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  1. Account termination policy

    This is a very tough case. With the email trails that you've provided above, it's still hard to tell what has truly happened. A few possible scenarios which came to my mind: 1. Your friend has made a mistake somewhere. Maybe someone really stole his email's password without his knowledge. How can your friend be so sure that his email wasn't compromised? The thief didn't need to change his email password. He only needed to read the "reset password email" once and marked it as unread before logging off from your friend's email. If this is the case, it is an account theft but it happened because of your friend's negligence. 2. The thief was one of NCSOFT's staff. The support team or the company themselves were most probably in the dark regarding this matter. And the thief sent a "reset password email" to your friend's email as some sort of false evidence to cover up his misdeed. 3. Your friend is lying. He is sharing his account with someone. 4. NCSOFT support is lying. Since they couldn't disclose their analysis method (which is understandable), you have no idea what has really happened on their side. They should've provided another way to reassure their customer that what they were saying was the truth, however, even without disclosing what they couldn't disclose. Well, maybe there are other things that I've failed to consider, but really, with the information you've provided, it's really hard to tell what has happened.
  2. What happend to crafting??

    Soul warden craft soulshield primer which you will definitely need. For those that had Merry Potter before it was removed, they gave you 3 x 1 million exp charms for compensation. Check your received items.
  3. Some noob questions

    1. They are wearing better soul-shields. 2. Forget about those two and just focus and clearing story quest, as the story will give you better weapon as you progress. 3. There is a 35 AP Diamond Gem at Mushin Tower if you can clear Tower of Infinity 20F. For other colored gems, the story quest will give them to you when you reach Act 7, and also you can get them from almost all in-game events.
  4. Heavenly energy

    No, I don't think you can get Heavenly Energy anymore. That item is going to be obsolete on 14th June 2017, so better spend whatever you have now before that date.
  5. Guilds location ?

    Jadestone, Yehara's Mirage, Hogshead, Zaiwei. Those are the 4 places that have complete crafting/gathering guild. Other places have one and two here and there, but it's incomplete. So yes, no other choice, either you go back to one of those towns, or pay remote order fee.
  6. Assassin stealth reset boss

    I play Assassin as a main, so let me try to explain to you what I know about the stealth gimmick of an Assassin in Blade and Soul. So you are an Assassin and you want to solo a boss by using permanent stealth. Sure, it is possible to reduce a boss HP from 100% to 0% without going out of stealth, if you didn't mess up on any rotation. However, apart from putting your concentration on skill rotation, you have to make sure that the boss you are fighting is constantly receiving damage. For example, if you do some damage to the boss.. let's say you've reduced his HP to 50%, then you stay in stealth and do nothing.. the boss will reset. You shouldn't face this issue if the boss is alone. In the case that the boss has adds/minions, then we have an issue. If you somehow decided to switch target from the boss to attack the minion, the boss will reset, because he is no longer receiving any damage. In the example you mentioned above, you are fighting the boss in Sentinel Ruins. That would prove to be quite hard, since at some point, the boss will spawn those Augerites, and you cannot damage the boss until you kill all the augerites. So you have to switch target. However, the boss will not spawn them, if you manage to stay in stealth from the beginning till the end. The moment you come out of stealth, the boss will register you as a target, then he will check his own HP, and since it is below some threshold, he will proceed to spawn his minions. So the moment you go into stealth again to attack the augerites, he will reset because he cannot see any target and he is not receiving any damage. The solution to this are: 1. Finish the boss while staying in stealth from 100% to 0% without coming out at all. 2. Kill the augerites without going into stealth, then go to stealth again when you want to attack the boss. 3. Find some party members to help you.
  7. How much are labyrinth soul shields actually worth?

    It depends on how desperate the player(s) in that party want that piece of soul shield. There is no clear line for this. It can even goes for 1 copper if everyone doesn't need it and doesn't want to waste time bidding.
  8. how long for me to wait?

    Synfour already quoted the official announcement for you. I'm not sure which part of it was unclear. I really hope you're not trolling, so let me simplify it for you. It means that you will get your reward, but you will only get it on March 24.
  9. is there any mmo without bots?

    From my personal experience, PSO2 has no bots, but it still has gold spammer on local chat.
  10. edit: delete this

    Currently, the game only allow players to vote-kick people that is offline. If the player is AFK and still online, we cannot vote-kick him/her.
  11. Dungeon AFKers

    Another way would be to display some kind of "captcha code" for the AFK player to insert after all party members decided to vote-kick him/her. This will ensure that the one that everyone kick is really AFK.
  12. Ani cancel BS must stop

    Sure, let's just say that you're right and Ani-Cancel is something bad and we shouldn't be doing it. Can you explain then, why are they allowing it in the Korea official tournament?

    It has already been discussed here. Yes, I agree, and a lot of other players agree that those afk people in dungeon need to be addressed quickly.
  14. Let us kick afkers

    I agree. We already have the option to vote-kick people that went offline, so why can't we have vote-kick for people that is afk-ing? It's quite annoying when we have to run the dungeon with a handicap. Just now I finished Ogong with only 3 people because well.. this issue..!
  15. Something that I immediately thought of when I saw this scene. (Ignore the *cough*naked*cough*Yura*cough* behind)