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  1. Stuck on Warden Kangchul

    If it is the boss who keeps shielding himself in the Talus dungeon then all you have to do is use the guns on him to break his shield. They are back at the wall in a weapon rack.
  2. Does this game still use Game Guard?

    Koreans don't say anything about GG cos they don't have it ? Not sure about it anymore tho
  3. About Destroyer

    Who's looking at those things when they make a character o.0 and aren't they based on like lv45 ?
  4. When does Acrimore jump?

    When you have to snare him to stay in middle he will lift his front legs first then prepare to jump . He has the 2. jump after the fire puking thing that's when he jump to the tank's location who suppose to keep him in the middle . I guesswhen you say " that's not always the case" you mean the second jump ?
  5. News that i cant see

    Use other browser and it should work fine
  6. Freezing in MSP on 4 or higher

    Ok so not sure if it helps but turn off 'aero' if you are using Win7 , the screen freeze at red aoe : turn off "reflex guide" in Options > Camera. If your memory usage goes up then it's your client's memory leak so don't use that Ctrl + F 24/7 , I turn it off whenever it's not turtle fight. Every game every with Ctrl+F like feature cause your game leak just saying.
  7. Legendary SS question

    If you didn't get crit on 1 ; max 2 pieces and you fused your 1-5msp + 6-8 tomb and you got more crit than before then keep it. If you lose crit then I'd say stay with tomb+cita .
  8. Game Client

    Happened to me yesterday first and today for the second time and I had to restart my comp to fix it and sadly no clue what caused it s:
  9. New in the game, have few questions please

    https://bnstree.com/tree/AS?b=S1TEIdFLe I'm not quite sure if it's a good lightning tree cos I play sin as an alt rarely. Also you just have to enter stealth then keep mashing 4 + f + rmb. 1 stealths when you use it from behind , 2 stealths when you block a skill with it , X basicly easy mode stealth + Z which is a buff as well. You can stay in stealth with 1 + 3 ( in steath stance ) but 1 works only if you have poison stacked on he enemy . Sorry probably it's not much help but I hope you can understand my weird thingo ~
  10. Question about New anniversary Event!

    Well you also get 20 coin if you complete a round of daily dash and if you are premium those fancy slots may get you quite a few coins if you get lucky
  11. Question about New anniversary Event!

    If the gem won't change from what we saw on stream then the gem is account bound so you can get the gem on an alt then mail to your main to make it hepta
  12. SS Weapon

    Do the lower lvl faction quests to get insignia / farm on alts and mail them to get 300 for box ?
  13. SS Weapon

    Or get 1 chest and buy brilliant silver frost key for it
  14. Firing range event extension

    Every event had a gem in them so far so it should be ok unless you wanna get high ap asap and burn out lol
  15. Yun Class

    Locking a class behind 1 gender is pretty shitty move , don't you think ?