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Getting a weird Email


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So I've been getting this email quite regularly and I can't tell if it's real or not, I've not clicked on anything from it so far but since it keeps coming I figured I'd ask you.


It's from - no-reply@support.ncsoft.com



Dear customer,
Thank You for being a part of the Blade & Soul community, we have select a part account send package which includes:
30-day Premium Membership
Black Penguin Pet
Please click on the link below to confirm that you are using
Your account has a chance *removed*
Once Confirm, the Premium Membership starts and the pet is ready to be claimed on any character you have on your account!


What put me off was the poor grammar.

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6 minutes ago, Tajeab said:

Rukkirii already confirmed that it's a scam in the pin topic about phishing. NCsoft will never give away free premium without announcement on website anyway.

I got given 7 days free premium, that was ok right, when the Soul Fighter was release?

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There was a newsletter reward that gave 7 days premium and a pet. Always go to the official site (the one your on now) and check your account. If there is a code there then accept it but if there isn't and the email doesn't give a code then its the scammers. Do not click on the links provided in the e-mails as these are normally similar sites but fake.

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