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  1. If that is alright for you, I don't mind, but I actually prefer having people in my raids who know how to play their classes... I'm not implying you wouldn't know how to play your classes, but there are people who won't know, and they can seriously screw up things. What is exactly after lvl 50 though? Isn't it also the exact same quests (dailies) over and over again? It might not be some people's cup of tea, but I actually enjoy exploring areas/getting accustomed to my class/skills in a game, instead of having everything pushed in my face right away and I don't even know wh
  2. Ahhh thank you so much, this greatly reassures me! I thought "skill revamp" means they will just change our skills... But what does "removal of skill points" mean? What will be the purpose of levels then? Will you instantly get access to all skills on a max level? I don't understand this system... That is also reassuring, thank you. I really enjoyed warlock playstyle and I was afraid it will change into something I won't enjoy...
  3. What does the skill revamp mean? Does that mean all our previous hard work and knowledge of our skills is now thrown in the trash? What about the hongmoon skills? Will everyone instantly get them? Will the skills also change? WHY DOES IT HAVE TO CHANGE. I don't want to relearn everything when they *cricket* up my skills. I love my warlock and I'll be seriously pissed if my skills are ruined. Also the insta-50 is bullshit, I don't see what's good in playing a game you don't even play.
  4. This is the worst idea ever, why would someone play a game when they aren't even playing it?? Do people really not aim for the feeling of achievement? Also they won't even have chance to get accustomed with the skills etc and it will result in idiots who can't even play their class. I DEEPLY HATE when so many free things are pushed in people's face, it makes a game boring like hell, because you receive ZERO feeling of achievement/positive feelings from it. Worst idea ever!!!!
  5. After a short pause I came back to play again and I found out that there were changes in the pet system. I owned an Untamed Ghost pet, so I salvaged it because people kept saying "you need pet aura, salvage the pet blahblah". Okay but after salvaging I found out that I have to PAY 30 GOLD TO RE-APPEARANCE MY PET. THAT'S RIGHT. 30 GOLD TO GET BACK SOMETHING I PREVIOUSLY OWNED. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? It already made me mad that they changed the weapon path and after salvaging my True Breeze I had to pay EXTRA MONEY TO RE-APPEARANCE MY PREVIOUS SKIN because, you guessed righ
  6. What do I like about BnS? The story. The visuals. The character's looks. The environment. The music. Mostly the story! It gets more and more interesting as you progress and now I'm desperately waiting for more. BnS is the very first game in my life where I actually read the text for the quests/main quest! The characters are interesting and I love to see how the story advances. Yes I'm mostly here for the story. Gearing up/upgrading?.... Nope, not really my style. I have 2 mains with 600-ish AP and a bunch of alts. I could've just geared one character but I love lvling alts. I love to see
  7. I'm a bit annoyed by the low level weapon drops as well... I can't even use them as fodder anymore, salvaging them only gives a broken piece and selling them is 1 copper only. I don't exactly dislike the new patch but it could've been done better and remove all things related to the old weapon system....
  8. Do you mean weapon or accessories too? The hongmoon weapons are taken out with this patch, but the accessories still should be obtained as much as I know...
  9. Now that weapons aren't upgradeable, we still keep getting lvl 1-36 elements from quests... I'd be glad if they were exchanged with something useful...
  10. +1 for cursor as well.... I salvaged my True Breeze and GOD IT WAS A PAIN SOCKET THE GEMS IN MY NEW WEAPON AGAIN. Edit: nvm, I can easily re-equip the gems if I click on the gem and choose "equip"... the cursor problem is still annoying though.
  11. I can request it as gift from my friends though... or does that mean nothing? My friend doesn't have any NC on her acc right now though and I don't wanna make her buy unless she really can gift.
  12. ^ as well as other items I meant.... sorry I was confusing! x_x I meant these stuffs: The gift option is there but can you gift it to someone who already bought this bundle?
  13. I've been wondering about this and I need help from people who tried this! It's about those bundles which contain anniversary coin. You can buy only one bundle per person. But can those bundles be gifted to a person who already bought them thus exceeded their purchase limits? Thanks for helping!
  14. Oh my sweet god, I really did! As I said I was half afk when I rolled and it actually happened like you said. The coins were in my mail! Thank you so much for pointing this out!! Edit: I got the 7 days premium from the newsletter gift so I completely forgot about the premium field options since I didn't use those options before xD
  15. Okay I'm not fully sure what happened because I had to keep afking while waiting for my daily dash to reset. Yesterday I rolled 1-1-4, today 1-2 then a 5 if I remember correctly. But when I did my last roll I noticed that the counter started from beginning and moved to 5. So I basically lost my today's first 2 and yesterday's 3 rolls.... Is it supposed to be like this or is this some kind of weird glitch?.... Does it matter which character I roll on? What happened? I was really hoping to go around as many times as possible while the anniversary event lasts.
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