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  1. I told him many times, BDs don't have threatening skills and he said :"that's the problem with a p2w player in party." Who is p2w player btw?? please know something since you are already lvl50.
  2. I bought 32000 NCoins and opened 400 Hot Summer Chest just for an Aquamarine but failed, NC reset my monthly purchase limit and I opened another 100 chest, finally got it in last 10 chests. I must be the only one, Thank you NC.
  3. Blade Dancers end combat mode/draw stance

    This automatically happens quite often. I'm not sure if this happens to other classes as well, but I believe BD is the most affected class.
  4. Assassin stealth reset boss

    actually a ranged class snares a boss and not be attacked for a few sec, boss resets as well. solution is letting the boss hit you once and use stealth after.
  5. I earn $10k per month, I have my own house/car, 0 loan/mortgage. I think I have rights to manage my money even if I want to "waste" it.
  6. sad that you never met people who use their own money
  7. Ncoin purchase

    you must be rich : ) as my experience, monthly purchase limit is around $400. you can either choose to buy NCoins on amazon or go to support and send an email to ask them to reset limit for you.
  8. I read all posts and I think I need to clarify 3 things. 1. I was not crying or something. I just wanted to say I got much bad luck and that's it. 2. I was not gambling, I got many other items and 8 amethysts. My money, if I think a gem worth $500 then it does worth it, no one has rights to censure me. 3. I am rich.
  9. Naksun - Blade Dancer

    Build: https://bnstree.com/BD?build=5004002100324003110432511331812140432307211033312911300311112320221200333043140721126311443315712
  10. I upgraded true scorpio to seraph's weapon last week, it was totally impossible to make 10 stacks of spirit of light.(I thought it was impossible only in pve, but I was wrong. In pvp, maximum 3 stacks and you die) I chose seraph's weapon because it increases flicker damage for blade dancers, baleful increases sunder damage. but for now, obviously baleful weapons are much better, (quite unfair cuz warlock's baleful razor increases dragoncall damage) is there any ways to change a seraph's weapon to baleful weapon?
  11. Blade Dancer Guide

    Lightning build: https://bnstree.com/BD?build=5008002100523021140031104325113118121404321035212911300311113120211200333043440731126531443315712 Wind build: https://bnstree.com/BD?build=5008002100523021140031104325113118121404321035212911300311113220211200333043340731126511443115711
  12. Draw Stance always ends itself

    blade dancers' draw stance always ends automatically without using out focuses
  13. Mushin's Tower Floor 1 to 7 - Blade Dancer

    he starts this combo with a knock back skill, be prepared at this time. you have Z X V to resist, if you still think it is not enough, try to use tab SS and QE.
  14. [BnS CN]Naryu Labyrinth - Warlock

    Dungeon guides: You can get abundant rewards from this dungeon After defeating all mobs in one room, a random gate to next room will be open.(it means you may get a different route every time in this dungeon) I STOPPED IN GAME AT EVERY IMPORTANT POINT WHICH I MENTIONED BELOW First boss: Easy attack patterns, you can block or counter most of its attack. When it is angry, 4 walls in the square room becomes red. Let it crash into red walls then it will be stunned for a few seconds.(Tank person stands in a line between red walls and boss, do not run away until it starts running toward you) Second boss (hardest one in this dungeon): One or two members (better be ranged attack classes) MUST be aggroed by little bosses (all three), if not, other members will be grabbed frequently by those little bosses so they cannot make DPS. Way to defeat this boss: There are two modes for this boss - normal mode, buff mode(your attack makes only a little damage in this mode) Two kinds of buffs in buff mode: RED(fire) BLUE(ice) Three little bosses (sometimes two of them) give you one of the two buffs (different than which main boss gives you), stay in the buff area, wait and make the buff stack to 10, then buff will become a bomb, when you get the bomb, stand beside the main boss, then bomb will end buff mode and knock down boss (time to make your DPS) The main boss grabs main tank after getting up and starts recovering (resist from grab or other members give boss a joint attack), ATTENTION! boss will give a high damage AOE after grabbing. ↑These steps repeat until you defeat him. Last boss(es): Nothing to say but watch those AOEs, kill them roughly same time, and separate them. Or Get a summoner, Q cat, bosses will kill themselves : )
  15. Mushin's Tower Floor 1 to 7 - Blade Dancer

    Builds F1-6: https://bnstree.com/BD?build=450100230211400311043251133181214043210323129113001111121200333043440721126311443315712 F7:https://bnstree.com/BD?build=450100230211400311043251133181214043210323129113001111121200333043140721126311443115711 (the only thing changed is Z V and Lightning Focus to Wind Focus)
  16. what if I want to change an appearance but change back some time in the future?
  17. 1st boss: https://youtu.be/y7ioTi73uUY 2nd: https://youtu.be/NoVLq9mvn-4 3rd and last: https://youtu.be/xw4kmVw3r9s (It's not a teaching video but shows how to get to the bosses without fighting and also shows the power and skills of warlock class) If you want to see more videos, COMMEMT and TELL ME what you want to see in my video.