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how to get first tab out of people ?

Minity SN

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On 3 September 2016 at 1:07 PM, Minity SN said:

tab -> lmb they stunned -> they press tab and i get knockbacked /dazed.... how do I avoid that???

I would say find sin streams. But turns out atm it´s really hard to find any. Occasionally ryuki still streams and i believe yomah still streams somewhat regularly, but not sure.


You can do all sort of things. Q it is one option, but often times in when you´re playing against REALLY high ranked ppl that´s not even really that good as our q has an animation lock at the end and they can just wait for it and tab after the q, or spam some instant cast skill after they saw you resist their tab escape. But against a lot of classes it still works just fine most of the time when you q their tab escape.


There are plenty of other ways you can play around tabs too. You can ss, e or c iframe, simply walk away often times works as well. Against destro blue buff, or fm ss you can also use woodblock to counter the follow up. And you could also try to party decoy a tab escape as that also works and might be a good way of baiting tab escapes, but i´ve never done it and i´m not sure against what matchups that´s worth it. Probably destro most likely.


Techchasing with your 1 daze at max range also works against a lot of ppl as it has 4m max range and all the on-the-spot daze tabs have 3m range. Many ppl tab escape when they got tech chased as they then realise they are screwed, but it´s actually really bad a lot of the time as if you then dodge that you very likely have your x dagger on them still and their f roll still has a lot of cooldown, so if you THEN manage to hit your x shuriken after resisting their tab, they are really really screwed.


So anyways, be creative, watch what other ppl are doing, add your own stuff, practice.

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20 minutes ago, Avalyn said:

tfw your tab dodges will never be as cool as BM

Q/E spam does not make your tab dodges any more impressive. Sin mirror tab escape / flower baiting is sometimes really cool when rng evade does not f*ck it up. Or actually anything can be, but i find it to be more commonly looking super amazing in the sin mirror, because you can do stuff like catch their tab escape with landmine, or 4 stun, and you can like snipe them out of stealth with your kd, tech chase with your shuriken and then 1 chase their flower.


Or have you seen the one from viles vid? He had a bm webbed then he placed a landmine in f roll range, then he 1 charged to the bm, the bm tab escaped, then he waited and tab escaped right when the bm wanted to use his charge (i believe it was raid, either that or the stun i don´t remember, but i´m pretty sure he sst before so probably raid). So anyways the tab escape then redirected the charge to the landmine and he used the landmine and put the shuriken on him and then tech chased with his 1. If that´s not cool i don´t know what is. :O

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