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  1. Arena/BG times...

    For tags at the times are **COMPLETELY** horrible. Since the patch I´ve played tags 2 times. Today we tried again only to then figure out Sunday is not a tag day. Ok then alt+f4 doing something else, because we forgot the day matters. I played tags before sometimes multiple times a week. I have been very active for a long time. Now it´s declining. And with that patch the decline just taking up paste rapidly. At the very least make tags be open every day. And change the times in the games GUI from UTC to local time when displayed in the client. When I initially read the patch notes I just thought I´m never gonna be playing tags again until I figured out it´s UTC time, because for something like 20:30-21:00 CET I would not even bother to log in for tags (I´m not really even starting the game before 20:00 CET). Before the patch pretty much after every season I had 4 gold sins and a gold BM in tags with multiple hundreds of games in total. At this point in time I have 14 tag-games across all my chars in total this season. Obviously, I´m gonna be bronce from here on out in tags and if I play I´m just gonna end up facerolling the worst of the players there are, because I just can´t play games to begin with. What exactly did you think you where going to fix with that patch? Wintraders? Honestly, who cares anymore at this point. I´d rather have a game to play than no game to play.
  2. Assassin 100-0 in arena

    Well do some focus management then, don´t expect to spam a skill that costs 3 focus and not do anything that gets you focus to kill people with. One basic combo would just be spinal tab > x > bombard > x bombard > lmb > lmb > knockup > aerial > groudweb > 1 dash > 4 stun > bombard > 4 poison > lmb > f > tab > lmb > bombard > lmb > f > lmb > c stun > bombard > lmb > f > bombard > 2 > lightning stride Or one of the true cancer things is when you stun someone with lmb and still have your 1 stealth up (witch happens a lot in sin mirror for instance) you can (provided they don´t tab that) just run around and if they don´t tab bombard > f and then after that everything is almost or often completely untabable if you spam hard enough bombard > 1 stealth > 4 stun > bombard > f > bombard > 2 stride or tab stealth gtfo. Though close shave bugs can easiely screw you over. Or after web you can 4 stun > bombard > breath > lmb > f > tab > lmb stun > x dagger > 1 daze > bombard > bombard > 1 stealth > 3 stun > bombard > x > bombard > ss stride Or what i like to do is you can do after web again 3 stun > x > bombard > x > bombard > tab stealth > 4 stun > bombard > 2f > bombard > 4 > bombard (if you have chi) or just 1 dash > lmb stun > bombard > ss stride > bombard > f > bombard > 3kd. You don´t necessarily need to use c stun in a combo it often times is not necessary. It´s good cause it´s free tech chase and against many classes an easy opener and can replace 4 stun in any combo and do more than that. But it´s not free and does not restore focus so you need to eventually use tab stealth or 1 dash anyways before you c stun in combos so you get that focus you need to do damage (obviously?). You can 100-0 pretty much any class without even using c stun (sometimes not sf).
  3. So if they never fix the stuck-in-combat bug....

    What about the out-of-combat bug that gets you banned from tournaments? ;)
  4. Gunner PVP Montage

    Cybermobbing the bad players. Welcome to "competitive" Blade and Soul!
  5. Extremely high CPU, GPU usage

    Do what Anny said. Running games with the integrated gpu does not really directly impact cpu usage, but your chip gets hotter, might overheat and clock lower than even those 2.6GHZ base and that does somewhat effect cpu usage too then. Some googeling would suggest you have a GTX 960M and a 4k display. Don´t play at 4k, it probably does not work that well with 960M. Try to go down to 1080p. I don´t really get why manufacturers of "gaming laptops" put 4k displays on so many things these days. It would be *MUCH* more happy with a 1080 or 1440p screen that can do 120hz+ instead.
  6. Fix the Dead Arena pvp

    "Obliterated by countless premades" is more like if only a single player from actual high ranks ques with/in bronces-silvers he single-handedly 1v3´s every team, pretty much. The only thing that´s REALLY wrong is that when you que with people much lower ranked then you are you´re not gonna loose much rating if you loose against an actual high ranked (entire) team and you´re gonna gain plenty of rating when winning against any team. Freelo and it´s not exactly fun for the high ranked team either. About the alts... well you can´t take that away. And i feel like it´s mostly stupid to complain about people playing on alts. But they could make it so your alts don´t start in bronze if you didn´t play them, but had a char on the same account in plat at the end of the season. Decaying system probably won´t help much or will be more annoying than useful. If you´re gonna be loosing rating once a week if you didn´t play it´s useless. If you loose rating every day or two it´s gonna be annoying af for a lot of players. Btw, that would also mean all the alts people don´t play get deranked without any effort. So... making your issue maybe far worse as players won´t have to do anything to get their chars low ranked. As far as macros go, they should just make it possible to assign a dedicated key for ss, on your mouse or whatever keyboard button you have left. That would almost complete make macros irrelevant. Honestly, all the other macros don´t matter a lot. Even anicancel macros. What is it gonna do? Pretty much all high ranked players can do it without macros and doing it with macros makes chi management super awkward at times i would imagine. For entire combos you´ll completely handicap yourself. I would need so many situational macros and memorize way more things (buttons and cooldowns) than what im doing now. Like, sure kfm 2rf macro is probably a thing. But how can i tell if they macro or not, it´s perfectly doable without, hence why i don´t feel there is much point of accusing them of macroing. It might be obvious when they are super garbage, but do perfect anicancel 100% of the time, but then i don´t care either, because get better beat them up, they are bad. And even then they could just be godlike pve heroes who learned perfect 2rf for mushin-like content, right? For the actual good players how do i even tell if they are macroing or not? I don´t, right?
  7. Gunner is insanely sin favored. 99% sure it´s the easiest matchup for sins, period. Just a bit hard to say for certain as gunner is a new class and nobody really plays them well, yet or maybe ever. But they really can´t do a whole lot of anything to you. They have their tab buff, witch gives them 2 seconds of immnity and x amount of shotgun monition that does redicolous damage and pierces both block and projectile defence. However, that skill has 1 minutes 30 seconds cooldown, just like warlocks timewarp and warlocks timewarp is infinitely better. You can c iframe or q 1 projectile or party decoy or run away or cc them with ANY skill once their immunity is out (thogh if they are not complete trash they will use their 5 seconds immunity after the tab for a 6-7 seconds immunity total). Gunners also only have 1 real skill to take you out of stealth with a 24 or 36 seconds cd depending on what tree they take (dash has lower cd than aoe) and they have ss, witch can also take you out of stealth and that´s it. They can in theory dodge 5 times, but they really cannot do that in 1v1 as they only get 2 leaches every 9-12 seconds (forgot the exact time) but it´s consitently worse than other classes q/e skills and also they need the same buff for using their block > stun, also you see how many dodges they have left, so you actually don´t have to keep track about a lot of cds, like you have to against other classes (Basically 4-5 skills, their daze grenade when out of stealth, their 1min 30sek cd tab, their ss maybe and then their block and their aoe skill is all you ever have to care about). Their block also has 9 seconds cd (if they use the stun block, witch they usually do as it´s most useful and can also give 1x dodge buff on sucessful block). They also only have 1 tab escape and don´t have ground counter. So really there is not a whole lot that they can do against sins ever. Does not even really matter if you play bombard or the normal thing against them. I don´t even play bombard against anything but bd, des and summ. Against a lot of other classes its just not as consistent as it´s easier to run out of chi, or f*ck up something with bombard and against sf it´s actually really hard to have enough damage with bombard to 100-0 them.
  8. Suggested nerfs to FM by a FM main.

    Wallbang is *ONLY* relevant in high tier arena, because low tier teams (FMS) are to bad to use it well enough. I´ve played several games against chloroform and ryuki some day, with bowlcut and someone else. When i got into a wallbang combo bowcut didn´t even bother to save me as he did try to do so once and all that happened was him dying with me in sin blue buff wallbang combo without anyone of us being able to use our tab escapes. It´s not easy to pull it off, sure... otherwise im sure mr rank 1 fm would have done it every single game, but it´s retarded that it´s even possible at all. You have to basically INSTA tab every grab from fm remotely close to walls or have someone INSTA interfear on grabs (you cannot grab counter for some reason when they insta throw you against a wall after grab). Sure, it´s doable but you won´t do it every time every day and if you fail to tab that you´re dead. Worse than every single aerial, because in those people can still interfear and save you after it´s initiated.
  9. Arena Ping

    The servers that are used for updating are most likely not the same as the once for blade and soul. Usually, they are gonna at least have one update server for all the game they are hosting maybe more. So it should not be impacting game performance. The only thing that is, is when there is a BIG update is the giant masses of players compared to 'normal days' playing the game at the same time. However, i think they have actually migrated blade and soul to new server. Im not entierly certain, but we could not even manage to play a single tag match the other day. Not because the game would have been dead, but because of random disconnects, not getting into the game after finding a match and not being able to log back in afterwards. I told it a friend and he only said "new servers seem to be working properly". Didnt even bother to try anymore then as i could not log in either.
  10. No they don´t bypass the excape skill. Every good aircombo that you almost or cannot tab has 45 seconds cd and they don´t kill you outright in 1v1 and in 3v3 someone helps you and you´re fine. FMs have wallbang (witch is far worse), des too but des wallbang is only really relevant in 3s, but KR destros also use it in 1v1 as well, just EU does not seem to ever do that. Not like they need to against sins... I remember the games against ryuki and chloro where bowlcut didn´t even save me anymore when i was in a wallbang combo, because all that would have happened is him dying with me with all of our tabs still up (he tried to save me the first time, but he died with my tab up and his tab up without being able to do anything about it, then he didn´t even try anymore the second time the same thing happened). But for that you need a basically chloroform tier FM (there is not a single other FM on whole EU that ive met in 3s that has done things even close) and a SIN that can come in with blue buff+pve dark build lightning rod+poison breath at the right time, so either a amazing 3v3 sin or voice chat and a not entierly retarded one that takes instructions from the FM and does what he sais instantly (if you change builds when the wallbang starts it´s too late). At least in aerials in the middle of the map you can get help from your team. From wallbang there is sometimes nothing that can save you and you´re better of not even trying.
  11. Question about Arena pvp

    Honestly, i refuse to believe 6v6 is an acceptable alternative for 'actual' pvp players. Its really has more to do with pve than with actual pvp imo. 1v1 ques never where THAT bad unless youre very high ranked, youre probably just being 'unLUKI'. But i did not play that much this season either, so not sure.
  12. Fix the Dead Arena pvp

    All great points from a 100% pve perspective. Rewards are fine as a pvp player. You get to sell the soulstones to get hm skills on alts faster (since buying the pve skill books sometimes is faster than grinding zen beans). You can also buy some weapon for the skin as long as its not too expensive, if it is... just wait until it is outdated gear (like seraph now) and you can get it too. And people who actually enjoy pve and pvp at least get something for playing pvp every week to upgrade gear. Also you get hm coins from season rewards you can buy skins with. A quite significant amount if you can make it into high rankings (made 9.5k hm coins last season from just 3v3 and 1v1 season rewards). Admiddetly the coins you get are far from amazing in low ranks, but i dont think they want to give a lot of coins to all of the player base, because that would mean pvp players would have almost no reason to EVER spend money on the game at all. Its hard to really suggest good rewards for low ranks other than maybe the tokens you use to buy hm skills (character bound... so it does not get a thing that people deliberately derank all of their chars to make hm skills on some new alt). Though, really if you cannot make it high you should practice more. Thats what arena is about. They should just try to attract people to pvp with class balance reworks, bug fixes (yeah i know they are somewhat incompitent or just unwilling regarding this, witch is sad, because otherwise the combat system is pretty amazing) and tournaments. That hm z example though... lul Wow they actually have to be able to play the game to win if gear cant carry them... unheard of. Equalised pvp is like one of the main selling points of b&s arena.
  13. Fire BM and BM buff

    Or they just buff their f block and 2 charge in draw stance instead. They could make the 2 charge at least undeflectable, or even just making it an iframe, so they can get up close with it mostly unpunished to then use q/e, or at least make it so your 2 does not end your ss iframe like penta slash. Maybe even make it pierce defence so people cant woodblock or seed shroud it. Ande fblock in draw stance is really odd to proc, because you have to flicker first most of the time when the block would be useful and u dont want to do that when your flicker stun is active and then its just a normal but shorter block and the only thing it does over regular block is that you keep draw stance. Basically, there is almost never a reason to use it other than style points. The only thing i can think of is against destro, blocking throw and then you can keep spamming e to not get your q on cd when they charge you. Making it an offensive block would be a start so you can use it when inflicted by moths for instance. And you cant get block broken by a lot of skills then with it.
  14. Sin PVP with recent changes

    Iframe has 45 sek cd and in a lot of matchups it does not do a whole lot of anything. I play it against warlocks, bd, des and currently gunner as i dont want to accidently get pvet by their tab cause i just press random buttons in that 99:1 matchup (easiest matchup im pretty sure), but i might switch to c stun once they learn how to actually play. Still, dont see them winning against sins ever in their current state. Against summs im playing c stun (now) a lot too, because with bombard you can actually deal tons of damage and then you can go offensive when they play with range protection vail. But if they play blue pedal storm i think iframe is better. Against sin/kfm/sf c stun is MASSIVELY better. Against bms c iframe is not useless, but i think it gets slightly outclassed by the stun. Against fms iframe is nice, but c stun can get you lots of openings if youre good at timing it between inpacts. In tags i still mostly play iframes to iframe interfears and there are a lot of warlocks, i sometimes use c stun if i feel comfortable enough to do that or/and need it.
  15. A way around region transfers

    As pvp player it might also ocasionally nice to be able to transfer a char, though only hm skills and max lvl really matter rest is meh. Imo would be cool if we could sacrifice a max hm skill char for a lvl 50 char voucher + skills and be able to transfer that voucher to na. Though, i think that wont happen anytime soon, especially the transfer part. I know if i would suddenly go to na and be able to play the game. Id probably instantly cash shop insta 50 and hm skills for like 65€ without giving it much thought. The other thing would be AMAZING too though. Not only to reroll chars, but you could also technically derank that way. But there should be some 1 week (at least) cd on that, or people are gonna roll around chars like nothing and all top players are gonna do is take all the rating and then disappear and take moar rating. Probably best id that feature is only possible when you didnt play any matches anywhere. Could also be great for players that come back and want to try a new class.