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  1. I love how they say " GIVE FEEDBACK." We say no more RPG events like the one with the soul. We said no pvp during events like the the heart and spinning the wheel.We said no forced pvp in pve areas / events. Yet all these things keep happening. We asked for you guys to stop "tweaking" with upgrade costs or transmute item costs. Yet you guys keep doing it. And instead of making them lower, we end up with things that are harder, more annoying to get, or cost more. We said the pearls cost were too high with the fishing for this event. You g
  2. PVP crap again? Seriously? After that huge hunter's refuge junk..... you do it again? Nope, not this time. I tried over and over to participate in hunter's refuge and didn't get a single thing from it. dozens of hours wasted. Not even bothering this time. I have been playing bns since the first closed beta. I have played almost EVERY DAY since. But now I have had it. I am so sick of this. Why do you keep doing RNG events and events that only some of the players can take part in? People ranted against pvp in events unless it is something like 6v6 or arena. Y
  3. They seem to have stopped caring when jonathon and bethany left. The communication to the players, the screw ups, the "working as intended crap" all seemed to get worse. Yeah they weren't perfect before but at least those 2 seemed to care about the players. Now it is just rng boxes, crap events, and money grabs.
  4. Between the horrible hunter's refuge and now this event.... it is as if they just don't care about the non credit card warriors. To be honest, whomever is coming up with these lackluster events is so far beyond out of touch with the player base. I have been around since the first beta. I have played almost every day since. In the last 6 months, this game has gone downhill so fast and so far. Most everyone I know has left the game. It is becoming a chore just to log in. I tried hunter's refuge. I got into the area only twice. Both times I got killed almost
  5. sadly I can confirm that this clan stuff is happening. I spent over an hour and 36 minute trying to get intot here. I was inside less than 17 seconds. Being chased the entire time by people camped at the spawn point. Less than 17 seconds and I was killed. Then I was unable to get back inside because of the 50 people freaking limit. Other people I know experieced the same things. Then there are are a few clans that claimed areas on the map. If you go near their "claimed areas" you get a clan of people totally wrecking you. It is insane!!! I have be
  6. Your patch notes state 300 people can do the event. Yet only less than 50 can get in. I love how you guys just keep screwing up each event. 300 1 time a day was bad enough. now only 50? Why not make it like the dragon quest. Enter 1 time a day per character or per account. And why pvp? If yuo like pvp, great, enable it. But let those of us who hate it, turn it off and not have to deal with it.
  7. Hi there! Do you still have room? I have been playing since day 1 beta. I play almost every day. But had to take a few weeks recently off due to a death and I had a stroke. When I came back to the game, my guild pretty much is all gone. I am looking for an active and social group to hang around with. Somewhere that everyone is welcome and there isn't a lot of cliques/ inner circles / or people left out. I love chatting on voice chat and running things. So it is getting lonely having no one to hang with anymore. I do have MS. So my damage isn't the gr
  8. I am having odd freezing issues too. The frame rate just drops to 0 in the following areas... - 2nd boss in DD. When the boss does the spitting attack and tosses poison at the far mark ( near the exploding barrel ). - mini boss in HH: when he does that room wide aoe attack - final boss in hh when it does the room wide aoe attack after sucking in all the players to him ( just after the flowers with the far and near mark ). HM- room wide aoe attack on her second phase EL: first boss, when she does the room wide aoe attack. It ha
  9. 129 white orbs. I farmed for these from when the zawaii event and the past cs event was going on, as well as running a lot of dungeons. 299 demon spirit stones on 1 girl, 183 on another alt, 141 on a 3rd alt, and just over 100 on alt 4. close to 3k black feathers on all 5 characters. 27 cs resets 12 hm resets over 1500 frozen orbs on all 5 characters Thankfully i didn't pay any real life money for any of these. Most of them were farmed from events or daily dashes. But if i would have sold them on the market, i would have made a good amount of
  10. The really sad and annoying part of it is that it has happened so many times before. Like the whole radiant energy fiasco. The player base got really screwed over with that. Just like with this, the antiqued items were in the store days before the patch. People spent real life funds on it. Conversion promises made..... community got ripped off. But, it was promised, oh we will do better. There won't be more miscommunications, we will confer more with the devs and the KR team. We will be more transparent with the player base. This won't happen again. In
  11. The fact is, this "mistake" or miscommunication could have easily been avoided.... All it would have taken is a simple test or walk through of the patch and event. It is like they don't even bother to test their patches anymore. All they had to do is run a character through the patch to make sure everything was working. Check off boxes to see if everything happens that was supposed to. Test antiques... did they exchange? Nope. Then... oh no, there is something wrong here. They would have seen the problem. Test the event dungeons... Try to r
  12. I am really rather disappointed. I don't like to rant and complain, but you guys have seriously messed up this event for me. You make an event that requires us to do cold storage and heaven's mandate to get lunar coins. But those dungeons require the orb of ascension. Problem is, no one has any except the one that was given for registering. Half of the event for me is null and void. We can't get the goodies from the event without the lunar coins. So now how do we get enough lunar coins? I am seriously asking here. There is probably no way for people t
  13. Thank you for the stream, I really enjoyed it. Quick question.... The raid badge pieces from vt ( vortex temple raid )... will they now be bound to account? I have some on my main that I can't use, but would really love to be able to mail to alts. The last trove I rolled 2 of them. I also picked 2 up from running vt and no one wanting them. They are taking up precious inventory space. So mailing these to alts would be really great. Thanks! :D
  14. I am glad others are asking about the summoner skills too. My main is an earth summoner. And after reading up on some of the stuff, it seems like a lot of my accessories (bracelet for example ) and badges will be totally useless. I am rather confused about a lot of these changes.
  15. I have been playing since beta and have only crashed under 10 times total. Well just now, 4 times in a row in under 30 minutes I crashed. I keep getting a disconnected from server error or no error at all. just goes to my desktop. It isn't my internet since I am still connected to my raid with discord. It isn't my ram since I have 18 gigs and my task manager showed only 5 gigs were being used at the time. Help! This has only happened since maintenance today
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