to test their patches anymore. All they had to do is run a character through the patch to make sure everything was working. Check off boxes to see if everything happens that was supposed to. Test antiques... did they exchange? Nope. Then... oh no, there is something wrong here. They would have seen the problem. Test the event dungeons... Try to run them. See that people need orbs. Then they would have noticed, players don't have a source of orbs plentiful enough to take part in this event. They would have seen the problem. Most of the known issues from this patch could have easily been avoided if they tested before they opened the servers up. A lot of companies even have test servers, where they allow players to test events and patches before they go finalize them. Then the players report the bugs. Bugs get fixed, Test servers get cleared out and reset. Patches get uploaded to the public. If The devs don't want to test, heck let us!
  6. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    I am really rather disappointed. I don't like to rant and complain, but you guys have seriously messed up this event for me. You make an event that requires us to do cold storage and heaven's mandate to get lunar coins. But those dungeons require the orb of ascension. Problem is, no one has any except the one that was given for registering. Half of the event for me is null and void. We can't get the goodies from the event without the lunar coins. So now how do we get enough lunar coins? I am seriously asking here. There is probably no way for people to get 20 or 40 coins. On top of all of that, demon spirit stones and some of the other items that you are removing, have been in the hongmoon store several times after this patch was announced. People paid real money for items because you guys promised that they would get converted into something new. These items should never had been put on the store if they were not going to get converted. I was truly looking forward to this event. But now, most of it is just not possible to do. That is a shame. Because it could have been a lot of fun.
  7. Thank you for the stream, I really enjoyed it. Quick question.... The raid badge pieces from vt ( vortex temple raid )... will they now be bound to account? I have some on my main that I can't use, but would really love to be able to mail to alts. The last trove I rolled 2 of them. I also picked 2 up from running vt and no one wanting them. They are taking up precious inventory space. So mailing these to alts would be really great. Thanks! :D
  8. I am glad others are asking about the summoner skills too. My main is an earth summoner. And after reading up on some of the stuff, it seems like a lot of my accessories (bracelet for example ) and badges will be totally useless. I am rather confused about a lot of these changes.
  9. Crashing

    I have been playing since beta and have only crashed under 10 times total. Well just now, 4 times in a row in under 30 minutes I crashed. I keep getting a disconnected from server error or no error at all. just goes to my desktop. It isn't my internet since I am still connected to my raid with discord. It isn't my ram since I have 18 gigs and my task manager showed only 5 gigs were being used at the time. Help! This has only happened since maintenance today
  10. I was the same way at 1090. Kicked constantly. Even from parties that said 1050, I was kicked. When I made my own, people wouldn't join unless they were under 900. I had a lot of people under 1k join. We tried many times and on NS and ITF it worked out more times than not. But Could never really get parties for EL going. I had to wait forever each day trying to get into one or fill one. Now I am in the same situation again. I am down to 1070. So now I am still getting kicked left and right. Edit to add: Ugh that coralite event, the diamond valentine's event, the 2nd purple train event ( forgot what that one was even for- I just remember hating it ), and this recent poh event..... my most hated so far.
  11. Free Pristine Astral Oil from June 13–27

    They said I had to do it before the event ended. So I did do it. Kinda sad that I worked so hard to catch up, only to come 1 oil short on 1 girl and 2 short on another. If they had aransu resets in the store, I could have reset fas or sjp 1 or 2 more times and that would have done it. I only had 2 of them from a previous trove. I don't understand why they aren't in the store. They had them in bundles before and they have the dkv ones. Very disappointed in the event. I feel like the event was done out of order. This level up gear one should have been first. That way people have higher weapons and gear. They would be able to get into dungeons and parties much easier. The soul event should have definitely come after this weapon upgrade one. I spent hours sometimes trying to get into parties. One girl had 1090 and was kicked from parties like crazy. I even made my own parties and just said, know mechs. People wouldn't join. I tried 1k, people wouldn't join. The whole thing is rather disappointing and left a bad taste in my mouth.
  12. Free Pristine Astral Oil from June 13–27

    I messaged support to ask if they could move oils from my alt to my 2 girls stuck at 100% I would be 1 oil short even with the free oils from the store on 1 girl. They said no, but did offer to revert my soul to a stage 5 so I could at least get an outfit or something from the stage 5 soul. It wasn't the answer I was hoping for. But I did take advantage of it. So at least I walked away with an outfit for each girl.
  13. Costumes, Outfit Stamps, Alts and You.

    There was a questionnaire recently ( I think like 2 months ago) from Bns. This was one of the "what do you think of This?" as for a premium perk. Ever since then, I have been praying for this to become a real perk. I know there are supposed to be changes to premium. On twitter, Jonathon said that we will hear more about the changes soon. Crossing fingers this is one of those. I have 10 characters. I would so love to mail outfits between them without having to sell gold to buy stamps. I am grateful that the stamps exist. But it would be a really good benefit for us that pay for premium. Enough stuff was removed from premium that it kind of becomes not a great value. So this would be amazing. Maybe even a 30 day free outfit, pet skin, or weapon skin too. I would love something like that as well. :D
  14. Free Pristine Astral Oil from June 13–27

    If they made it so we could still trade the stage 6 soul for one of the outfits, I wouldn't be so upset. But the thing is pretty much worthless. If I could have at least had the ability to walk away with one of the outfits one each character, I wouldn't feel like I wasted all that time and gold and energy.
  15. It is my fault that a tornado came through and knocked the power out for 4 days and internet out for 8? wow nice to know I am a God! As far as grinding.... I ran EVERY since oil dungeon and raid, every single day. I even Reset raids.
  16. I will be stuck at 100% on 2 characters. I work so I couldn't claim the free oil before the store reset on maintenance day. So I am only getting 14. I need 15. Kinda sucks that those who work and get home after 5pm miss out on 1 oil.
  17. Free Pristine Astral Oil from June 13–27

    2 more guild members today got theirs on their 1st tries. Another got his on his second try. I am going to be stuck at 100%, 94%, 86%, and 85%. It isn't fair the amount of time, energy, gold, resets, more gold, and coins that I put into this, only to be punished for having bad RNG. I put more work into it then most people in my guild. Yet I walk away from this event with NOTHING. I lost out on gold. I lost out on Ncoins because of resets. I can't even trade in these worthless things for an outfit. Every RNG event, this happens. I have horrible luck in this game. I don't know who I have to bribe or how much I have to spend to get my negative rng or bad luck "trait" removed from my account. But I would really like it to happen. I so sucks that every rng event, I see all my guildmates get things and I always walk away with nothing. No matter how much work and time I put into it. If anyone can perform an exorcism on my account, that would be great. Rofl. Doesn't matter if it is trove, merchants, rng boxes, or events like this. I walk away with basically nothing. Please someone have pity, give us a way to get a few extra oils. I will even buy them.
  18. Free Pristine Astral Oil from June 13–27

    I start this saying, I have played since day 1. I was a founder and beta player and have played most days except for holidays or family emergencies. I say this as a premium membership player as well...... ENOUGH with the RNG events! They must stop. I am sick of them. My 6yr old daughter has dilated cardio myopathy. It is very difficult for me to find time to play, but I try to spend a little bit of time every day on the game, just to escape reality. But events like this are draining all the fun and willingness to even play this game. I had to spend a week with my daughter in the hospital. So I missed over a week of the event. I have been playing catch up ever since. I have run every dungeon, every raid, and even done resets on raids. Yet I am still short on oils. My alts after the events ends will be 100%, 94%, 86%, and 85%. I will be short 2 oils on the 100% one even with the free oils from the store. I missed the first day because I didn't notice that they changed the oils to the HM coins instead of the normal NCoins. I hate rng events. most of my guildies are mocking and teasing me because they got their souls in 1-5 tries. Then even had the same success on their alts. Only 4 of us out of 80 people went over 60%. How is that fair? I have run every dungeon- sometimes spending over a hour or more recruiting because I am not at 1.1k on some of my alts. Only 1 character is over 1.1k. I have run every raid and paid for resets for each. I have worked harder than any of the people in my guild and on my friend's list. Yet when this event ends, I will have nothing to show for it. Nothing. I took precious time away from my little girl, and felt guilty the whole time. But I figured, I needed timeouts and breaks.... So I ran this crap. Why should people who work harder than others get punished for having back luck? IT isn't just this event. My guildies always mock me. They say my account needs an exorcism. Example trove. I bought 225 keys. I got only 1 crit outside of the guaranteed ones. merchant dungeons- I ran every merchant dungeon 3 times each on 4 characters every day. I only saw the merchant 9 times total. Not one was an cosmetic or gem one. The pirate / poh event, never got a raven soul shield or an outfit merchant and I Ran that every day on 4 alts. I am tired of RNG events. My account is cursed. Everytime there is an rng event, it fails for me. This time is no exception. All that work, all that expense, all those resets.... and to have nothing to show for them. You cant even trade the souls for an outfit or pet pack. You guys picked the worst dungeons for this event. Alts and newer players can't get into 1.1k parties. many times I would get kicked over a dozen times a day because I had 1085 ap and 1090 ap. I even made parties and spent hours recruiting.... I didn't even put an AP requirement. This event was torturous and now I have nothing to show for all the time, money, and energy I spent. I feel like I wasted the entire time. If my premium didn't renew while I was at the hospital with my daughter, I would quit this game and not look back. NO MORE RNG events!
  19. Realmrift WAY too hard

    I have had a similar experience. I had all clan members. We had a destroyer, sin, wl, bd, kfm, and me on my summoner. We have all played together since beta days. We know our classes and we knew the mechs. We were all in voice chat. It took us 3 tries to clear it. The final time we had 11 seconds left. It was not fun or enjoyable. Now my group loves running hard mode dungeons. We run black tower, sk, and vt every week. We like challenges. But this is just not something for a event. If it was a normal dungeon that we could run when we wanted to, I would not complain. But this is something that people need to spam for combs for gems and other items. I was really looking forward to this event. Trove hates me. In the past 3 troves I have not had a single gem or obsidian come up. Even gem powders never came up for me this last time. I really wanted to get some obsidian gems for my alts. But I just do not see that happening. My clan members said 1 time was enough. So I did f8 for another run. Took almost 2.5 hours to clear it. We got people who didn't know mechs. We had people who didn't speak the same language. We had people with 5+ min load times on screens. People who refused to listen. It just isn't a good dungeon to pug. I have only about 2-3 hours of game time a day if I am lucky. I personally have MS and now have to use a controller to play, since my hands don't work well on a keyboard anymore. I have a real life job, kids, and am a care giver to several elderly family members. I say all that to say, I can't spend 2-3 hours just trying to clear a dungeon 1 time. There is no way I can do that and do dailies and all the other fun stuff that I love about this game. I know there are a lot of people in the same boat. This is not the kind of dungeon that should be a spammable event dungeon. If it was an everyday thing without limited time tokens or events tied to it, it wouldn't be an issue. In korea they complained about how hard this dungeon was. Yet they have under 12-15ping. Their servers do not lag. They have voice chat. They have everyone speaking the same language. I play in NA servers. Here we have people from all over the world, speaking all different languages. We have people with god awful ping. We have laggy servers. We don't have some kind of main voice chat program. And let's face it, a lot of people don't want to learn mechs. This should not be an event dungeon.
  20. I have been online for about 2 and a half hours. I don't know about people quitting the game. I have been reading faction chat during that time though. They have been raging about how frustrating this event dungeon is. Most have been saying, 1 time is enough of running it and they are refusing to run it again. Some people in faction have said if future events are this toxic, then there is no reason to keep playing events.
  21. I used to run 4 man hard mode of this dungeon. No way was this dungeon that overly difficult or frustrating. Mobs never used to 2 hit people. We had more health and ap too. Even with the normal 400 to 450 ap that most people had back then, no way was this dungeon as frustrating or annoying. Far too difficult for an event dungeon that people need to spam. If it wasn't a limited time event dungeon or had items needed to transmute gems, I wouldn't complain. But this is limited time. It is supposed to be a fun event. Yet it is anything but. And this is coming from someone who enjoys running hard mode stuff!
  22. 2nd anniversary disappointments

    I came here to post something and see that you posted pretty much exactly what I was thinking. I have been playing since the first closed beta. I have played ever since. I have to say I am very disappointed in the new premium, it doesn't seem worth the cost anymore. The event dungeon is too overly frustrating. The much hyped tailor shop, is 9 items. Most people that I know, don't even have those items. I know it will be expanded in the future. But for now, ugh. I do like the weapon skin and the outfit. For those, I say Thank you. But as far as an anniversary event, it feels more like a punishment or a chore.
  23. Realmrift Supply Chain is way too hard for an event

    I used to play the 4 man hard version of this dungeon at level 45. I can honestly say, this is way more difficult. Our health is extremely low compared to what it was. The bosses and the mobs have more health and hit a lot harder. Now keep in mind, I enjoy dungeons where people must work together and do mechs. I don't mind hard. But this is supposed to be a fun event dungeon. It is overly difficult and it seems glitched. I wanted to spam this dungeon for the combs for obsidian gem transmuting, since I had horrible trove luck and never seen one. But after running this with a good group of people, who used to run together at level 45 hard mode...... this is crazy. No way do I even want to f8 this. If we had this many issues with people who knew mechs and were in voice chat together.... I don't even want to try with randoms. Bottom line: not fun, too difficult for parties that refuse to do or know mechs. edit to add: if this was a normal dungeon, that we didn't have to spam to get limited time combs from.... I wouldn't complain. But the obsidian gem transmuting is a limited time thing. Meaning to me, this dungeon is too overly difficult and frustrating. Spamming it will take away the fun and the joy of an event.
  24. Extremely limited Weapon Storage

    I love some of the dungeon weapons. So I used them as weapon skins. The summoner's staff from the pigsty dungeon is really cool. It has animated flames. I use that with the Halloween outfits or with other flame animated outfits. I love to coordinate cool weapon skins with outfits. So it is a shame that it is only certain store ones. Maybe in the future with enough suggestions, they will allow this. After all, they finally gave us this weapon storage. * crosses fingers*
  25. What is with this lag?

    I have to say, the lag is crazy right now. I have gotten disconnected from the server 3 times in the last 2 hours. I rarely get disconnection issues. Like maybe 1 or 2 times every few weeks. So for me, this is driving me nuts. Even all the parties that I have been in today, we can't finish a dungeon without between 1-3 people getting disconnected along the way. Faction chat has been complaining about it all day. My clan chat has too. People were reporting and complaining about lag and disconnects all day. Many from all over the usa, Canada, and BR. So it seems rather widespread. It has to be the servers.