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  1. The general public seems to be really bad at judging how good a game will be, and they end up hyping a lot of the wrong games. (eg. Archeage and now Revelation). There is one trend that I've noticed is 100% accurate so far for every game, to instantly recognize if it's trash or not. Just look at any screenshot from the game and look at the skill bar. How it's designed and what the skill icons are like. If you look at Revelation's I can pretty much guarantee it will be a trash game. I went against this rule one time because I really wanted to try Black Desert. Well, it
  2. So being salty at BM lets you conveniently pick your evidence while your claim about SF completely invalidates the idea that BM should be nerfed.
  3. As a blademaster I can confirm this is really unfair, I can't animation cancel my dragontongue so other class always higher DPS , please fix!
  4. A noob BM doesn't know why he lost, but a pro BM knows why he can't win: Their counter has no visible animation that you can see at all (even if you are playing an SF you can hardly notice your own animation, lol) so you have to predict it. Most SF will use the autostun version on BM so this is like really OP version of parry because it's not limited to the 0.5 second window for stun. If you think the SF will use this the only way you can approach them is you have to SS and immediately 5 point strike so that the iframe resists the stun and you continue through with the daze > a
  5. Idk what your specific problem is but my guess is that you try to PvE people too much because this is the main problem I notice with fire BM's who are stuck in lower rating now. Back in lightning build it was pretty much impossible to PvE people. So if you didn't know what you were doing, you'd guaranteed be stuck. Nowadays BM with fire can try to PvE and it actually kind of works but it doesn't fly in mid ratings. Unless you know very well what you're doing and the situation is right, you should never be trying to do damage to people when they aren't CC'ed.
  6. Did you really think you can stop an NPC from targeting you like that... Those kinds of skills are clearly designed purely for PvP
  7. Why do you care if someone's class is doing high DPS? Just swallow your ego and realize that it's good for the run.
  8. This will explain sin, minor parts of it are BM specific but you can apply to KFM. ie. triple kick guard break instead of BM's X, or ice tab/HM Z to break the sin out of stealth instead of BM's V. https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/52etuv/pvp_bm_scrubhelp_please/ BD you can get in close when they begin their spin and Q/E for free agility stack
  9. Hey is like the only BM that still plays lightning in high rank lol
  10. 4 seconds of conflagration 100-0 you anyways, why do you care if it's 6
  11. Zen beans should be able to buy moonstones. As for the gear-based matching in queue, people would just unequip their stuff before queuing and there's not much NCSOFT can actually do about it.
  12. WWV is just glorified PvE. Why do you think it's in F8.
  13. It is not in favor of BM. If you want to talk about NA, we can do that. For many FM, yes BM is a struggle as I've said before BM is a very different matchup from every other class so most FM's have not gotten to the point where they have learned how to fight BM properly even if they have mastered every other matchup, even a lot of those FM in top 30 ranking. But that does not mean that BM is favored. Watch Cassis repeatedly try to vs Marionette and then tell me that it's not a struggle for BM side as well. True FM vs BM is very close to 50-50 matchup. https://www.twitch.tv/s_pvp/v/
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