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  1. Hm i have to aggree on that... ome classes are so broken dmg it will not last long maybe with fury but ya few sec... GG true true...
  2. Wrong... in a 1vs1 situation? All Classes who have escapes are superior... specialy meele with 2 escapes... SIN COUGH COUGH BROKEN COUGH COUGH... Destroyer have also 2 escapes.... BD has one.... once this one is gone what is super esay to bait coz second wind the escape is same button as the spin... Imagine this.... a bd spam his spin... u kd him coz the spin not work vs kd... he still is on the buttpon bang the game use automaticly the escape ..bang he is open... Drag.... tech chase stun furry dead ez game... while u can escape to times... (= And
  3. The overlapping buttons on F problem not only Destroyer have trust me.. i rage so often on my BD... i want use tyhone.... bang it use air kick ban g all rage at me bang not my faulth coz *cricket*ing game troll me ;) And ya i could also rage about our flaming scourge skill... same as our grap it say give 50% crit rate but it dosent it give like 5%... wich is extrem bullshit... so what i can say is destroyer provide insane crit buffs on grap and fury this is what bd cant do also we cant revive so ya it really depends who is better for what situation. But to be honest... if i com
  4. Yes well Trust me Destroyer Grap provide stronger support dmg for all other 5 (3) teammebers then bd coz thx to u they reach 100%+ crit rate and have there super skill unlocked + your grap last not 6 but 8 sec... BD reset is a Noob basher noob boss or player ... but once the game progress they cant do that anymore infact bosses will have not that double openin gto be double graped so there is only one chance... and there the destroyer is just better... 100% crit rate op and 8 sec not only 6 ;) Also bein abel to revive ppl and being abel to off tank destroyer are cool if u ask me... but h
  5. There is a difference in Blade Dancer Grap... it not give 50% Crit buff... it only does give a buff to the equitment not the real % factor... A Destroyer can make the teammembers crit rate go 100% or more.. bd cant... the dmg difference is huge... correct me if im wrong... Also a Bd cant double grap bosses later game coz those will not have 2 openings... or have 4 to 6 CC bars that need to be filled before they get cced Also destroyer can revive and protect and carry members ... whenever a destroyer revive me and carry me im happy and feel like a baby in big save hands and arms
  6. Its a matter of taste i guess... but how come ppl are into elefant legs... or kid sized females ... its kinda creepy but ya... anyone there own fruits. Torpedo boobs elefant legs or baby sized girls...
  7. My BM Hits like a Truck now... Dragon Tounge is seriously OP =D Why playing a other Meele that hit less... is less tanky ... cant groub protect as good and cant aggro? Ow well BM seems op now but only coz of the Dragon Tounge Dmg Multiplier...it also got like no animation and can be instant ani cancled
  8. To all Who are leaving Bns coz P2W ... have fun in RO... its also P2W ... also its not sure if its even f2p =D But there alot features in RO that BNS is lagging... wish Bns would just have those features too... coz bns battel system is the best ... combat RO seems shitty compared to bns
  9. Seems they do.... truth is there is no true perfect or fair mmorpg in this world ...
  10. Bns need Revelation onlines charackter creation feature of having 2 eye colours and the true Open World... Combat in Bns is was more smooth and actionbased then in RO... RO Combat seems not very smooth compared to bns and the Bosses and monsters silly Thing is if Bns also had this Detail or RO bns combat system... then we had an epic Game... but ya both lag something in each and both are or will become p2w crap... sad.... coz both are epic games
  11. My BM Dragon Tounge is freaking broken op =D It out perform my BD lighting flash by FARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Why i even choose a Dps Meele class when i can have a tank class that can aggro... self heal, CC like no tommorow , groub protect and now also out dps other meele dps classes =D If i could i would give all my gear to my BM asap ;) Specialy since BD is buged on top of that
  12. There is nothing u can do and u will be ignored... If Seraph not even work when u blocking or evading and actually only work when u get actually hit 100% dmg then its useless indeed. Also they will not fix this... they not fixed out of combat bug that make us lose draw stance no will they do fix this issue... sadly Whenever this bugs happen they not fixed specialy draw stance bug... for few sec i rage and sometimes wish i not played bladedancer even so i luv the class... imagine that frustration
  13. Ya best Event that they made... i really dont get why another treasure trove again... specialy after that fail event with the coralite zzz
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