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Can you REALLY queue to 6v6 only solo/duo?


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yes sadly you can only Q up solo or Duo.

And you will get alot of matches where you get Pve Leechers that are after a carry. Or Completely retarded Players suddenly Going Yolo Solo/duo mission, which was NOT a part of planed strat.

ALot leaving there Defend spots, to go try cap a 3rd, when ur not in the  ''dominating'' possition to do so.


There is so much completely idiots u get in 6v6 Now. its almost ruined totaly.

u might get so unlucky that u only get a party 1/15 that got a clue about what they are doing.

My mains ranked have been ruined by such idiots and is barely Gold after past 2 days, even my Alt is soon plat due to luck!!!

tell me 6v6 aint broken at all as it is..


i want pre-mades back! RIP


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I am very happy with the changes as they are now.


Premade teams of six vs six are a very attractive idea, but as the past months had shown the community base is not big enough to sustain this at acceptable match making rates, plus it was crazy to have premades matched against random groups, the disadvantage is just too unfair. Premade 6 v 6 is something to be done in community tournaments, and it would be nice to provide a 6v6 sparring option for this purpose!

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