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  1. No. Even if you trade the 10 kills it's not worth your time and you can make more money by doing something else. Its hard to get your kills while doing the other Pve quests mostly because of the unbalanced faction population. However, if the factions were balanced you would constantly have to fight off or avoid enemy zergs to do your simple dailies, which is also not worth the time. Conclusion: Just do the peaceful grind and collect quests quickly and leave the area. Wasting time is wasting gold.
  2. I think Gon don't need this since they can already go to extreme levels, that lead to very weird looking angles with certain outfits. So if they really do this they need to look into some outfits like the crimson initiate for example. It could probably use a few more polygons in the breast area and gravity should be factored in. I think Yun are ok and maxed chest does already go into the extreme, but certain outfits can reduce or increase the breats so having a bit of extra breast couldn't hurt I guess. But NCSoft should also try to fix the outfits and make them more predictable in terms
  3. I like the training sword but you can't use it. xD BTW here you can look up all weapon skins http://bns-fashion.com/weapons-sword/
  4. This is "White Jinsoyun". I spent a few hours in the creator then i gave up for a few weeks and recently decided to play her like she looks now. It's not 100% accurate but close enough i think. In the starting area i noticed this awesome spot to take screen shots. It fits perfectly.
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