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  1. finally, it made no fking sense that a multiplier for an AoE attack was higher than a multiplier from a single target attack (sin vs sum skils)
  2. scim through the options, u need to tick it on
  3. wow, i think 40 is already alot. hope you guys dont play over 4h per day, that wil kil your future....
  4. did I miss something? which reward is worth doing that tower?
  5. sin if you never touch PvP. if you do want to enjoy PvP dont play sin unless you no-life the mechanics. the most frustrating thing is to chase scummoners or FMs with our very low ranged atks and get staggered by anoying spin classes. its really frustrating
  6. i had now several runs ther i could not activate my party decoy, is this a bug? i checked if i have any debuffs preventing me from using it or other buffs which dont allow for casting it, but it wont trigger... any advice?
  7. ye... specially in PvP.... impossible to listen to any music. but also i would never turn on my favorite tuine vs BDs or scummoners since I might start hating that tune if I rage vs these classes
  8. heard from some friends that their logitechs and other macros dont work anymore :) gg NCsoft
  9. youre still an exploiter, BDs and Scummoners are all abusing 6v6 :)
  10. i think it was possible to ani cancel without doing dmg, now u do dmg before you can anicancel it, this is but only a guess
  11. would have changed to scummoner long ago, but that class is just fking ugly and infuriating. but OK if you see 5.5x multiplier AOE ranged 16m vs single target 4.5x multiplier melee 3m as balanced. kudos to you
  12. is it always extra 3x AP DMG increase (like addditional dmg gems), or will that value crit and do 6x AP if crit dmg is 200%?
  13. i can see that some classes have high AoE dmg even higher compared to single target dmg... how does this make sense? sunflower 5.5 multiplier . sins 4.5 multiplieren on RMB.... ofc the atk speed is higher for assasins but only if the target stays still which will not happen in 6v6. isnt it time to balance around that match mode if you try so hard to get it alive with the recent event?
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