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  1. Lucky Charm Pouch timer not reset.

    Dealing with it i would say... I dced on infinity tower many imers in a row... lost all my one wil replace me those... (= Also i think u should wiat a bit maybe it reset later on ... daily dash example was buged they fixing it atm and ya maybe those are buged too no idea... let support know to look into it and have patince =/
  2. Till when Destroyer going to be at bottom?

    Hm i have to aggree on that... ome classes are so broken dmg it will not last long maybe with fury but ya few sec... GG true true...
  3. Till when Destroyer going to be at bottom?

    Wrong... in a 1vs1 situation? All Classes who have escapes are superior... specialy meele with 2 escapes... SIN COUGH COUGH BROKEN COUGH COUGH... Destroyer have also 2 escapes.... BD has one.... once this one is gone what is super esay to bait coz second wind the escape is same button as the spin... Imagine this.... a bd spam his spin... u kd him coz the spin not work vs kd... he still is on the buttpon bang the game use automaticly the escape ..bang he is open... Drag.... tech chase stun furry dead ez game... while u can escape to times... (= And BD has ridicousle bad cc kit... it sux... i wish i could jus chnage to my BM full or a sin... si is ez game *cricket*ing broken... i played on other server sin... its a *cricket*ing coward class that is unbeatabel when u just run away and poke ppl.... and wait time run out...
  4. Till when Destroyer going to be at bottom?

    The overlapping buttons on F problem not only Destroyer have trust me.. i rage so often on my BD... i want use tyhone.... bang it use air kick ban g all rage at me bang not my faulth coz *cricket*ing game troll me ;) And ya i could also rage about our flaming scourge skill... same as our grap it say give 50% crit rate but it dosent it give like 5%... wich is extrem bullshit... so what i can say is destroyer provide insane crit buffs on grap and fury this is what bd cant do also we cant revive so ya it really depends who is better for what situation. But to be honest... if i compare my BD and my BM... i wish i can just giv e my BM all my gear and stuff coz... bd sux in terms of combos... my bm can endless cc a whole groub in perfect roation or do this ridicoulse endless drawstance shit and spam ridicoulse dmg ith this broken flaming tounge skill its a joke really.. but i dont make a topic about it so... i doubt any dev bother and give a shit about what we think XD BD have a bug going on where flaing scourge not give 50% crit rate only 5 and we lose alot timer insatnly our best atk coz of a bug... draw stance bug -.-# imagine u use fury and the game say .. *cricket* U CANCLEDDDD!!! coz i cannn!!!! and it just poof gone=D thats how bd is atm... so there is no ned be jeaoulse... bd sux trust me.. in the end bd and destroyer just grappers... we just support.... funny tho i thought BD is to offensvie version of BM but HHAHAHAHAH... Bm is a tank.. and it do more dmg then its offensive counterpart the bladedancer..its nonsense...
  5. Till when Destroyer going to be at bottom?

    Yes well Trust me Destroyer Grap provide stronger support dmg for all other 5 (3) teammebers then bd coz thx to u they reach 100%+ crit rate and have there super skill unlocked + your grap last not 6 but 8 sec... BD reset is a Noob basher noob boss or player ... but once the game progress they cant do that anymore infact bosses will have not that double openin gto be double graped so there is only one chance... and there the destroyer is just better... 100% crit rate op and 8 sec not only 6 ;) Also bein abel to revive ppl and being abel to off tank destroyer are cool if u ask me... but have to say u guys need better combos i aggree on destryoer needing a other stance or more combos thats for sure.. coz mostdestro do is just spam 2 buttons... but hey most classes do that... while some spam 3 LMB RMB F or whatever ... games i played before i needed keep track of cd of 30 skills and do perfec combo with them .. and i had 2 stances... Bns is very ez in that .. XD
  6. Till when Destroyer going to be at bottom?

    There is a difference in Blade Dancer Grap... it not give 50% Crit buff... it only does give a buff to the equitment not the real % factor... A Destroyer can make the teammembers crit rate go 100% or more.. bd cant... the dmg difference is huge... correct me if im wrong... Also a Bd cant double grap bosses later game coz those will not have 2 openings... or have 4 to 6 CC bars that need to be filled before they get cced Also destroyer can revive and protect and carry members ... whenever a destroyer revive me and carry me im happy and feel like a baby in big save hands and arms <3
  7. Most expensive Petal of Lament in BnS history.

    Sadly even if u typing your Bid into the Game lets say u typ 5 g... and im 0.5 sec away to push the button... so just about to fire my bid.... then suddenly just in this mini moment someone fire 100 ofc my finger allready pressed the button ... my eyes wasnt fast enough to see the bid of 100 g... bang .. scamed... it not change anything... like i said u ned a cooldown on the bid button so the Human eyes have enough time to evade a mistake and overbid a scam bid... I hope u understand this.
  8. I give up on this Game... my Nividia Driver dies and frezze my whole system whenever i try play bns... since support told me to change nonsense coz of ping issues .. now i cant play the game at all... atleast i managed get the launcher fixed... i swear that thing is buged to the core... my frineds can play now atleast ... but they angry i cant anymore... but ow well... Anyone want a free Blade Dancer HM 11 with almost all Gems and nearly 700 AP? *its a joke* I guess my poor girl will be lonly and never will see the new dungeons etc... thats it for me im out... PS: im happy being f2p else i would send now 10000 rage tickets to customer liuke a nerd and would want my money back*smirk*
  9. Would any be interested in starting on a new server?

    Yes that sounds understandabel since bns is the most ping dependant game i ever saw... u can just spam skills and with it dmg and heals endless in perfect rota... 30 ping vs 150 or more is pig thing... it is a dmg difference of up to200% or maybe more... also decide beetween live and dead.. coz bosses in bns often have a oneshot atk or timelimit want u to smash all skills u have in perfect order to do max dmg... else instead death after timer runs out... I saw revelation got actually like other mmos i playd before bns... cd... on pretty much every skill... u cant just anicancle the shit out of the game and be god with good ping... Even with ping issues i luv bns thats why i wait here for the last try to make it work... but ya... playing it with 30 ping or less is just a dream for most players here...
  10. Show off your characters!!

    Its a matter of taste i guess... but how come ppl are into elefant legs... or kid sized females ... its kinda creepy but ya... anyone there own fruits. Torpedo boobs elefant legs or baby sized girls...
  11. Would any be interested in starting on a new server?

    If the Game still crashes after Maint and is unplayabel then yap me and my Frineds will move to revelation or any other Game that works better then this... its sad bns was fun
  12. 1. So u tell me ask support ... i did that allready they made it worse... 2. So u tell me not to seek attention ... well how else problems ever get acknoledge if ppl are silent and endure it? 3. So u tell me u got the best pc and ISP and feel god about it cool story? 4. I tell u i wanted bring my Friend here and the Game not working 5. I tell u support made it worse and not was of any help ... 6. I tell u u also not of any help... and my Langauge ... have nothing to do with what that stop looking for flaws and look down on ppl for bad pc or langauge barriers...
  13. Would any be interested in starting on a new server?

    I rather play a other Game and start freash there...
  14. Most expensive Petal of Lament in BnS history.

    The Biding system is extremly Bad... If ppl spam the bid button and u know that... and u fast enough to bid high and they spam it... example.. Honorary Ornamnet drops... ppl ofc spam the bid button until it reach a certain amount ... Now u out as fast as u can 100 g or more into the bid... ppl spam the button so fast and are not aware of the 100 g bid yet... so there button press means they over bid your 100 g Bang... scammed... now they bid 100g+ for that item what is worth atm 5 g or something.. An esay fix for this would be... make a cooldown on the bid button... whenever a palyer fires a bid... make atleast 3 sec cooldown until a player can fir ethe next bid... so the human eyes have 3 sec reaction time to understand ... someone bid 100 g... and what it would mean for them when u push that button now.. I hope this simple soultion would prevent it... but i doubt anyone care to fix it... and even if they do .. ncsoft dont .. coz they dont know and not read about it or it would cost them money to fix it.. whatever the reason this bid system needs a fix... alot bug are there since open beta and not fixed at all.
  15. My Friends and me did it Yesterday Evening when there was no Maint... it got nothing to do with it ... those NcLauncher Errors exist since Closed Beta and still are present... its ridicoulse Ya... every MMO is p2w ... specialy f2p MMO i know that ... but being hypocrite and saying at game start it will not be so... is anyoing... However p2w aside... this topic is more about the launcher the ping and the Bugs isses that are there since game start and are still present... I honestly think i will move onto a other game... this is just a waist of time...for me and my friends to stay in this...since other gamaes work way better... Thing is why even bother is bns had alot potential and was fun for me so i wanted invite them but now it not work for me ot them at all...