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  1. To pimp my character! Make her sexier and stronger! xD I am also a little capitalist so i like making money from players who undercut each other on the market. It always satisfying when you see that you earned another 10 gold without doing any grind at all. I am very lazy when it comes to daily dungeons.
  2. Honestly, some of the opponents in Tower of Infinity act like a new generation of bots for pvp arena. Totally unfun to play against. I never liked pvp. So this dungeon is definetly not for me. Ofc you can probably figure out certain ways how to counter this kind of "cheat coding" by figuring out what the boss will do in certain situations, but for me this isn't an enjoyable or fair challenge anymore. It's like playing against a cheater in arena. xD
  3. Until the end of the cinderlands chapter its very intriguing and that mushin is alive and taking Yunwa is really an expected twist. But the whole mystery how mushin can be alive and all the secrets around him (except that he killed Jiwan for the sword) are never truly thematised and if you expected more interesting things to happen you are just disappointed over and over again. Mushin randomly appears a few times but you learn nothing.
  4. All the appearances of Mushin and Yura seem to be random and without any purpose. Like a sideshow that nobody cares about, meanwhile the main story unfolds as a very 1 dimenional crusade against Jinsoyun who is just mad for revenge against the world. I always thought she had another plan and that it must have something to do with her fighting against Mushins schemes but in the end....she is mad and you defeaet her, boring A F. I really wonder where Yura stands in terms of power and what her motives are. She pretends to be allied Jinsoyun, but why? She is kinda allied with Mushin but for wha
  5. No. Even if you trade the 10 kills it's not worth your time and you can make more money by doing something else. Its hard to get your kills while doing the other Pve quests mostly because of the unbalanced faction population. However, if the factions were balanced you would constantly have to fight off or avoid enemy zergs to do your simple dailies, which is also not worth the time. Conclusion: Just do the peaceful grind and collect quests quickly and leave the area. Wasting time is wasting gold.
  6. There is absolutely no correlation between how fast somebody can hack you (which is your responsibilty) and how fast an account can be recovered. This is like saying, it took the Thief only 3 seconds to pickpocket somebodies valuables on the street so the police must also catch him in 3 seconds? WHY? JUST WHY?
  7. If you want it as skin and you don't mind a diffrent colour you can buy infernal illusion or craft with the chance to get artisan and some nice extra effects.
  8. I started to buy tickets because the first floors are so boring and then I do like 5-10 runs a day so there is no money left in the end.
  9. I just tried to farm Junghados hat for the last 2 weeks and I came to the conclusion that this instance isn't rewarding enough for the effort it takes. 99% of the loot is worthless and if I was playing on a new character i would probably even struggling to kill the bosses and still get no reward whatsoever in the end. The least that ncsoft could do is to let us buy the 5th floor ticket with warrior token or add something else like an RNG bundle buyable with token so you can get a bit of value out of this. I now have close 1k warrior tokens (still no hat and also not a single ornament) I wil
  10. Lets just take a small moment here to emphasize how shameless this marketing strategy of ncsoft is. They cripple the game to sell things ( that any mmorpg should have) as premium "benefit". It's almost impossible to not hit that 10 sales limit everyday. You have to constantly throw away items worth 10-20s (unless you didn't even loot them) because they would flood your inventory (that is laso heavily limited ) and you would never be able to sell the stuff before getting even more. The only way around that is to avoid doing a variety of activities and just farm the same thing over and o
  11. The good news is that very few people are even bothering with forgekeeper and there are always very few on the market, so you can sometimes freely chose your price and sell your product for 2, 3 or 4 times the "normal" price. Hell, i've even sold basic crafted weapons for 1 gold each when i leveled a new character. The Artisan Weapons must be extremely rare and if you ever get one you can charge ridiculous prices. So i think it is worth a try.^^
  12. Try checking the frame rate limit settings ingame (probably not the cause but you never know). I get slightly better performance with v-sync off but my hardware is also a lot worse so not sure if this matters for you. I wouldn't upgrade to windows 10 because of blade and soul. Blade and Soul is poorly optimized and chances are high, that it will never run flawless no matter how much you upgrade hardware or try diffrent setting, so the best suggestion i can give you is to adjust your expectations. :P Any programs that claim to improve performance are just trash and don't do anything
  13. Good that we have "outfit merchants" selling the same faction recruit outfits in all towns. xD
  14. I don't think communication is part of their business model, at least i've never seen any significant reaction from ncsoft to any of the vast ideas and complaints.
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