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  1. lol ping means nothing against 6/6 postBT builds. skill/ping/fps goes out the window
  2. and people wonder why so many leave at the beginning of match. I tell anyone about to queue to full expect to get several 400 apers in party while fighting against multiple raven weapon users in low silver. even during clan 6v6 if you are unranked and queue you immediately will fight 6/6 raven users. blame the p2w servers selling off upgrade mats. now anyone can just swipe, get carried without learning a single mech, then be insanely op in 6v6. I wish they separated the groups. p2w ranking and f2p ranking.
  3. free ones are notorious for collecting and selling user data, keeping logs, having bandwidth and data cap restrictions, etc. Have to pay for the good ones.
  4. honestly i dont blame them. it takes hours everyday to finally get blessed with being on the side of the raven whales. 99% of matches are ppl with 400 ap and terrible attitudes yelling at everyone and doing sub 100k dmg in pve builds.
  5. ya raven weapons definitely took the fun out of 6v6. to be fair though many of those players paid thousands of dollars just to be highly ranked for a few weeks until everyone catches up. The matchups are terrible lately at well. trying to do beluga daily in rare silver means fighting raven weapon users with 400 apers on your team. Really wish they had a minimum requirement for queuing. The most humorous part of it are the ego-inflated pms i get from people. Some people thing they have so much skill because they can press one button to kill virtually anyone. The crit def/def balance v
  6. battleground has definitely become trash lately. it use to be very fun when regardless of gear you could outplay whales for victory but now when you are up against whales with true souls,unleashed pets, and raven weapons skill goes out the window. matchmaking is broken and its routine now to see 500 apers in high gold ranks on pve builds so bad they shouldnt even be doing BSH face off against mega whales(even before rank reset). Restraint skills also played a major factor in the downfall of 6v6. I know which team is going to win as soon as I queue based on who has the most grabs, regardle
  7. Seraph is slightly more dps if you are nailing rotations and keep briar up constantly. Really need full msp legend set though for the 100% briar dmg incr. Below is requirements for using briar. If you prefer wind over earth then it is considerably easier to upkeep briar. If you aren't using briar about every 10 seconds then you aren't taking full advantage of the cd reduction and it isn't worth trading the 10% sunflower/bees dmg for it. On sunflower builds(or nontier 2 rumblees builds) this is very difficult to upkeep, especially if fighting a boss you can't easily stealth off of (l
  8. ask your guild for a first time run. Also make sure you know the basic 2/3's mechanics. Reddit and youtube both have good materials for learning how the dungeon works. If you do use f8 make sure to tell them its a first time run and pls do not join "exp speedrun only" groups. Its fairly simple once you get the hang of it though:)
  9. Hey, I initially thought this was a bug but after submitting a ticket found out this is working as intended. I would like to request that in the future ALL players be allowed to participate in receiving their share of the split between dungeon reward items. If I work hard to carry a party through a dungeon and have full inventory but pass on everything so that I receive a cut of the gold....I should receive my fair share of the split of gold. Players shouldnt be barred from bidding. Either 1) give players time to clear inventory or 2) don't allow players to bid with full inventory but DO allo
  10. ah i see:/ ya should def make a ticket and tell them exact time u fought them. its ppl like that who destroyed pvp for me in this game.
  11. i should have rolled kfm:( been redic op for so long.
  12. are you 100% positive they were cheating? with class balance so out of whack even when you severely outplay some classes they can just 2 hit insta kill you from 100%-0 at the end. Usually the only time I see people running scripts/exploits is in top ranking 6v6 matches. OP sumnrs with instant skill refresh and nonblockable sunflowers lol. Were they running scripts?
  13. meh my rng rly bad lately. think ive alrdy deranked out of top 30. could care less anyways I just do it for dailies. lol at the last line.
  14. In my opinion the general skill level has greatly declined due to people buying accounts and several mat price reductions. Since it keeps on getting easier and easier to level up people are getting too far too quick. Now its rare you find a 700 or 800 4m DT that knows basic mechanics. There are still a lot of skilled players out there but i'd say the average player skill level has greatly declined in the past few months. Do some daily dungeons for coins and youll see what I mean. Basic mechanics too difficult for players that should be far past some of these dungeons.
  15. matchmaking is definitely unbalanced but I believe they didn't anticipate so many players queuing on trash builds. I have to leave matches all the time because 2-3 players will be afk while the others are severally undergeared and get one shot from 100%-0. Even if I could hard-carry baddies through a match I wouldnt want to because i'd prob get paired with them in a higher elo. Skill level and class knowledge is important but build is prob 80% of 6v6...there needs to be better matchmaking based on this.
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