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Assassin stealth reset boss

Maniac Pain

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I play Assassin as a main, so let me try to explain to you what I know about the stealth gimmick of an Assassin in Blade and Soul.

So you are an Assassin and you want to solo a boss by using permanent stealth. Sure, it is possible to reduce a boss HP from 100% to 0% without going out of stealth, if you didn't mess up on any rotation. However, apart from putting your concentration on skill rotation, you have to make sure that the boss you are fighting is constantly receiving damage.


For example, if you do some damage to the boss.. let's say you've reduced his HP to 50%, then you stay in stealth and do nothing.. the boss will reset. You shouldn't face this issue if the boss is alone. In the case that the boss has adds/minions, then we have an issue. If you somehow decided to switch target from the boss to attack the minion, the boss will reset, because he is no longer receiving any damage.


In the example you mentioned above, you are fighting the boss in Sentinel Ruins. That would prove to be quite hard, since at some point, the boss will spawn those Augerites, and you cannot damage the boss until you kill all the augerites. So you have to switch target. However, the boss will not spawn them, if you manage to stay in stealth from the beginning till the end. The moment you come out of stealth, the boss will register you as a target, then he will check his own HP, and since it is below some threshold, he will proceed to spawn his minions. So the moment you go into stealth again to attack the augerites, he will reset because he cannot see any target and he is not receiving any damage.


The solution to this are:

1. Finish the boss while staying in stealth from 100% to 0% without coming out at all.

2. Kill the augerites without going into stealth, then go to stealth again when you want to attack the boss.

3. Find some party members to help you.

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Its very inconsistent.  Apparently some bosses tend to reset faster when you are in stealth and attack something else instead of just being in stealth and attacking nothing. This game badly needs clarity for a lot of these cheap mechanics (or bad coding).

It would be a lot more fair and fun if BnS wouldn't *cricket* you in the ass all day long and then doesn't even tell you what you did wrong or what you could do diffrent.

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10 hours ago, Grimoir said:

This isnt a bug actually


Stealth makes the boss loose target and aggro on you....if there is no target and aggro -> reset.


So you mean I play Assassin without stealth, really?


Tip: I think need change this system, if you use stealth should appear one illusion bunshin.

So this illusion will aggro the boss or any mob.

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On 2016/7/12 at 10:49 AM, Maniac Pain said:

I have a problem.

The boss Relic Core and Hulking Greenstone Augerite reset every time when I use STEALTH with assassin.

So I suppose many bosses can cause the same problem.


Please Fix it




actually a ranged class snares a boss and not be attacked for a few sec, boss resets as well.

solution is letting the boss hit you once and use stealth after.

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