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  1. meh my rng rly bad lately. think ive alrdy deranked out of top 30. could care less anyways I just do it for dailies. lol at the last line.
  2. matchmaking is definitely unbalanced but I believe they didn't anticipate so many players queuing on trash builds. I have to leave matches all the time because 2-3 players will be afk while the others are severally undergeared and get one shot from 100%-0. Even if I could hard-carry baddies through a match I wouldnt want to because i'd prob get paired with them in a higher elo. Skill level and class knowledge is important but build is prob 80% of 6v6...there needs to be better matchmaking based on this.
  3. everyone has their reasons. some ppl leave become time constraints. I took a break because of the annoying server/ping issues. It makes no sense at all with all the p2w whales that they can't afford to rent or host servers that aren't trash. And when you use a vpn or wtfast to get around using bns trash servers you get no chat:( some people quit because of the grind of leveling alts since class balance is so screwed up. so many issues its hard to pinpoint the main one that is causing such a decline in the player base
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